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Merci a votre site,grace a vous j'ai trouver la perle rare

Elena et moi a Dnepropetrovsk. Merci a votre site,grace a vous j'ai trouver la perle rare.


encore merci Ukrainedate !

Merci à Ukrainedate de m'avoir fait rencontrer Natalya. En janvier nous avons commencé à correspondre sur le site puis sur Skype. Nous nous sommes tout de suite très bien entendu. Je suis allé la voir à Kiev en mai. Nous avons appris à nous connaître petit à petit et ce fût une magnifique rencontre. Nous avons passé nos vacances à Paris et en Normandie en juillet pendant 10 jours et je retourne la voir rapidement à Odessa. Nous sommes très complices, Lire plus >> encore merci Ukrainedate ! << Réduire


N'ayez jamais honte d'avoir trouvé l'amour de votre vie, au contraire !!!

Parfois, on cherche des années la femme de sa vie ... et parfois, il suffit d'un click, pour que votre vie soit transformée à jamais ... Beaucoup de gens ont honte d'avouer qu'ils ont trouvé l'Amour grâce à un Internet ou un site de rencontre. N'ayez jamais honte d'avoir trouvé l'amour de votre vie, au contraire !!! Merci Ukrainedate


Merci UkraineDate!

Nous avons commencé à discuter voila 9 mois grâce à UkraineDate. Après deux voyages, nous pensons construire une relation durable. Notre histoire continue en dehors du site, mais la construction est progressive et sera longue. Merci beaucoup à UkraineDate.


Thank you UkraineDate!

Dear creators of, I congratulate my Husband with his Birthday today and I want to say thank you because I met my Husband on your site. I remember first time when I tried to find my right person for a life. It was 8 years ago. I was chatting with a nice man during several months but I didn't feel him a kindred spirit. I came back in two years and tried my chances again and again I met a nice man at It felt Lire plus >> like in real life. We liked to talk but I never felt he could be my life partner. It was amazing when I felt the same when he came to visit me. I mean I already understood what kind of person he was and didn't know anything better or worse about him. So I wasn't disappointed because I was super scared to meet in person a man from Internet. He turned into an okay man with whom I could drink a cup of coffee and text later if we could proceed getting to know each other better or not. It was also for several months and I left Ukraine.Date again. In 2016 on the 21st of August I felt desperate desire to talk with a good person. I remembered about UkraineDate again. When I was describing why I was there and which kind of person I wanted to meet I was honest to myself as never before. I knew whom I wanted and I knew what I was ready to do for him and to be for him. And he texted me the same day. It was my future Husband Tommy. OMG my heart is full of love this very moment, so much lucky I was to meet him. Since then I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning and to read a text from him. His texts were making my days. I was constantly happy. I felt in love by texting with a Man I never saw before. We didn't have face-time. We both felt embarrassed and it was more comfortable to text. That was kind of risky for both of us but we were listening to our hears. Tommy came to visit me in one month. And since then he was visiting me every 6-8 weeks unless he brought me and my daughter to his country in one year. Guess when I felt that I finally met a right person for life. It was before we met in person. Guess when I understood that he felt me his right woman to live together. When he walked with me first time in the store and he was watching me thinking that I didn't see him watching me.)) I love these memories. It was real love. It is real love now and I hope it will be forever. At least I promise myself to take care of him and his kids, to cherish what we have, to develop our life, to go through issues, to laugh and cry together, to argue sometimes and appreciate what I have. It is a big honor for me to be a wife of a man like my Husband. Thank you UkraineDate Thank you Tommy I love you with all my heart! Your Tanya << Réduire


Thank you UkraineDate!

We met each other here &amp; very happy together now for 7 months


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