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53 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 20 - 35
Self Contained grown Man For the record I do know how to cook and wash up, I can wash clothes, make beds as well as mess them up [lol] I'm involved in the gaming industry and property management and I have a couple of side hustles - want to know more...you know what to do. See if you can work out the hidden puzzles x 2 in this profile description the puzzle pieces are below...you can find me on an app that rhymes with wipe. 1. rrip Before reading more...this must be said... I truly hope to find a real honest woman... someone who is 100 percent faithful...cos i haven't found one yet...no matter what I do for them above and beyond what most men do...share or give to them...or how much i pleeease them between the sheets...past women I have had relationships with find something they aren't happy about and think the answer to that is to open their legs up to the next man who shows outside interest...Its not right...and no one should do that to another person...man or woman...it destroys the other persons soul...I really hope to find real women and not fake bots or fake profiles on here...getting tired of the sifting dirt looking for gold... 2 it My TURN ONS cuddling while watching a movie going out to eat great food sense of humor A loving nature / personality loyalty / faithful trustworthy cheeky Independence Sexual and of course this includes being naughty for just you and me only Turn Offs LIES & DECEPTION flirting with others Dressing for others better than for us Having a 3some with your phone on date- nights and during OUR time Social media addicts princess syndrome eating with your mouth open farting and burping nagging demanding suffocating bad breath bad attitude oh and sleeping with other men that's a big deal breaker 3.
35 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 19 - 32
I am an honest person and a hard worker, I run my own business which I started up three years ago and just coming into the start of the fourth year. I love my job and I enjoy fixing things no matter what it is! I am good with my hands and I have a good eye for detail. I am a mechanic by grade and also an engineer by trade do I love to fix things and build things. I love to spend time with my family and enjoy going away on holidays with my family members, we ride Jet Ski’s and ride on a tube towed behind a boat which is a lot of fun. I enjoy long walks, spending time talking with others and spending time in prayer though that is getting more and more deeper into my life and I just hope to find a lady who is smart and beautiful and who enjoy spending time together. I like to spend time with all my Nieces and Nephews and we love to go on many road trips. I ride a Harley Davidson Motorcycle which is in my pictures and everyone is forever telling me how much they love it and everyone looks at it when they see it as it is a beautiful and Shi y bike and costs slot of money but I enjoy riding it and hope I find a lady who wi also enjoy these things and share our lives together. I love being in the out doors and I like to spend time in doors also when it is a coldor Rai y day, I prefer to stay warm and watch a nice movie together or go and dine out together. I am a clean person and I like to dress nice when I can. Most of all I just hope to find a loving and caring young lady who I can grow old with and enjoy one anothers company and have a family life with. Happiness and love, laughter and pleasure... I hope to meet this special lady here and let our lives begin the journey together...
57 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 32 - 42
I am unique, strait up front, stable, open minded, slow to anger, into mental gymnastics, studied till 39 years old (a long time ago I realised the more I learn the less I know ... but I still set a goal of learning new things every day). Ive spent my whole life cultivating my mind, its my most priceless asset. I am self employed (I love what I do with a passion)and have goals and aspirations. I will have a go at just about anything. I am not influenced by peer pressures or other peoples opinions of me (I do what I want, when I want, where I want), not into petty dramas or emotional hysterics and I do not swim in the "Sea of Mediocrity". I love music (awesome therapy), especially seeing live bands which I try to make a regular part of my lifestyle (I can dance to anything) and a myriad of other things. I am never bored, something always going on. When was the last time a guy asked you to dance on an empty dance floor with everyone watching? So rare a woman will say yes . Its a great test, tells me a lot about her, I can tell you :) :) Showing affection in public? :) :) She can expect to be hugged and kissed anywhere, at any time (it is a habit of mine I refuse to break). You can figure out for yourself about my imagination, how spontaneous I am and expecting the unexpected (its fantastic spice for any type of relationship). I shaved my head for charity, love my new look. My last charitable deed was buying a meal for a homeless man. What was yours? Art/craft wise I like unique fantasy art(like "H.R. Giger"), thought provoking nick knacks and puzzles. Twisties & Redskins (candy/sweets) are tops, enjoy chatting to my friends on social media, playing pool, video games and pinball machines (on occasion) and a few other interests when I can get some free time ... yes I am still a big kid at times :) that will never change. My absolute favourite types of movies are the ones which depict "the underdog overcoming insurmountable odds to win" (its not the dog in the fight but more importantly the fight within the dog .. if you get what I mean). "Count of Monty Cristo", "Star Wars", "Last Star Fighter", "The Blind Side", "Lord of the Rings" are a few examples. Yes I love sci-fi, fantasy and action movies mainly and documentaries (as I like to learn) I am far from perfect (I am not afraid to admit it) and I have fallen short of the mark countless times, even momentarily slipping into "beta male mode" on the rare occasion. I understand the principle of "the seeds you sow are the seeds that grow" (be they good seeds or bad seeds, those seeds will grow) so I am forever killing the weeds to try to be the best man I can be.



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