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38 Beavercreek, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
Occupation: Political / Govt / Civil Service
42 Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 41
Occupation: Political / Govt / Civil Service
56 Cape Coral, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 36 - 53
Occupation: Political / Govt / Civil Service
Ok.... first let me say, WOW!!!!!!...... Chinese women are absolutely beautiful and so very sweet and caring. Makes question the intelligence level of the local men, how can you be available? ha ha The most often value/characteristic mentioned in this site, especially by women, is honesty, and yet both genders' profile read as bad advertisements. I am going at this differently. First let me say, we are wanting the same thing, true love and special connection to another. I believe sustainable, life long love is part chemistry, shared values, and an unwavering commitment, which takes work. I am here for a couple of reasons as mentioned in the opening I find Asian women so extremely attractive, but more importantly, the ingrained Chinese Culture in regards to commitment, family importance and roles I find it to be like minded. My faith is a big part of who I am and provides people on the outside a glimpse of how my mind works. I also find that the word peaceful is used a lot here. In my time here on earth I have come to know there are three types of people, sheep, wolves and dogs, I am the dog, I believe my place on earth is to protect people it is why I do what I do. I really do try to make a difference in the world each and every day. I have been married, unfortunately it did not work out, although I very much love being married. I do have five children although two are grown and have moved out of the house, the first three I adopted. I love kids and if I could afford it I have bunches. If you have a child or children that is not a problem for me, with your permission I will treat and love them as my own. I am in no way perfect, I have my share of flaws and then some. Although I wish I was but I am not easy going, I am very passionate. I have a huge heart and I am a provider and protector by nature. I have been in Law Enforcement for almost 28 years , and I am currently a high ranking official within the police department, again I like protecting and helping people. I have a Master's degree and for the past nine years I have been an adjunct professor at the University. I do a lot of coaching, love sports. In chatting with some, the question comes up what do I want, I do not need perfection..... But what I do want, what I will not settle for less than a committed lover, partner and just as important best friend for the remainder of my life. that's it. I am trying to learn the differences in our cultures especially in regards to humor, so please be patient with me, my humor is dry and sometimes sarcastic. Anything else we can talk about.... If it works out and you do end up marry me, I am just being honest when I tell I do not like talking on the telephone,..... but I promise I will make up to you when I get home : )
50 Denver, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 40
Occupation: Political / Govt / Civil Service
Привіт, мене звуть Шон, і я тут, щоб викрасти ваше серце (з вашого дозволу, звичайно). Залишивши сирну лінію, я думав, що буде весело спробувати це онлайн-знайомство, як багато хто з моїх друзів це рекомендували. Очевидно, ви можете познайомитись з деякими дуже цікавими людьми в Інтернеті (хто може подумати ?!). Отже, без додаткової реклами, тут є деякі подробиці про мене ... Я проводжу свої дні, роблю все можливе, щоб мати гарний, здоровий спосіб життя. Я шукаю спеціальну даму, щоб насолодитися життям. Якщо це означає, що мені доведеться літати по всій країні, я буду там знайти це. Подорож є захоплюючою, і це завжди краще, ніж працювати! Сім'ї та друзі дуже важливі для мене, і я маю намір обідати з ними якомога більше. Я шукаю жінку, щоб одружитися і мати життя. Я маю гарну роботу, щоб підтримати цю жінку та той будинок, який буде нашим. Якщо ви хочете приїхати до Сполучених Штатів, будь со мною, який поважає вас і ставиться до вас як жінку, яку ви є, не соромтеся, привіт. Я дійсно хочу поговорити з тобою. Шон
37 Riverside, California, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 33
Occupation: Political / Govt / Civil Service
65 Arlington, Virginia, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 45
Occupation: Political / Govt / Civil Service
While my home base is in Arlington, Virginia, I currently work for the U.S. government in Afghanistan. I plan to move back to the United States this November and then retire soon thereafter. When I retire, I may continue living in the Washington, D.C. area, relocate somewhere else in the States, or possibly move overseas. However, wherever I end up, I plan to continue leading an adventurous lifestyle--perhaps with a partner from this site by my side. I have lived and traveled overseas for the past 30 years and I love meeting people from different cultures. Recent trips have taken me to England, France, Iceland, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mexico, and the Philippines. Hobbies include working out and staying in shape; travel (of course); cooking (my goal is to become a highly competent chef); and a reading habit which covers a range of topics such as history, world affairs, tales of adventure, poetry, art, design, and architecture. I think people would describe me as well rounded, adventurous, easygoing, and kind. I am not a big fan of exchanging emails or chatting online. For me, there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. However, I do believe in having an initial video chat on Skype to see whether we have any "chemistry" before agreeing to meet in person. Assuming we each feel some chemistry, I would be happy to travel to Kiev to meet. This is a realistic option for me since I frequently travel the route from Kabul to Dubai to London to Washington, D.C., and then back. So the hop from London to Kiev is relatively easy for me.
41 Barstow, California, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 25
Occupation: Political / Govt / Civil Service
I'm a genuine person, honest to a fault, with a strong sense of self. I take pride in being intelligent, kind, easygoing, affectionate, sincere and diverse. I can adjust to my surroundings no matter if its a formal dinner, family party, or the local flea market lol. I go out of my way for those who matter. I have a giving personality I'm generous with my time and heart. I'm told my personality is unique. I know the importance of good friends and of course a good woman. very caring and sensitive person, I am a level headed, down to earth person who is totally devoted to those I love. I am confident, down to earth, energetic and happy I sleep, scream, cry, hurt and all the other normal human emotions, people can categorize me as a tough individual yet kind hearted. Above all I listen to what others have to say since I find it interesting to see the world through the eyes and experiences of others.I am sensitive but not weak, friendly but not a flirt, I want what everyone wants, to be happy loved and appreciated. I take pride in my unshakable loyalty, my friendships are long lasting and imperative, my family is my foundation, I do want true love, loyalty, and honesty and I am ready to reciprocated. I am not the guy next door. If that is what you are searching, please go next door(I also have a very dry sense of humor). I love my independence and I love my space but this does not mean that I do not enjoy and cherish lots of quality time with that special someone . Life experiences have made me strong but very guarded, if you are who I seek, you will relish the challenge of bringing down my walls. I consider myself an intellectual, yet I am a huge daydreamer and a romantic, I love to travel, great food, and enjoy gatherings with people who are interesting and engaging, I am not really into the bar or club scene (as a single man) like I used to even thou I love to dance and would not object to taking my lady out to clubs and bars because it would be a different setting



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