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33 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Seeking: Female 19 - 35
Occupation: Artistic / Creative / Performance
How to summarize myself... I am a positive, confident, encouraging, acting/singing/dancing ginger who plans to change the world by artistically coaching people into living their peak life physically, emotionally, and spiritually(not like religion y'all.) I recently got serious about establishing my outcomes for 2016 and here is a small list of what I will accomplish: S k y p e-John.Michael.Haas) Join the Actors Equity Union 2) Publish a book 3) Become a Personal Fitness Trainer extraordinaire 4) Learn 3 languages fluently- French, German, and Italian. 5) Develop my brand and business. 6) To finally serve the greater community with my art and positivity. I really feel that I have transcended the idea of just settling down in a growth sense. I don't accept just simply settling for okay, I strive for an outstanding life that I have the power to create. I go to motivational business seminars like: Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within(I walked on fire y'all :D) and I am a fervent biohacker. I want to find an equally passionate gal to share these journeys with. I have been travelling the USA for the past 3 years performing at different theatres and though I enjoy the freedom it brings, I am ready to settle into a more stable situation. I am a professional musical theatre performer, jazz singer, and music lover. Since getting my degree in 2012 I have been really blessed to be working consistently and getting to meet all types of people and really learning about who I am. Through this ample self-discovery I have figured out that life is about learning the art of fulfillment and giving back to others. I have big goals and a focused plan of action on how to achieve what I want, but I really want to add value to others while I achieve these goals. Community service and mentoring is important to me, because sometimes all a person needs is someone to talk to and hear their story. I am very health conscious. I take care of my body and my mind daily. I meditate twice a day, go to the gym 4 days a week, and Intermittently Fast. I also do yoga at Reyn Studios on my days off from the gym or even do two a days when I have the time. I absolutely would love to find a yoga buddy at least :)! I believe in the idea of controlling what I can control and releasing the rest with a smile. I am an extremely positive person and have been told that I am a wonderful listener. I am a passion focused goal setter and I am a motivator. If people tell me they want to achieve something I will try my hardest to help them realize their dreams. I'm looking for someone who shares a passion in life. Enjoys it, doesn't judge every step she makes, but accepts it. I am looking for a girl who is kind, understanding, honest, and has a positive outlook on life. I have found that a support system, be it your family or a significant other is immensely important, we can pretend that we can do everything ourselves, but you need someone to fall back on every now and then. Chase your dreams and Carpe Diem. Do what you love and love what you do! Be brave, be honest, and above all be yourself!
55 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 42
Occupation: Artistic / Creative / Performance
Gregarious, curious minded, likable, passionate, serious about the things that matter, soft-hearted to those in need or trouble, angry at those who cause pain and suffering, sometimes quiet and lost in my thoughts. I am: silly, serious, kind, passionate, outgoing, quiet (and other paradoxes)... I relish causes to fight, and do so with all seriousness and fierce effort... but, then, I really love Disney movies, roasting marshmallows with my kids, and Christmas... I know, really random, right? ;-) Also I am insatiably curious (like the proverbial cat... you know what happened to him, yes?), and smart (the one other classmates and colleagues copy their homework from ;-), but still down to earth with family and friends. I love good beer and jokes and arguing over sports... I have known joy, accomplishment; deep sorrow and loss... "The best of times and the worst of times"... I find it hard to conceal my emotions, passions and feelings about things anymore, where I used to maintain a seemingly placid demeanor and played my cards "close to the vest." I seek to live honestly, completely, "naked and unashamed" together, as it says in the book of Genesis... to share all that I am and all I will become with my only and true love. Though I'm a good Midwestern American boy, I have always loved Russian and Eastern history, culture, it's music and poetry... Why? guess you'll have to ask me! ;-) I wish to meet a woman here who will capture me with her eyes, which are the windows to the soul... Who will not only stun me with her outward beauty, but more: her intelligence and talent; her sense of assurance and femininity... a joy, humor and playfulness in her words... Perhaps this site will lead me to one who will captivate me completely. Please contact me if you find anything in what I write or what you see that interests you.



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