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63 Greenville, North Carolina, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 51
Home type:
I am a tall drink of water filmmaker/professor from the GREAT state of N. Carolina who lived and worked in the ambitious wonders of Los Angeles, San Diego & central California and am now back in North Carolina and still occasionally traveling between the East and West coasts. I’ve been blessed with chances to see different places in the world [mostly the Middle East, Near East and Europe] and it has been a great adventure to be remembered. HOWEVER---just clean and simple---I long and search now for the next step in a Life journey—to find my Lifelong mate of adventure, endeavor and plain and simple good living. And with this vision—comes the clarity that such an impassioned and adventurous Life-together comes from sharing the celebratory and challenging parts together. Like with my soul mate seated close by me and me by her from here through our old age together. Doing things together like enjoying with her the pleasure of listening to Ray Charles on the dashboard transistor double-parked on a coastal highway in a top-down convertible with our or your cherished smiling child(ren) in the back seat as the sun graces to below the warm horizon. Or occasionally splurging for a weekend trip to Broadway in NY. Or cooking dinner and enjoying it afloat on a NC river. Or making a trip together to South America to enjoy that vibrant culture, especially during a time like Carnivale in Brazil. So much to do after we meet and find ourselves at first good and then great friends that merge hopefully and finally into a committed couple—like learning together to time the pasta without hardening the Brushetta, to dance well the heated Swing, to find and fix-up an investment home for our one day junior(s) to enjoy, to kiss in all languages anew (ah, gotta love the French), to build a fire on a Baja or Outer Bank beach, to travel to the China or Singapore [or where ever you want to journey] so to learn of the ways of other. Other places that would be great to travel would include Italy, India, Ireland and/or North Europe, all the while showing as many public displays of affection as possible. I'm looking forward to meeting your lovely self. I’m searching for an energetic, cares-about-the-world, enjoys the wonders of simple good times, healthy and attractive inside and outside woman. AND as many of the following that is humanly possible [hey---NO one is perfect, INCLUDING me]: She has been in the world and learned about herself and her strengths and wants to share her Life’s journey with a like-minded man. She might want or perhaps a child(ren) (whether our own, her's or adopted) and raise them with her partner to see the world as a gift and wonderful opportunity and energized responsibility to serve others. She likes to occasionally dance and is patient with someone who tries hard with sometimes 3 large sized-13 feet. She too follows her passions (no matter how small or large) and not just her wallet---although financial smarts are handy to all. She likes camping and weekend getaways, good music of all kinds. She has found her own work and passion in her own Life. She has faith in human kind and spiritual callings (to whichever faith calls her). She also lives amongst and contributes to a vibrant community. She likes too to travel near and far and is fascinated with others in the world. She also is creative and entrepreneurial and will share with her mate (and me with her) her and his endeavors and projects. She believes that feminine and masculine beauty and power have MUCH more in common than in contrast. She loves to wake up in the morning and bounce in [ : ) ] and out of bed with anticipation. She has an appreciation for and love of the arts and of the extended family. She is comfortable in hiking boots as well as heels. She thinks that snuggling with her love during a big full moonrise popping over the horizon is just about the best invention ever.
44 Miami, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 28 - 38
Home type:
Just a regular man who lives life fully, loves people openly, tries to make a difference in people’s lives and hopes to be remembered as good man who contributed to the world 🌎. Accomplish Success. Significance. Fulfillment. Ambitious. Educated.👨🏻‍🎓 Confident & Courageous Entrepreneur 💰 Compassion, Humble and g****us 🤝 Full of Smile, Laughter, Happiness. 😂 A loving, kind, caring and grateful spiritual man who is ready, able and willing to share life with a woman who wants to feel loved, cared, understood, encouraged, supported and important. Together we’ll build a beautiful family filled with love, kindness, g***ty, humility, laughter and meaning. We’ll learn how to live, to share love and learn to give. WHAT I VALUE: - Faith 🙏 Man of God. Church. Christian. - Family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Spouse. Children. Pets 🐕. - Fun ✨ Yatch. Travel around the 🌎. - Fitness 🏋🏻‍♂️ Health. Wellness. Nutrition. WHAT I BELIEVE: - in love. in kindness. - in people. in hearts. - in giving. in serving. LIVE TO GIVE ... and... GIVE TO LIVE. WHAT I PREFER: - PEOPLE over things. - TIME over money. - NATURE over technology. - ORGANIC over artificial. WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY 😊? - Leaving people better than I find them. - Loving people unconditionally. - Helping people. Serving others. - Sharing moments. Creating memories. - Having meaningful conversations about life. WHAT AM I GRATEFUL FOR🙏? - For being alive. For Life. Love. - For becoming a better man. - For believing in the impossible. - For belonging to a heart-centered group. - For going above and beyond in life. WHAT AM I PROUD OF? - That in the hard, I prayed. - That in the hurt, I loved. - That in the dark, I lighted - That in the difficult, I stayed. I kept standing. I pushed. I persevered. WHAT DO I REGRET? I wish I could have known what I know now when I was younger. HOW DO I HOPE TO BE REMEMBERED? 👣 As a good husband. a good father. As a good son. a good brother. a good friend. As a good servant. a good contributor leader. - As someone who sowed great seeds in others. As someone who left others better than before. - As a man who gave above and beyond... As a man who gave not out of abundance but out of lack... - Who made a contribution to the world 🌎. Who made a marked in humanity for future generations. Let’s do life together. Let’s make a difference. And finally to you, thank YOU. Thank you for taking the time to read. Thank you for the opportunity to meet you. I wish you the best. Listen to your heart and make a choice. One of the most important decisions of your life. With love and gratitude, JC 🙏



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