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47 Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Seeking: Female 26 - 40
Warning. Here I write a lot about myself so you know if to contact me; or to run in opposite direction. (yes, this is a joke) I am generous. Kind. Funny. Do not take life too seriously. Love to laugh and live life only to have maximum fun. Like to share with friends and to be available to always help and to guide friends through difficult times. Life is short so we must not waste time. We must squeeze as much fun from life as is possible. Sitting and watching television is not for me. Athletic. Love to ski. Love to travel around the world, to exotic places, and to third world countries. Normally travel alone but prefer now to travel with a companion than to travel alone. I fancy myself as a rather good cook. I love to cook for friends. Only healthy food. I am crazy about eating healthy food and having healthy lifestyle. I live to travel. So far, in this year, I travel to Israel 2 times; to Tokyo, Kyoto, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Cuba, and in December I go skiing in Breckenridge Colorado; and in January I ski in French Alps and cross border into Italy and Switzerland; in February to Israel and to Jordan; In March I travel to Turkey and Kurdistan for adventure. My three favorite place in the world are Israel, Japan, and New Zealand. I am not like most men on this website, all of whom look only for physical relationship and lie to women. I am transparent and without secrets. I have the highest character. I seek to know everything and have unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I am considered by most an intellectual, but to me, arrogance is a sin, and humility is one of the most important character traits. I do not come with emotional baggage. I had happy childhood. I have wonderful friends and family. I do not look to fill a hole in my life with a female. I have nothing missing in my life. I only look to share some of my happiness and my good luck. I have time to travel, and I am blessed by g-d that I have the financial resources to travel and do what I want. When I was younger, I worked all the time; I worked very very hard; and now I now longer have to work. I have resources to live a good life, a comfortable life and spend all my time traveling. But, I love my work so I split my time between travel and work. I would like to share some of this adventure with a good person. A smart person. A person of very high character. An unusual person. A person who is spontaneous. A person who is not afraid of adventure. I do not have objective to look for wife. I do not insist on this. I let nature take its course. My name, age and where I live is not accurately stated in the Profile. For reasons of professional privacy and security related to certain of my political activities in the Middle East that are considered unpopular in Muslim countries, I will correct some inaccurate information on this website about me, and provide to you the accurate information in non-public forum, such as WhatsApp. I generally prefer children and animals to adults. Children and animals can always be trusted and give love without any condition. I am not man who talks, talks, talks, and does not act. I do not have patience for too much talk. I prefer to meet on video call, and then make plans to get on a plane to meet a new friend or companion. Either in her city where she lives, or if she is comfortable, in an interesting place in the world.
56 Aurora, Illinois, United States
Seeking: Female 34 - 48
36 Newport Beach, California, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 37
Привет! Как ваши дела? If you want a love or marriage to last a lifetime like I do, if you enjoy and love traveling the world and learning new cultures like I do, if you enjoy cuddling on a warm tropical beach as well as underneath a warm blanket in front of a cozy fire crackling in front of us, if you like to smile and laugh as we enjoy good wine and good intellectual conversation over dinner or coffee, if you want a strong and kind man who believes in mutual respect, care, and kindness, if you value and are always loyal and faithful, if you enjoy affection and tender care and pleasurable massages, if you love being affectionate and passionate, then maybe you are what I am searching for and do you want to join me? :)) I'm James Jason - Have you ever wanted a truly deep connection.. to find your Soul Mate and Other Half to marry and create a happy family with? That is my goal also.. ... to find the love of your life destiny has in mind for you, regardless of the distance? Love and souls have no boundaries, no limits :) I want to love and be loved, sharing special moments on the beach and under the stars, making the Love of my Life the Happiest Woman alive, building a relationship based on Mutual Love, Affection and Passion, Respect, Caring and Understanding, Support and Nurturing, building a warm close family together and possibly future children :) Looking forward to hearing from you so write me now :) Жду вашего ответа P.S. I wrote this poem/song below that better explains my personality and character "A Higher Philosophy of Life to Live By" by me Be Strong of Body, Spirit, Soul and Mind, Be Tough yet Kind; Be in Control without being controlling, Be Dominant without being dominating, Be Fun and Exciting without being reckless, Be Easy-going without being feckless, Be Carefree, Playful and Devil-May-Care, Enjoy making others feel Walking-on-Air, Be Generous and Share, Be Happy and Enlightened, Sharing Happiness and Laughter that's Heightened, Be Funny and Teasing without being annoying, Be Sweet and Thoughtful without being cloying, Be Resilient and Happy-Go-Lucky, Be Independent and Plucky, Be Confident and Keen, Be Relaxed and Serene, Be Intelligent and Wise, Full of Spontaneity and Surprise. Be Artistic and Creative, Appreciate the little things as well as the superlative, Be Passionate and Fun, Enjoy your moments in the sun, Don't be jealous or needy, Don't be clingy or seedy, Give Freedom and Space without being distant, Yet always Connect in an Instant, Forging a Connection that's Deep, Forging Friendships Forever to Keep, Be Affectionate and Passionate without being smothering, Building Trust and Bonding stronger than anything, Be Sensual but also Spiritual, Appreciate the spontaneous as well as the ritual. Be Mischievous,be Naughty, and the Stamina to go on all night, While always remembering to Do What's Right. Don't start a fight but never be afraid to fight, Stand up for what you believe, Always be there for Family and Friends, Be Loyal and Faithful,never cheat,abandon them or leave, Always seeking Improvement and Enlightenment to better understand, A Higher Purpose,a Greater Plan, Something Meaningful and Fulfilling, Richer than any millionaire or king, Have Strength and Determination, the Integrity and Willpower to resist temptation, Have the Courage and Iron Will to do All that's Daring, Have Goals,a Purpose,a Plan, The Determination and the Iron Will to say,"I CAN!" That's what it means to be a Successful Woman or Man!