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66 Miami, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 50
Education: PhD or Doctorate
I like a woman who is pleasant, nice, who would provide me with her inspiration, advice and support, loyal educated and a good conversationalist. I do a lot of volunteer work with disabled veterans, at our local Medical Centers, who got hurt in this war. They remind me of myself,when I arrived stateside on a stretcher after being badly hurt during an earlier war. I also work with the elderly and the infirm of my parish. I do a lot of other charity work.I would love a woman who is loyal, supportive and understanding, just as I am.I SO DISLIKE HOT TEMPERED WOMEN who are unable to control themselves. I am a very loyal man, It has been said said about me that I am very sweet, also my word is my bond. I am Drug and Disease free. I am quite healthy and I require the same from my mate, it is only fair, thank you. Also, I am an incurable romantic, who has visited many countries. I like dancing and also quiet times with my lover. I am very sensual and soft spoken. I am well developed with the necessary endowment from Our Creator, I also must mention my virility and an educated mind and even more educated hands. I love night time walks on the beach while in the company of my soulmate, for reflexion and exchange of communication. My nickname was given to me by my flying buddies during my jet jock days and while at Flight School, (Basic). I went out on early retirement as an airline pilot and I am also retired military, although I still have a commission as Major. I did this so that I could enjoy life a bit more. I have been divorced for 3 years now. I started looking and dating since about 3 months ago. I would like to meet a woman for a sincere relationship, prepared to go with it to wherever that relationship may lead us. I am just not afraid.
62 Boise, Idaho, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 55
Education: PhD or Doctorate
I won't settle for a life lived in the comfort zone. Each day we are afforded the chance to fulfill our dreams and reach our goals pursue your own passionate path. I have chosen to honor and respect my dreams instead of living in the comfort zone. I hope you have too. It's not only true but relevant today, that we are made of star dust. The Calcium in your bones was once fired and fused in the heart of Super Nova Stars. So to be a Star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and fear not of the darkness. For that is when Stars Shine there Brightest and most Brilliant. So from that Devine Light that Shine so deep in your Heart fear not, Traveler. Just like all the other light in the Universe you'll travels through out the Universe forever! I was born in the Lovely and Beautiful city of Emmett, Idaho. I was raised and grew up here in Boise since I was five. I'm just shy of turning 55 years old. So what I've heard is, 50's the new 40, but I still refuse to grow up anyhow. But make no mistake I have no delusions of my own body's mortality, but, Ah screw that, "My Spiritual Light is going live forever, suckers", Heck Its a Big Universe Out there and there's a lot to Investigate and Explore, Sound like "FUN". I'm 6'3 3/4", slender, around 200 lbs. 8 pound above of my ideal (BMI). I was Married once, divorces, no kids. I'm not possessive, pushy, brash, or ego centric, I'm enlightened, caring, playful and proud and however I'm assertive, confident, empathic, and kind to all creatures. I have a wild side but just to the point being legal and not into risking my life, or others. Once in a while, I love to go 4-wheelin, camp, fishing, boating, biking, hiking, swimming, and skiing, you get the point "FUN". I love to travel, I've been around the World Twice, next time however I want a travel partner. I love jets, jet skiing, Jet Boats, Jet airplanes, jet hover craft. Love air show, air museums, pic-nicks and sleeping under the Stars. I love to take short trips to the coast or to Cascade, McCall, Warm lake, Sun Valley you get my point. What I'm currently working on is, lots of introspection and learning who I am at my core. I am working hard at making my life long dreams a reality, even when it feels a bit scary. I am working on recreating my life... so far so good.
49 San Francisco, California, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 39
Education: PhD or Doctorate
I am a Canadian living in both California (San Francisco Bay Area) and Toronto though mostly in California. I am educated, cultured, intelligent and people say I am also very funny in my own way. I love anything to do with culture (ballet, opera, museums, art, live theatre ), history and nature. My favourite activities range from reading (at least a book a week) to traveling (usually every other month at the minimum). Professionally I am a licensed Dentist in Canada and own a chain of Dental clinics but don't practice myself. I also do investments in California for which reason I am there most of my time. I am interested in Ukraine and Ukrainians both for personal and also professional reasons . Professionally I am interested in investing in the Healthcare field in Kiev so I will definitely be soon traveling to Ukraine quite a bit. Personally I have met some Ukrainians in Canada and grew fond of them and the Ukrainian culture and would love to meet a nice Ukrainian lady and become friends first and if it works out then maybe more but I am not in a rush at all. I have just started to try to learn Russian but it is very early and I hope your English is better than my Russian. In a year of lessons I hope to be much better. I am looking for an intelligent, kind and humble lady to be by my side as I expand our empire. Most importantly you need to have a great sense of humor as I joke a lot and appreciate someone pretending to laugh at my jokes once in a while :) Message me if the above seems interesting to you . I look forward to making a new good friend in Ukraine .
55 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Seeking: Female 26 - 40
Education: PhD or Doctorate
50 Sedona, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 39
Education: PhD or Doctorate
I am a well educated doctor who is semi-retiring from alternative health care, and would like a travel and love companion. I am an entrepreneur who has found success in mental health care facilities. I have done quite a bit in my life, including studying more feminine styles of languaging, communication and desire through the One Taste organization which has helped me considerably when relating to truly powerful women. I consider myself to be a skilled and eloquent man who is not troubled by jealousy or controlling attributes. It takes a pretty diverse woman to completely grab my heart, which I am totally open to, and I am also open for more casual relating in the meantime. I have a rather non-pretentious easy going personality that is very accepting and non-judgmental. I truly love to follow the turn on of a woman and will support just about anything that has enough juice behind it. I have done a considerable amount of BASE jumping, I have traveled much of the world and am continuing to do so. I hold a spiritual truth of love in my heart. My doctorate is in Chiropractic, have great hands, and my post doctorate is in Environmental Medicine. I am also sexually adventurous, and choose to respond to those who are themselves adventurous or curious, but not those who are shut down in that regard. I carry a lot of force behind my roll in life, and engage in fun rides and truly relish the more ridiculous and free spirits. I abhor fundamentalism and conventionality....while at the same time I am drawn to family and a woman who is committed to a deeper investment



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