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37 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 27
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NO GAMES OR SHYNESS! I WILL COME TO YOUR AREA TO MEET AND SEE IF WE ARE COMPATIBLE! I was a helicopter paramedic in Iraq in the military after high school, which really turned me into a responsible and independent man. I cook, clean, iron my clothes, do the dishes, etc. I have a Bachelor's in IT and an Associate's in Business Administration. I have the coolest and cutest dog in the world, who is like my best friend. I like being in nature and I love traveling to new places and new countries. What is the point of living if you don't dominate it and live it to the fullest? I have seen the other men on this site and I feel bad for you ladies, as there are not many good options, and the few options that exist, are taken. With me you will not be stuck on a farm in the middle of nowhere milking cows and feeling like you don't belong. Like many of you, I don't like the options of women in my country and I find women from Eastern Europe and Russia to be the most exotic in the world. I have traveled to many countries and lived in Europe and South America for a long time, which really made me find myself after meeting so many different people from different countries and cultures. I also speak Spanish fluently. I truly feel like I can give you the best life experience in the US since I live in a fun and exciting big city called Philadelphia which is next to New York and we have quick and easy access to Washington DC and Miami Florida. I have steady monthly income from my retirement for the rest of my life no matter what, own a very nice home, have citizenship in U.S. and E.U., and have been told that I am very funny and romantic, with a strong sense of humor) I am looking for a girl who wants to meet her soulmate, help with my twin daughters, as well as form a new family of our own. I want many children and especially a son. I would like a girl who wants to please me as much as I want to please her. I am not perfect and do not believe that there exists such a person, and I would like to get to know the flaws/imperfections/quirks of my soul mate, as sometimes those little things are the best aspects of people)) I also strongly believe that no intimate, serious relationship can exist without love, comfort, and connection.
38 Melbourne, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 33
Eye wear:
63 Palm Desert, California, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 52
Eye wear:
ENGLISH -- I have traveled around the world. I know Ukraine because I have given speeches there. I seek love, one woman as my best friend and partner (smile). My friends say that I'm sophisticated, and an exciting man (I have good friends). I am highly educated and a successful man. Inside, I have a heart waiting for special female of passion to capture my attention. I am tall, slim and healthy. I am confident and strong, but I am kind, faithful and attentive. I am alone because I was a single parent, but my daughter is now a grown-up woman, and has her own life. You can understand my feelings? I still desire to share life with a loving, interesting and pretty woman. Would you like to meet me? Would you like to share in laughter, art, culture, nature, travel and love? I am passionate, thoughtful, and serious, but also great fun. I have traveled the world for academic business. I have visited many countries, including your country. I do not know Ukrainian language. I only know a few words in Russian language, but I use computer translation. RUSSIAN: Я ищу любовь, мой лучший друг и партнер на всю жизнь. Мои знакомые говорят, что я сложный, и захватывающих человека (у меня есть хорошие друзья). Я очень образованный и успешный человек. Внутри, у меня сердце ждет кого-то особенного, чтобы захватить мое внимание. Я хочу наслаждаться жизнью со специальным любовника. Я высокая, стройная и здоровая. Я уверен, и сильный, но я рода, верный и внимательный. Я один, потому что я был одним родителем, но моя дочь теперь взрослая женщина, и ее собственная жизнь. Вы можете понять мои чувства, я все еще желание разделить жизнь с любящим, интересной и красивой женщины. Хотели бы вы встретиться со мной? Хотели бы Вы принять участие в смех, искусство, культура, природа, путешествия и любви? Я страстный, вдумчивый и серьезный, но и большое удовольствие. Я путешествовал по всему миру для академических бизнеса. Я побывал во многих странах, включая вашу страну. Я не знаю украинского языка. Я знаю только несколько слов на русском языке, но я использую машинного перевода.
38 Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 37
Eye wear:
I’m a single father, my daughter is now age 17. She is the love of my life and I will always be there for her. She is easy to get along with as long as you are a kind individual. She lives upstairs and is typically very quite. I live in a two story home on a lake overlooking the beautiful Alaskan mountain range. My home is close to some of the best ski and hiking trails I’n the state. My home is a 2500 sq meter house with a workout room that includes a treadmill, free weights and a total gym. If we fall in love and decide to move here’s, I think you’d find yourself very comfortable. I work as an Orthopedic Physician Assistant which is the equivalent of a doctor. I’ve worked very hard to get to where I’m at today and completed over 8 years of school as a single parent to teach my goals. I enjoy hanging out with friends and often throw BBQs in the summer time and have lots of people over. I do drop BKA on the weekends and enjoy listening to music as a rather large volume and of course dancing. I find dancing to be one of the most freeing artiatic Expressions. I do enjoy cuddling and watching movies as well. I’m not judgmental but do request that you be honest with me on your intentions. I also enjoy playing poker with my friends and watching UFC and football. I think you’d find my inner circle of friends to be very welcoming. The winters are cold in Alaska and good for skiing or snowboarding, however I like to spend as much time traveling in the winter as possible.



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