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54 Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 24 - 48
Looking for a serious commitment in "friendship" (you can underline that word). I am not here for a two hours of chatting one day and then poof, both disappear. I am searching for something that will involve commitment and exchanges (don't think wrong, i am talking about communication here). But i am not desperate..so this mean i will choose the one who i will invest time in (someone who i think we will have things in common and we both can gain from that friendship). Also, as a little note, if you tag me as "interested" without even taking one minute to read my profile (or at least up to here) you will be ignored (even if that mean i may lose something good. If the person didn't invest time to briefly read my profile, i guess this mean we are not meant for each other. I’ve had chances to chat with some nice people and some fake ones (and trust me, it doesn’t take me long to point them out which I’m sure that they are dudes hiding behind women profiles and don’t ask me why they are doing this and especially wasting money for an account! Anyhow (lol), the main reason why I ask for a camming session at first is just to establish the authenticity of the person who I am talking with. Once that is done, please, feel free to close your cam, I won’t get mad at you if you do it. Actually, I really hate using my own cam (I don’t hate my cam, it’s me who I despise hahaha) but, I will gladly show myself to the person who I will communicate with so that she can realise that she is really talking to the owner of this profile (or account). But once that will be done, I may close my cam cause like I said… I really hate using this (in fact, if by any chances we get to communicate more and you ask me that I open my cam and I agree to it, this will mean only one thing… you gained my trust and I am feeling comfortable with you). Also, I prefer voicing (as I think it makes the exchange more personal and real). And lastly, the reason why I ask for a person to have her own personal internet connection is that, if by any chances I would manage discovering someone who I would get really close to (as a very good friend and not a lover), the way I work is that (almost like a lover) I would like to chat with that person everyday (to hear what she did, what she went through, if she need to talk because she is happy, sad or angry… maybe even curse at me because men can be real dumbasses (lol) and I’m the only one around who she can curse at (wink). That would be ok with me…) as I (well, I wish to become) could be one (if not the) of her best friend. OK… a lot ask me this question also. I come from Canada (province of Quebec. Land of scorching hot summers and freezing and buried under snow winters..lol). The country is located right on top of the United States. I hope this help you. And yes, I do speak French (and English. It is obvious no? lol). Lastly, I’ve been seeing this a lot from your side "God fearing". I dunno exactly what you mean but, yes i am catholic, yes i am baptized but i don't go to church and all that stuff. So if it is a problem, sorry but this is who i am. OK...hope this help to answer a few interrogations. In summary, I am here only for friendship. I have no plans in the near future of making any long distance trips. If someone is looking essentially for a serious relationship.. i beg you, do not waste your time on me. I wish that all people who are looking for love and commitment find their better half and if by any matters i could spoil this for anyone… I would really hate myself. I would prefer that people ignored me then loose an opportunity in life :). But at the same time.. i would like to thank all the people who marked me as interesting or their favourite . But trust me...you can do much better than me (smile)



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