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74 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 47
Home type:
I am easygoing person with a good sense of humor. I am adventurous and I like to explore new things. I am optimistic person. I am ambitions, courage and self confident as any man. I served with the Navy Seals. Afterwards I worked in New York as a Fashion Photographer for seven years. I was given a choice my job or my son. Well I took my son who a big part of my life is it the family BBQ or going fishing together. Maybe take in a movie after having dinner together. We enjoy spending time with our friends Horseback Riding or taking the ATV out for a run. You will fine that my family is very important to me. I have travel ed a lot in my years. From South America,Spain,Germany and Italy. As well the USA . I attend the CMA and the ACM Awards every year. We get to meet a lot of the Country Artists with my job. I will say that I like things neat and kept clean. My home and barn are always in order. You will fine that I say it like I see it, and you may not like what I have to say, But you will know where I am coming from. I been a Bull Rider and drove a big truck at age 12 hauling hay to the barn .I have met many Country Artists and Top Models around the world. But none of this is important as my love for my family. Who will always come first. I been kind of busy working on building a new business. So please be patient with me. I will return your letter as long you have a Photo of yourself.. Well I feel you get the idea and this should be enough to get us started.. Look ladies do me a favorite, and lets be kind and adults about this, Were not teenagers , If you wink me and ask for a reply and I do Could you be so kind to reply back. I have a business to run and I will reply to those with a Photo. I want to thank you for reading my profile I enjoy working at the Purple Sage Boutique & The Blacksmith Eatery.
50 Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Seeking: Female 33 - 48
Home type:
I'm very open-minded and a truth seeker… I like to study and learn the truth in all things. I don’t follow man, church, religion, government, or the World. I only follow our Heavenly Father and His Word, and I hope to find a woman who is open-minded and wants to walk with her husband pursuing our Heavenly Father's Will together. I don't believe in sex before marriage. I still believe in chivalry. I'm affectionate, tender-hearted, loyal, and romantic. I believe in working hard, helping others, and taking care of my family and friends. I love my kids and we do everything together. We love to laugh, play, and work hard, but love to relax at home too. I can be silly, playful, and sarcastic. I'm independent and quiet sometimes. I'm determined and confident. I try to live humble and modest. I love being with my kids, living a healthy lifestyle, cooking healthy, going to the gym, working out, running, baseball with my boys, camping, hiking, reading, theatre, history, museums, movies, music, small towns, and traveling... but being home is always best. I believe the foundation of true love and marriage is based upon our faith and love for our Heavenly Father and His Son Yahusha (Jesus). “Yahuah” is God's true name in Hebrew and “Yahusha” is Jesus’ true name in Hebrew. The Disciples called Him “Yah-usha” (this means “Yah-Saves”). I love Yahuah’s Word and I want to live righteous for Him and put Him first in life. I keep His Commandments including His Sabbath, His Feast Days, and I eat a Biblical Diet. I am NOT religious... religion and denominations are man-made! I don’t celebrate Christmas, Halloween, or Easter; these are all man-made holidays which came from worship of false gods (study history). I'm not any denomination (I am not Messianic or Seventh Day Adventist)... I am just a Believer.   I keep the Sabbath on the 7th Day (Saturday) because this is the 4th Commandment (the Roman Catholic Church changed the true Sabbath from the 7th Day of the week [Saturday] to the 1st Day of the week [Sun-day], because Sun-day was the day the pagans worshipped the sun! The "Christian Church" is full of false teachings and traditions. We should always seek the truth and Yahuah’s Word (the Bible). Hallelu-yah (Praise-Yah)
54 San Angelo, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 41
Home type:
What to tell you about me: I am divorced and have a 10 year old son and my desire is to make it better now; I am searching for my soul mate to live happy ever after. As for me I love ball room dancing, red carpet events, quiet cocktail parties and yes sometimes I go in a country and western bar and dance and have fun. But most of the time I love to be at home, on my quiet ranch, looking at the stars, read a book, sit on the back porch and look at the horizon and there is nothing but country, horses, cattle’s and dogs. family oriented and still very sensual. I will be your perfect gentlemen in public, your loving husband in the living room and your devil in the bedroom (or wherever we have fun). I am very old fashioned in my believes of a perfect family, I am generous to my wife, I love children and for some reason children love me. Professionally I am self-employed what means I AM THE BOSS in my companies. I own a cattle and horse ranch in West Texas, USA, and have some additional business investments in other companies such as oil business, car business and so on. What allows me to live a (for me) perfect life. I live on my ranch far out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by about 400 neighbors, the most amazing and friendly people who work hard, go to church, believe in God and Family. And from time to time I travel to the big cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Detroit or New York or Los Angeles for business and enjoy two or three days in the city with all the cultural museums, dancing clubs and bars, red carpet events, and (FOR YOU INTERESTING :D) big, big shopping malls. I know you woman love shopping and I love a woman that is well dressed in high heels and when she is happy. I am a homebody, I love children, horses, dancing (couple dancing like ballroom you won’t find me clubbing or hip hop or nonsense like that), golf and reading and to do or watch Rodeo. I am very active in social and politics and support many candidates and organize some fundraisers or go to many (those are all in black tie, smoking and for ladies in evening gown)



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