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82 Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 59 - 75
Star sign: Libra
Definitely not your average bear!. Some weird accident of genetics produced a bizarre set of qualities Eg: Nuclear Physicist who has done women’s fashion consulting in New York and dressed many women. A history, politics and world affairs arts and culture buff who builds houses, does every construction trade personally, restores historic buildings. As at home in my tux, business attire with flair or paint stained jeans. One of 50 invited members of a UN initiated thinktank Academy, a passionate interpretive high energy dancer yet enjoy the tranquillity of my canoe. Has designed and sold computer systems (founded and owned computer sw and hw firms) yet couldn’t figure out a VCR. A managing partner of the Toronto office of a major management consulting firm Like most men, thick as a brick some of the time yet extremely intuitive and a breakthrough relationship counsellor when tuned in. Can be focussed intense and move mountains but normal mode is laid back, easy going, observational, reflective. but give me music or one of the myriad topics that fascinate me and I become very animated. A Mensa level intellectual yet no ivory tower academic. Sensual, sexual, gentle but strong, tender, passionate down to earth, guy who takes his professions very seriously but never himself.. can`t stand by if people (esp children), or power is abused. Known as a wise, fun, witty, classy, renaissance gentleman, non judgmental, futurist, risk taker, principled, independent analytical thinker living outside the box yet emotionally intelligent. Tunes into peoples emotions and concerns. Bore many because of my breadth, intensity, depth and passion of communication, irritate some and apparently intimidate some because of my free thinking intellect and independence. An animated and passionate conversationalist with folks who like considering things in depth who find me fascinating (the VERY few) but not a networker nor comfortable in cocktail parties as I am shy by nature (really) and useless at small talk. My child is VERY alive, my health outstanding with great longevity genes and energy level legendary. Reasonably house trained, toilet seats, dishwasher, ironing, laundry, squeegeeing (SP?) glass shower . Been known to polish bathroom sink and faucets with a towel (OK maybe only a C- on that). VERY openly affectionate, tactile, tender and told I'm amazing at pleasuring my partner to new heights Strange as I don`t think of myself as such. YOU!!! NOT your average bearess! nor colourless, unadventurous or a bystander following beaten paths but rather relish and participate in life as an adventure. You have evolved into a radiantly beautiful authentic soul capable of intimacy. You are moved by the beauty of nature in all its moods and seasons. Your child is ever present and ALIVE! You are fun, non conformist, a fashion sense (bonus for heels) , classy with flair, highly intelligent, curious about people, the world, places, world affairs and care about making a difference in the world, love discussing and learning, are a free thinker of breadth and depth yet can be playful and even goofy at times. You have FUN and are uninhibited. You are not driven by money, fame, possessions or power. Secure in yourself. You are delighted with yourself and regard yourself as loveable. You may be very popular yet very lonely deeply within your soul . hoping for someone who has a sufficiently wide angled lens to intuitively get you IN YOUR ENTIRETY and stimulates, inspires and fulfills you in every dimension so you soar TOTALLY FREE.. and to whom you do not have to always be giving energy but it is reciprocal. You have taken the time to get in touch with your own soul/characteristics so you can determine what would be a suitable mate. Music moves you. You love to dance feeling the music. You yearn to be extensively hugged entwined and blissfully pleasured. General Rarely drinks, has never smoked, Divorced, Height : 176 cm Body type : about average His interests : Book Club Dancing Swimming Golf Pets : Likes but does not own dogs Sign: Libra Political Views : Middle of the Road My Interests : Book club, Camping, Coffee and conversation, Cooking, Dining out, Gardening/Landscaping, Movies/Videos, Museums and art, Music and concerts, Exploring new areas, Nightclubs/Dancing, Performing arts, Political interests, Religion/Spiritual, Shopping/Antiques, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteering Favourite Hot Spots : “From nature to the theatre, from dancing (a HUGE passion) to concerts, dining out or preparing