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54 Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 24 - 44
ABOUT ME!! Ok here goes another shot at this:Im 6 ft 196lbs very fit and toned.I have Blk Hair,Green Eyes and a great Smile!Im Honest,Trusting,Loyal,and give everything when in a relationship.I work out 4-5 times a week to keep in shape and i can dress up or down but no matter what im doing i like to look after myself. I'm very easy going and laid back and very down to earth person.I have a good sense of humour, is out going and i live life to the fullest every day cause you never know what may or may not happen.I like new challenges and will pretty much try anything once.I think we can both learn from each other no matter what were doing. I always push myself to achieve my goals and dreams as i hope you would to.Im very confident and never errogant im just me.I always give alot when in a relationship and will never change cause i look at life no matter how many people you meet or relationships you are in sooner or later your bound to find someone special!:) Im very sincere and right to the point as i tell it the way it is.I always go with my gut feeling and what my heart tells me and sometimes it has hurt me but thats life if we dont take chances u will never succeed.I know were all meant for someone but the toughest is finding that and only one. I do wear my heart on my sleeve..love most sports watching or playing,Fashion,Shopping,Swimming,Working out,Most all movies,Riding my sports Bike,Dining out,UFC,BBQ'S,fun,Spontaneous,Forgiving,Kind,Faithful,Smart,Passionate and a very Loving person.I also enjoy time with friends and of coarse a dip in the Hot Tub!! this is a few things but ill leave the rest for you to ask if anything sparks your interest. WHAT AND WHO IM LOOKING FOR!! I want someone who i can share a life with and be myself around.I want to learn and live the fairy tale life.Dont we all want that?I want to be able to talk about anything and everything with my partner.I want not only for us to be lovers but best friends.I want to cuddle and wake to my partner everyday.:) I am ready for a woman who will go the distance and make the "little things" count. Someone whos attractive,honest,trusting,must have communication also, respectful,, open, confident, smart, great sense of humor! and knows what she wants. Thought I was finished? Oh no lol Giving, romantic, loyal, adventurous, and are you ready to settle down with a sweet guy who misses you.
30 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 19 - 25
""Here are the important personality aspect and belief you should know about the owner of this profile"" (The third person is used sarcastically to sound narcissist and give you a taste of my sense of humor) Kindness of the heart: Strive for a better world where everyone acknowledge that helping others equally helps you and hurting others equally damages your soul and chips away at your ability to be happy. Pushes peoples to stay positive avoiding entertaining negative emotions channeling them into courage or motivation to build something constructive or even just to defend yourself from any kind of situation. Better than Halfhearted: You heard of the expression better than nothing, tough most often nothing is better than halfhearted. Why? because doing something halfhearted creates negative emotions, unproductive results and in certain case damage equipment or product. It is important to look at every angle of a task to find new interest or original tricks to improve something boring into something enjoyable, otherwise you are better of avoiding it and seek an alternative. A thirst for feel: Not to mix with lust, more like a taste for what life has to offer, especially physical Sensation and feelings of euphoria and powerful emotions like love, sadness and pain, and aim to share those feelings with others to be amplified trough empathy and provides a satisfying feeling of mutual understanding. A mind wide open: Likes to stay open to all possibilities and close only those with solid reasonable proof. Loves to learn about new things, new experience and activities or anything that would improve his philosophy and wisdom pool. Honest and respectful values: its okay to make mistakes, they are what they are, mistakes and we all make tons of mistakes but this is true as long as it is recognized as one, and no matter how much it would hurt him or you to admit it, lying will always make it worst as it means you don't trust him and he can't trust you back. Trust is crucial in any type of relation for them to be healthy and beneficial. Patience is everything: Most of the negative energy in our society is created from the habit of not allowing the correct amount of time to the situation at hand, generating anxiety, anger and deception and maybe more. Barely anything good comes out from anything that have been rushed or completed prematurely. And so, as long as he believes that your intention are heading to right way, there will always be place for forgiveness in his heart for you. A never ending quest of seduction and pleasure: Being in a love relation doesn't mean that we own each other, quite the opposite, its a teamwork of 2 entities attracted to each other towards the quest of happiness, riches and love. Little attentions are often the most valuable proof of caring, be it giving a hand to the task at hand, an unexpected kinky surprise or even accepting a kinky favor, pretty much anything fueled from the tough of making the other happier without expecting anything in return hoping the favor will comes back at you when you need it.There is no point of keeping track of numbers, the more the balance is lacking, the more obvious it becomes. additional details : Ninjutsu martial art practitioner, gym for mental state and physical health with the bonus of improving shape. Melomane, decent guitarist, a passion for heavy metal(power), top artist of the moment "Battle beast"&"Beast in black", work 2 jobs, one full time and one at will (uberX Driver), practice snowboard, former skier from the age of 4th, love cats and owns the most adorable giant kitty in the world, love any type games that are not solitary or single player, be it a video games, board games and up to meaningless challenge for the sake of entertainment. And an enormous sense of humor and quite decent at making people laugh.
