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73 Riverside, California, United States
Seeking: Female 37 - 58
I am appreciative and grateful for what I have been given, physically, spiritually, and the challenges that life imposes on me including the responsibilities that go with them. When life changes occur my personal mantra is: “That is life! I can’t change it so move on“. I always move forward and take the high road. I do cry sometimes. As a human being I do make mistakes and take full responsibility for them. However, I am tolerant of other people’s mistakes. I do have a boyish sense of humor at times and like to make people laugh. I farm Avocados, and live on my avocado ranch with my dogs, horses and other critters. I enjoy guacamole, chips and a cold beer occasionally. I hope you like avocados🥑. I like living a simple life in a rural setting. When resting in my grove I love the sound of gentle breezes gently rustling leaves overhead, or the hum of bees busily collecting nectar or the soothing cacophony of birds singing and especially the beauty of sun light coruscating off leaves high up in the tree canopy. Then suddenly all attention is focused on the avocado leaf litter on the ground. It starts making a crackling sound as my dogs run over to visit with me and lovingly jump on me or turn over on their backs for a tummy scratch. I am a dreamer and a romantic. I very much like taking evening walks on a warm night and am always reaching out for your hand. This is my paradise and happy place. All it is missing is my woman. One more thing, I have never been in a bar fight!😊
69 Portland, Oregon, United States
Seeking: Female 39 - 57
ThisI’m a serious man about finding my wife. I'm a lifelong businessman, also I was the mayor of my city which is a suburb of Portland Oregon in the USA. I also wrote and published a book; it’s called The Individual by Steve Spinnett. I never graduated from High School, didn't go to college, but I became successful, I think because God had his blessings on me. We were the first family of our city, we had a gorgeous home, I drove the coolest car in town, but....I was dying inside, there was no love, I felt like I was not a good man, finally I left the marriage, the home and moved to southern California. today I'm recovered, I no longer must work as my businesses support me. I'm blessed because my three adult children are doing such a fantastic job managing the businesses. I love my children and they would rate me high as a good father, maybe a ten, or if there mad at me a nine. Someone asked how I perceive love, first I’m only interested in finding a wife. I’m not here to play. I believe it’s the man’s responsibility to bring love down to the home and to his wife, from heaven. There must be a source of love. God is love. If a man thinks he can act in a loving way without that then it will wear off. Love must be eternal otherwise it’s not love. I’m a man with strong moral principles, who is looking for a girl that loves me back. I will love my wife with Affection, romance, fiery passion and intimacy. I have one request, and that is for me to start our relationship in person. I’m ready, I’m here. I’ll come to you, what are we waiting for? My three adult children manage all my automotive businesses, allowing me to be here as long as it takes. I was married forty years. Below are some letters about me which should help you to get to know me. _____________________________________________________________ I wanted to take you on a journey into the soul of Steve Spinnett. Most of my life was hard, my upbringing was exceedingly difficult to say the least. Going into business had its challenges. But I asked myself, will adversity break me or make me. It made me. As I put my trust in God, things began to click. I was a left-brain number, no nonsense get-it-done kind of guy. But there was a beauty deep down in my soul. I was inherently a positive guy. I went from being an efficient person to a lover of people. Throughout most of my adult life I was very unhappy in my marriage I was slowly being ground down to complete exhaustion. I took the last year off from work, moved to California and began to recover. My counselors would tell me to stop being so hard on myself. I recovered; I discovered all the things I accumulated meant nothing without Love. I am healthy, I’m whole, I’m happy, recently my divorce was final. I am free, now I love myself. I am worthy of someone special. I hope you find me honey, to be worthy of you. In recent years I discovered I was good at writing romantic poetry. Something unusual for a masculine alpha male. A few years ago, my pastor come up to me and felt strongly to tell me that I have a kingly and lovely mantle on me. I, never being in politics won the favor of the people of my city. They voted for me to the highest office in the city. I was proud to have represented them. I was honest in all my dealings and the people knew it. I so much want to share my love and my wisdom with you. I love your culture as it encourages family and the sweetness, I see in you. There is a lot you can teach me honey. I am a great listener. I want to be called the son of encouragement. I have learned some things along the way. It is more blessed to give than to receive. I look forward to spending my life blessing you far above what you have ever imagined. I am confident in this. Just your presence and our togetherness will be more than enough. Yes, more than enough. When I got married in 1979, we were in love, as the years went by she expressed anger, anger over a disagreement, often they were fits of rage. She would not meet in the middle. I never flirted, never cheated in 40 Years. I always came home, I did all the repairs on the home etc. I’m a hands-on guy and am very skilled with anything put before me. For the last 35 years when I came home and saw her car in the driveway I was filled with dread as she would grind on me right in the entry. When she was out with her friends and was not home, then when I got home, I would breathe a sigh of relief. At least I could bathe and rest for hopefully an hour. This went on for decades, I did NOT believe in divorce. But I just got exhausted, I gave up, I left. When I was mayor, she would be in the audience and humiliate me. Everyone knows who the mayor’s wife was. We sought and received marriage counseling for years. I believe there is an underlying anger issue that she has not been able to let go of. My issues are I would withdraw, I learned tremendous self-control, but living in self-control Is not fun. Today I’m realizing that I’m a fantastic guy, I’m starting to love myself, I’m discovering that I’m a great man. I have so much bottled-up love to give, so much. Do not worry I’m not a clinger, I’m a humble, classy man who has so much capacity to love, to encourage, to uplift, and to be friendly. My city believed in me. I’m a winner! I’m telling you this because I’m serious about you. You need to know this. By the way thanks for asking me anything. Love starts with a look, it seeks a glance back, will she notice me, or am I just another face in this crowded sea of faces. I look to see if she will look again, oh I think she is looking back to see if I am looking back. Hallelujah I am noticed. She is noticed, the spark has been lit. Don’t let it flicker, but don’t blow to hard, don’t blow to soft, just enough to see the embers of love grow, grow into fiery passion, fiery passion to a life of love, careful, don’t let that passion grow stagnate. Love Must be fed, yes sexual passion, but do not let true love grow stagnate, lust wears out, but ongoing love must be fed from those fiery embers that once was. Love is work. But love overcomes.



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