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60 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female
First I want to say that I adore Russian,Ukrainian,and Belorussian women and I love these three cultures.In my opinion these three Slavic ethnic groups of women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. I'm a fifth generation Canadian of Ukrainian and Swedish ancestry.English is my first language and I can speak some Ukrainian and French.I'm six feet tall with a normal physique and average weight.I have blue-eyes,good skin,and still lots of hair(ha,ha,ha).I'm intelligent, articulate,sophisticated, and have good health.I don't smoke and don't take illicit drugs.I will have the occasional drink.I lead a healthy life and I'm fit.I keep myself very clean and well-kempt.I have lots of stamina and lots of enthusiasm for life.First and foremost I'm a very loving,affectionate, passionate,and romantic person.I'm calm,respectful,honourable,honest,and loyal.Also, I'm very witty and have a great sense of humour.I would like to find a woman with a similar personality and similar interests who doesn't smoke.I am interested in finding a Russian,Ukrainian or Belorussian wife and would even consider having a child.My character is such that when I say I'm going to do something,I do it.I take pride in being honourable and strive to maintain this quality everyday.Transparency and being forthcoming is very important to me.So,if you are a woman who is honourable,sincere,and serious,please don't hesitate to send me a message.Lastly, my other interests are as follows:Ukrainian food( perogies are my favorite),long walks,good conversation,going for tea or coffee,reading,learning languages,swimming,ping pong,gym,classical music,rock music,Motown music,disco,history.Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. 
30 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 19 - 25
""Here are the important personality aspect and belief you should know about the owner of this profile"" (The third person is used sarcastically to sound narcissist and give you a taste of my sense of humor) Kindness of the heart: Strive for a better world where everyone acknowledge that helping others equally helps you and hurting others equally damages your soul and chips away at your ability to be happy. Pushes peoples to stay positive avoiding entertaining negative emotions channeling them into courage or motivation to build something constructive or even just to defend yourself from any kind of situation. Better than Halfhearted: You heard of the expression better than nothing, tough most often nothing is better than halfhearted. Why? because doing something halfhearted creates negative emotions, unproductive results and in certain case damage equipment or product. It is important to look at every angle of a task to find new interest or original tricks to improve something boring into something enjoyable, otherwise you are better of avoiding it and seek an alternative. A thirst for feel: Not to mix with lust, more like a taste for what life has to offer, especially physical Sensation and feelings of euphoria and powerful emotions like love, sadness and pain, and aim to share those feelings with others to be amplified trough empathy and provides a satisfying feeling of mutual understanding. A mind wide open: Likes to stay open to all possibilities and close only those with solid reasonable proof. Loves to learn about new things, new experience and activities or anything that would improve his philosophy and wisdom pool. Honest and respectful values: its okay to make mistakes, they are what they are, mistakes and we all make tons of mistakes but this is true as long as it is recognized as one, and no matter how much it would hurt him or you to admit it, lying will always make it worst as it means you don't trust him and he can't trust you back. Trust is crucial in any type of relation for them to be healthy and beneficial. Patience is everything: Most of the negative energy in our society is created from the habit of not allowing the correct amount of time to the situation at hand, generating anxiety, anger and deception and maybe more. Barely anything good comes out from anything that have been rushed or completed prematurely. And so, as long as he believes that your intention are heading to right way, there will always be place for forgiveness in his heart for you. A never ending quest of seduction and pleasure: Being in a love relation doesn't mean that we own each other, quite the opposite, its a teamwork of 2 entities attracted to each other towards the quest of happiness, riches and love. Little attentions are often the most valuable proof of caring, be it giving a hand to the task at hand, an unexpected kinky surprise or even accepting a kinky favor, pretty much anything fueled from the tough of making the other happier without expecting anything in return hoping the favor will comes back at you when you need it.There is no point of keeping track of numbers, the more the balance is lacking, the more obvious it becomes. additional details : Ninjutsu martial art practitioner, gym for mental state and physical health with the bonus of improving shape. Melomane, decent guitarist, a passion for heavy metal(power), top artist of the moment "Battle beast"&"Beast in black", work 2 jobs, one full time and one at will (uberX Driver), practice snowboard, former skier from the age of 4th, love cats and owns the most adorable giant kitty in the world, love any type games that are not solitary or single player, be it a video games, board games and up to meaningless challenge for the sake of entertainment. And an enormous sense of humor and quite decent at making people laugh.
54 Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 37
62 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 40 - 57
hello to all of you. At first, I will say that if you are under 40 years old, there is no point losing your time writing to me, all I might do is answering saying thank you for your interest toward me, but that will be all. Thank you for respecting that. Now, the first thing I look for when I visit a profile is the eyes. not the chest(I dont care about the size of them) or your butt. I obviously like to look at them,because I am a man... but it has no weight in my decision to talk to you or not, the eyes are what is guiding me . the second important point is your smile. I am an happy man who smile and sing one second and a half after waking up, so I rather staying alone than having to deal with an unhappy woman. (unless there a way to get you to smile.) I prefer horse riding rather than big engine, sailing rather than big motor boat, cooking rather than restaurant, beach rather than bar healthy food rather than fast food, happyness rather than angryness. with time and age, I found out that loving and caring for someone else is the key to be happy with myself. In my life, I had drugs, alcool, money and material stuff, but none of that got me to be happy. so I slowly learned that happyness is not coming from outside. Today all these artificial paradise are away from me, and I never felt so happy. It 's been 11 years now that I live alone after 20 years of family life. I have two adult daughter, and one grand son just born in mid september of 2016. my life is very nice but I miss to have one woman to love. I will be willing to travel to meet you at first, but I am looking for a woman that want to come in canada to live with me. Finally, I am very respectful of the human, the animal, the environment and the planet earth, and I look for the same values. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, I wish to you all to find someone to built love with you , since it is our common point to all of us here. I wish, I need, I want , I hope to care about someone else. I miss having someone to care about. someone to wake up in the morning, and smile to,having belly butterfly , just looking at you waking up. the rest of what I am looking for may be what you are looking to give. love is not happening, love is getting built. je suis canadien francais,du Quebec. willing to share beauty of life. are you curious? are you sincere in your search?



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