45 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 23 - 38
I am looking for a companion with whom to journey in life together, and hopefully along the way start a family. I enjoy meaningful conversations - on matters of the heart and mind that inspire. The pics I have up are all of me. One where I look youthful was taken years ago after my last marathon. Currently I am training for the marathon in Prague come May, 2017. Raising money for cancer in my deceased father's name who died from the disease. This means my looks will change considerably in the coming months as I lean out (currently more muscular and bulky). I am a libertarian. My views are flexible on most subjects. I am here to meet a modern lady of sophistication, culture, intelligence, who possesses a spirit of adventure, lives a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly is someone kind and compassionate. Looks are important, but that as well as other things can be dealt with when meeting in person face to face. ---------- More About Me: -I am the type of person who believes there isn't anything I cannot accomplish. If I had wanted, I could have been a doctor, lawyer, scientist, politician - anything. I however opted to go the business route (currently involved in the markets), but my end goal is to write and through it make a positive impact. -intelligent and love learning new things. -trustworthy, a loyal friend -excellent instincts (personal, business and 'street'). I could have made a great detective! -don't trust easy and thus very secretive about most everything. I believe trust is earned, not given away freely. -have creative 'out of the box' ideas and I tend to look at things differently than most. -respect people of principle who do the right thing even if it comes at a personal cost to themselves -like animals, children, and concerned about the future of the world i.e. environment -prefer the company of those who possess the will to work through problems (problem solvers) in a calm and rational manner versus those who give up easily, yell and fight and only make matters worse (drama queens) -love history, world cultures, and science (especially astronomy) -into health and fitness (like to workout daily, completed 2 marathons, am almost a vegetarian, and try to only eat natural versus processed foods) -my thoughts on religion: I believe people should be free to pursue their own individual's spiritual journey in life. Many of us seek to find our place and purpose on this Earth and to that end we should be able to explore, ask questions and find what works for us. My problem are with those who seek to impose their views on others, even though knowing that God waits until a person dies before judging them. This world would be a better place if we just left people alone to live in peace and figure things out freely without discrimination/oppression/judgement/generalizations. ---------- Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I will reply to all messages so don't hesitate to contact me.
47 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 32 - 37
I believe the best part of my life is still ahead and I hope to find a best friend to live out our best life together. By far that is the biggest dream of my life and I don't underestimate the commitment it will take. I am loyal, strong, committed, caring and dedicated to find and build the relationship I dream to have. I seek wisdom, guidance and work to be the man I know I need to be. To be open and honest can I be more romantic. Absolutely. Can I work on communicating and understanding? No doubt. But I have a kind heart and the drive to be a great man and father. My intentions are to find a serious relationship and I do hope to become a father and would enjoy a large family. I hope to find somebody who makes me better and I strive do the same. Sports have always been a major part of my life. I love the game of hockey and playing golf but being on the water with the boat or at the top of a mountain with a snowmobile are the two sports/hobbies that I could do everyday. I enjoy walks with my dog, camping, the chuck wagons, campfires, getting together with friends and family. Always ready for a road trip and love the thought of going off somewhere hot as a couple/family. I have many goals some big but some just must do's. Short list below: Amazing family, become a father, Family summers or part summers at the cabin, NASCAR at Talladega, Micro-business lending in Third world countries, become a better hunter and fisher, adept at smoking meat and entertaining, buy the family farm that has been in our family for over 100 years, do the coasts of the US in a class A or Rv, play Pebble Beach and watch PGA golf in Maui and always take the challenging poke in the mountains when choosing lines when sledding, challenge my fitness level and eat cleaner but better I really hope to find the special women to share life with.