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61 Orlando, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 39
Occupation: Executive / Management / HR
I AM MOVING TO KIEV TO LIVE, IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS AND I WILL COMMUNICATE ONCE I ARRIVE. GOD BLESS. PRIVET, THE BEST IS YET TO COME! When a REAL MAN becomes a REAL HUSBAND, he should LOVE his wife and family unconditionally,he should be the LEADER of his family into success and happiness and he should PROVIDE all financial needs, wants and desires for his family! I am a committed Christian leader and businessman, confident and excited about the future. What a great adventure living for God! I have a great sense of humor and a very daring side. I am a people person and I don't take myself to seriously. I am very romantic and fun loving, and consider myself a good listener and communicator. I enjoy keeping myself fit with jogging, weight lifting and good nutrition. I enjoy scuba diving, water skiing, basketball and tennis. I am a private pilot but have not piloted lately. I love to travel and experience other cultures. I enjoy reading and studying, going to movies, going out for a romantic dinner or staying home and cuddling up and watching a DVD. I work and travel overseas to teach Christian Success Principals to Bible Seminary students and churches all across Ukraine/Russia/Europe.(I WILL BE TEACHING IN KIEV AND ODESSA) I have traveled and taught in Russia, Poland, Germany, Canada, Bahamas, Ukraine, England and the USA. My future woman's age and my age will never be an issue, CHEMISTRY between her and I is what is important! Great and strong marriages are not discovered, they are built! After we are married, my new wife can work if she wants to. But after our baby is born, I would want her to stay home with the little one! Thank you for reading my profile! Kiss, kiss!
51 Dallas, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 39
Occupation: Executive / Management / HR
I believe real men hold the door for ladies and pay for dinner…the bellman can carry the luggage. I think a woman should wear a dress if her man asks her to and that my 90 yr old grandmother is still pretty. I'm strong minded and enjoy conversations with intelligent woman. I'm most attracted to sweet affectionate women who are able to set and respect boundaries. I like romance and affection but not interested in clingy or needy people. I believe in honesty and loyalty even if it hurts and know what to say when my partner needs to feel better. I have no patience and little sympathy for people who pretend to be something they’re not and get disappointed. I support my partner when she's wrong and look great on her arm. ;) I'm good at my job, fun at parties and respectful to my partner when I'm most angry. I played college football, love hockey, race bikes and lift. I'm intentional about being positive even when I don't want to. I'm easy to talk to, buy flowers for the house and roses for my lover. I expect people to manage themselves but don't expect perfection...progress and intent is enough. I believe everyone should care about their appearance, do something about it and be confident no matter how it turns out. My 2 favorite people are my kids. I'm a GREAT dad... because I want to be...and present when they need my attention. Live like today is your last and try to make someone's life better...every day. Show up on time and with a smile...manage your own issues and be nice to the waiter. Laugh out loud and be considerate of others. Don't take yourself too seriously...and drive it like you stole it (unless kids are in the car)...LOL! :) I don't date alcoholics, addicts or liars. I'm sympathetic about your recovery and a great cheerleader, but I'm not for you.
46 San Francisco, California, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 36
Occupation: Executive / Management / HR
So, I happen to be charming, handsome, and quite flirty =b I should be looked at more as a great adventure rather than a serious marriage prospect! ;) Looking for girls that are willing to share... a bit too much of me for only one, though if someone manages to really catch me... hey, what can a poor man do? ;) I am quite skilled at a number of personal things, whether it's just having fun while chatting or... more sensual activities... Not really ready to settle down yet, so looking around for fun companionship, so if you are seriously looking for marriage soon, I am probably not the right person,should be enough info for most Filipinas. If however you are quite literate and curious, feel free to read more... ****************** I am... Smart (creative, quick-thinker, bright, educated, well read and traveled, witty, can speak a mix of way too many languages, discuss most any topic under the sun, make you laugh, know when to be silent, and much more) Fit and not afraid of physical exertion. A Leader Driven (Aggressive, Entrepreneur, assertive, commanding and charismatic when the occasion calls for it) Passionate (and quite Naughty!! ;) ) Awesome cuddler Very willful yet quite accommodating and easy going Intense Unusual (if you're looking for a run-of-the-mill ho-hum American guy, I'm definitely not that.) Sweet Caring Strong Tender Friendly Giving A bit of a Nerd/Geek Unable to hold a grudge (and I've tried a few times!) Sensitive (Empath actually, I find it fascinating to be able to sense moods in the air) Ambitious Naive by choice Chivalrous by nature A Believer (Christian) Romantic Exuberant and adventurous at times, mellow and quiet-with-a-smile at others. Attentive At ease in social settings (but I shine in private ones) A good speaker (yet able to listen as well) A procrastinator Good natured Adaptable Crazy Very Sensual Fun Generous French Sarcastic Unpredictable Smiling Upbeat I like My friends (both the childhood ones in France and the close friendships I developed in the various countries I've lived in), Books, movies, wit, cuddling, flirting, Beauty, a good sweat once in a while, clubbing, strategy games (Settlers of Catan anyone?), making you happy, business, a good debate/discussion -often passionate, but never rude-, being different, refusing to believe something impossible simply because it seems very hard, kissing, challenges. If I could be an animal, it would be a Black Panther (power and grace rolled in one, aren't they awesome?) Thanks for reading my novel haha ;)
47 New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Female
Occupation: Executive / Management / HR



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