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59 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 35 - 60
Please note that the age is wrong - in 2022 I am 72 years old, but still extremely healthy, fit, and active. Still working at my age because I enjoy my work, like the people I work for, want to be active and productive, and feel too young and energetic to sit around doing nothing. Am responsible, reliable, caring, understanding, undemanding, cheerful, optimistic, sincere, respectful, loyal, one-woman-man, open minded, hardworking, helpful, active, tolerant, organized, reasonable, sane, with no health problems, bad habits or addictions. Have a good sense of humour and can even laugh at myself. I don’t make problems, but I do fix them. Would treat you with gentleness, courtesy, respect, and wouldn't feel insecure or threatened if the lady was more intelligent, more accomplished, more educated or earned a higher income than I do - and wouldn't want any of her money as I earn enough of my own and am financially secure. With me you would never lack food, shelter, medical care, or any other necessity, but you wouldn’t be flown to Paris for breakfast or get a new Mercedes every year. Don't want to travel as I've done enough of that. Don't want to relocate to another country as Canada is a good place to live, I have a wonderful place to build my next home and enough projects to keep me occupied for a long time. Would be happy to be part of a family, but don't want children at my age. I’m very healthy so won't need a caretaker, maid, mother or anyone else to look after me. One thing that should be considered is that at my age I'm not an Olympic athlete in bed so if wild and passionate lovemaking every day is important to you, you should look elsewhere - now I'm much better at loving, caring for, and respecting a woman. I no longer want to live in a large city with too many people, too much traffic, too little space. Prefer to live in a more rural area right on the ocean with nature, privacy, and quiet. I have a very good life nowadays, but someone to share it would make it even better. What you would have with me is an exceptionally safe and stable life, in a safe and stable country.
42 Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 24 - 40
Hopefully I’m different than anyone you’ve met before .I’m a very spiritually connected person but I don’t follow any particular religion. I love being a dad, my little guy is the light in my universe. I’m a firm believer in everything that happens, happens because it was supposed to, and you were paying attention. I’m a Care Aid and a Recreational Therapist at an elderly care facility, I live on Vancouver Island, west coast Canada. I’m not rich or materialistic, my ex took care of that lol, but I’m not starving and my little guy has everything I can provide for him. I’m extremely dedicated ( I was with my ex for the last 22 years) so I’m also a pretty low mileage unit😆🤙🏼, I don’t play games and being a Pisces, I love like no other in the right setting . I’m a very compassionate and empathetic person, I love Mother Nature, I love animals, I’m quite a quiet person, not a partier anymore, not a major adrenaline or sports junkie, I’m a very intellectual person, I love intelligent things, A relationship is meant to be to best friends on so I’m looking for the friend I’ve always been looking for, I hope to find someone who feels the same. I like to get out on little adventures, I love exploring, I’m totally mountains n forest over beach an ocean, but the great thing about where I live, is you can do it all in the same afternoon. I don’t mind a beer or glass of wine while I’m bbqing , but I don’t smoke cigarettes, I’m a total goof when I warm up to people, and can be a total romantic geek to the right person, I can sit n talk shixx till whenever about whatever, 😆🤙🏼….but I’m ridiculously picky…sry , it’s a Pisces thing lol , I don’t just roll with anyone, if I pick you to like, it’s because there’s something very special to me, about you, the universe works in the strangest ways….for instance, there’s gotta be a reason I’ve ended up here, so far I haven’t been able to find the one I’m looking for around home, so something called me this way✌🏼😎👍🏼
60 Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 28 - 50
Never married, Christian man from Canada I am a simple man in many ways Something as simple as making dinner together , something so simple but to me something beautiful and romantic too Simple pleasures make me happy send e male add. ! And cuddling Holding your hand , whenever we walk together. Just a simple loving touch or soft kiss Knowing , your smiling because of something I said or did for you , will make me happy Romance can be simple too, little loves notes for you to find, making us a candle light dinner. I am a great cook !! Surprising you with little gifts , that I picked along my travels because I was thinking of you, and I would know there would be a moment , when you needed to be reminded how special you are and how important your are to my life I can see beauty in life and in people who think they are not. I do not understand why it has been so hard to find a woman who will accept me for the man I am and for my virtues and my faults. Been with women who say I Love You now will you change into my dream version of the man I want or what I think you should be If a woman says she loves me ,you should accept me for the man I am,,agree?? Why do woman want me to change? into a man they think they want ?? Instead of loving and accepting me for who I am This is life not a fairy tale. I am not a bad man but, I met many women it seems that is a quality they like in their men. I am not sure where nice guys get this reputation of being boring and not fun. I am solid and my word and integrity is very important. My faith and Love for God will not let me be otherwise. I am also young at heart and the way I think is young too. I am a man with a little boy inside , who is playful,fun and sometimes naughty In mischievous flirty kind of way, with my lady. I am also all man , when its needed, and wanted When I use the words my lady ,my woman " mine Its not about ownership I say mine , because I want no other and because I am yours too Someday , maybe you will be mine and I will be so honored and proudly be yours. Carey



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