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48 Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 60
OK... this is long, but better you know everything big up front. I am a father of 4 beautiful children that now live with their mother. As long as I get to see them a lot, it's OK. I am separated and getting divorce right now. I did not want this divorce, but it's happening. So I am going to start looking for a good woman, my goal is simple... find my true wife. I really thought my wife was that person, but I can't force her to stay. She has beat me into submission, if there was a chance I'd fight to save my family (4 kids deserve every last effort)... but there is nothing I can do. I know that now. I like being in a committed relationship. I like caring for another and be cared for. What I really liked about marriage was how much more the love grew (in me) year after year, how every bad time seemed to make my love stronger, not less. THIS was clearly not happening on both side. Not everyone is the same, I think my wife is doing wrong, but I refuse to be angry with her. I know, no one grows up wanting a divorce, so whatever went wrong that I can't understand, I do not blame. I just want to find the woman that will take my hand, and walk with me all the way home... to the home we're all going to. So, here I am. "too early" some say. BS! Nope. Once it's dead, it's dead. If I'm to wait until I never love my wife, I'll never marry again. I'll love her, in some way... until I die. AND LISTEN... that's the man you should want. Do you see that? Not some cold piece of iron that loves so shallow all the roots die as soon as the flowers are pulled. I sent roots down so deep, they will outlive me. If my wife dies before me... even if we never talk, I'd go to her at the end. I'd tell her, your husband is here now, and I would comfort her... because that is what love does. It survives anything. Please, understand, my heart is so so big, I know... I live in it. There is so much room for another love, one I want to take my heart over. If you are 20 you may not understand this, 40-50? maybe then you get it? So, I'm here, and YES... I'm ready. It takes time to know someone, so the time to start is now. I want a good family life again, and I want my wife to make growing our love a priority we share. If I meet someone with children that's OK. Someone with no children that's OK. I am even willing to have more children if I meet the right person and she wants them. I'm flexible on this subject. I am kind, loving, and compassionate. I will not yell and scream at my wife, and I hope she will not do it to me. Even when we are upset, yelling is never a solution, it only makes things worse. As for my Career. Please don't freak out when I say this, but right now I am poor. This will not last long, I am restarting my career. I will be going fully in no more than 2 months, most likely by the end of November. in 2020 I will make $75-100K and in 2021 I'll make more. This I am sure of. When my wife had our first set of twins (our daughters), she asked me if I would slow down my career so she could keep hers. I did this, but when our next set of twins came working and raising them became impossible. I have a great Manager and Great Agent, they are right now lining up my work again. I will be back to working often very very soon. I can earn respectable living and I travel a lot for my work. I travel lot for my work, and I can bring my special someone along on some trips if she wanted. Also, when the divorce ends, we'll sell our home and split the money invested into it. There is money in equity there we'll split. Then, I buy a new home. I'm not perfect, but I try to be the best I can everyday. I have a lot of empathy for others and forgive very easy. I am here because I want to marry a great woman and I find Eastern European women very beautiful. I want to be with the best one for me and treat her as perfectly as I can, and trust she will do the same.
57 Quincy, Massachusetts, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
50 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 34
I was born and raised in Orange County in California, I consider Newport Beach my home town, I enjoyed body surfing, swimming in the ocean, playing beach volleyball, and enjoying campfires on the beach with friends and strangers alike. My father is American of British, Western European, and Scandinavian ancestry. My mother is Thai/Pacific Islander mix. Upon graduation from the University of Southern California I moved to the Southeast of USA, then New England, and NYC.I own a home in Connecticut and Florida, but I'm currently residing in Moab, Utah for a 3 month job assignment. I'm living in a resort town, surrounded by mountains,and high desert with beautiful scenery, so I enjoy hiking, biking, rafting, and skiing locally. I consider myself a very kind and caring person, I treat people and animals with kindness. I don't like to yell or be angry, I have a very relaxed, easy going personality. I believe in women's rights, and believe men have already ruined the world, would be better to have more women in charge of our planet. I'm shy when near strangers, but I become very extroverted and like to laugh and tell jokes when I'm comfortable with the company. After my travels to Russia and Ukraine, I knew the beautiful and charming girls of these countries would be the ones I'd pursue. I find most Americans boring. They attend trade schools or universities, then marry, eat unhealthy and become very fat and never do anything. I am NOT as this, this is boring to me. I believe it's important to continuously learn and do new things to keep the mind and body healthy. I eat healthy food, drink only alcohol socially, I'm not abusive nor the jealous type. I am trustworthy and loyal and just need a lady to take a chance on me.



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