together in, living and loving life to the and learning and adding spice by being naughty, and having a blast!" NEVER worrying what others may think or trying to gain acceptance but just being authentic ! Favourite things : Music and I'm to dancing as an improvisational jazz artist is to jazz. Fast paced instantaneous interpretation of the music into dance. Not based on taught dance patterns (foxtrot, rhumba etc) but feeling the music and flying accordingly. For Fun : Passionate about music with eclectic taste, history culture, science, philosophy, art, architecture geopolitics, theatre good movies interesting TV,nature, canoeing, swimming Last read : Always the Economist (subscriber) for international culture politics trends, National Geographic, Books and articles on History, Aspects of the human condition, world affairs a bit of an intellectual in the positive sense Occupation : Numerous totally unrelated careers, entrepreneurial consulting, turnaround, startups, public sector, private sector, teaching, counselling and now writing a screenplay Divorced Kids :Yes, 2
40 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 33
Star sign: Libra
Про себе Привіт, Я новачок в цьому сайті і Im сподіваючись зустріти, що спеціальна людина. Шукаю гумору інтелектуальних дівчат, які подобаються виходити на напій, добре провести час і довгі розмови ні про що. Я активний хлопець, хто хоче насолодитися життям при кожному зручному випадку я отримую. Я люблю їздити на велосипеді, біг, футбол і на відкритому повітрі в цілому. Я маю задоволення в спонтанних ситуаціях. Мені подобається виходити на обід, напої, а також перебування в і відпочинку. Я відкритими і як знайомитися з новими людьми. Я Я дуже говіркі й цікаві, тому я очікую дівчинку в одні і ті ж функції. Їм не шукаєте швидкий гак, і я відкритий і тупим людиною. Я буду говорити про що завгодно, від політики до сексу і все / всі між ними. Я буду просити все, що приходить на розум, так що, будь ласка, не ображайтеся. Цікавість завжди було ключем до творчості так чому б не бути цікавим і внести вклад в зміни, причиною зміни є єдиним рішенням для вашої нудьги. Я відчуваю, як я пройшов точку ігор, як життя надто коротке. Мені подобається бути активним (працює / сальсу танцюють / розробка), читання і подорожі в нові й екзотичні місця, щоб бачити, як інша половина світу живе. У мене так багато пригод, і я завжди прокидаюся в деяких зарубіжних призначення за кордоном, навіть не згадуючи, як я потрапив туди в першу чергу. Мені дуже подобається смішити людей, і хотілося б зустріти людину, яка може тріснути мене одного разу в деякий час. Я недавно дізнався приймати життя як воно є. Великий людина одного разу сказав: "Не переживайте дрібниці і не домашня тварина спітнілі речі!" About Me Hi , Im new to this site and Im hoping to meet that special person. I am looking for humourous intelligent girls that enjoy going out for a drink, spend good time and have long conversations about anything. I'm an active guy looking to enjoy life at every opportunity I get. I love cycling, running, soccer and the outdoors in general. I find fun in spontaneous situations. I like going out for dinners, drinks, as well as staying in and relaxing. I'm open minded and like meeting new people. I I am very talkative and curious so I expect the girl to share the same features. Im not looking for a quick hook up and I am an open and blunt person. I will talk about anything from politics to sex and anything/everything in between. I will ask whatever comes to mind so please dont take offence. Curiosity has always been the key to creativity so why not be curious and contribute to change, cause change is the only solution to your boredom. I feel like I'm passed the point of playing games as life's too short. I like being active (running / salsa dancing / working out), reading and travelling to new and exotic places to see how the other half of the world lives. I have so many adventures and I always wake up in some foreign overseas destination without even recalling how I got there in the first place. I enjoy making people laugh and would love to meet someone who can crack me up once in awhile. I've learnt recently to take life as it comes. A great man once said: "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things!"
70 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 30 - 50
Star sign: Libra
Tiger Kim
64 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 40 - 55
Star sign: Libra
43 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 24 - 41
Star sign: Libra
58 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: 37 - 69
Star sign: Libra



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