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43 Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 24 - 40
Hopefully I’m different than anyone you’ve met before .I’m a very spiritually connected person but I don’t follow any particular religion. I love being a dad, my little guy is the light in my universe. I’m a firm believer in everything that happens, happens because it was supposed to, and you were paying attention. I’m a Care Aid and a Recreational Therapist at an elderly care facility, I live on Vancouver Island, west coast Canada. I’m not rich or materialistic, my ex took care of that lol, but I’m not starving and my little guy has everything I can provide for him. I’m extremely dedicated ( I was with my ex for the last 22 years) so I’m also a pretty low mileage unit😆🤙🏼, I don’t play games and being a Pisces, I love like no other in the right setting . I’m a very compassionate and empathetic person, I love Mother Nature, I love animals, I’m quite a quiet person, not a partier anymore, not a major adrenaline or sports junkie, I’m a very intellectual person, I love intelligent things, A relationship is meant to be to best friends on so I’m looking for the friend I’ve always been looking for, I hope to find someone who feels the same. I like to get out on little adventures, I love exploring, I’m totally mountains n forest over beach an ocean, but the great thing about where I live, is you can do it all in the same afternoon. I don’t mind a beer or glass of wine while I’m bbqing , but I don’t smoke cigarettes, I’m a total goof when I warm up to people, and can be a total romantic geek to the right person, I can sit n talk shixx till whenever about whatever, 😆🤙🏼….but I’m ridiculously picky…sry , it’s a Pisces thing lol , I don’t just roll with anyone, if I pick you to like, it’s because there’s something very special to me, about you, the universe works in the strangest ways….for instance, there’s gotta be a reason I’ve ended up here, so far I haven’t been able to find the one I’m looking for around home, so something called me this way✌🏼😎👍🏼
61 Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 28 - 50
Never married, Christian man from Canada I am a simple man in many ways Something as simple as making dinner together , something so simple but to me something beautiful and romantic too Simple pleasures make me happy send e male add. ! And cuddling Holding your hand , whenever we walk together. Just a simple loving touch or soft kiss Knowing , your smiling because of something I said or did for you , will make me happy Romance can be simple too, little loves notes for you to find, making us a candle light dinner. I am a great cook !! Surprising you with little gifts , that I picked along my travels because I was thinking of you, and I would know there would be a moment , when you needed to be reminded how special you are and how important your are to my life I can see beauty in life and in people who think they are not. I do not understand why it has been so hard to find a woman who will accept me for the man I am and for my virtues and my faults. Been with women who say I Love You now will you change into my dream version of the man I want or what I think you should be If a woman says she loves me ,you should accept me for the man I am,,agree?? Why do woman want me to change? into a man they think they want ?? Instead of loving and accepting me for who I am This is life not a fairy tale. I am not a bad man but, I met many women it seems that is a quality they like in their men. I am not sure where nice guys get this reputation of being boring and not fun. I am solid and my word and integrity is very important. My faith and Love for God will not let me be otherwise. I am also young at heart and the way I think is young too. I am a man with a little boy inside , who is playful,fun and sometimes naughty In mischievous flirty kind of way, with my lady. I am also all man , when its needed, and wanted When I use the words my lady ,my woman " mine Its not about ownership I say mine , because I want no other and because I am yours too Someday , maybe you will be mine and I will be so honored and proudly be yours. Carey



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