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45 Gilbert, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 35
Religion-I am a Christian. I was babtized in October of 2008 but I still feel like I need some work. I go to church (almost) every Sunday but there are days I get lazy. I don't pray before I eat or before I go to bed unless it is my weekend with my son we will pray before he goes to bed. What I am saying is I fear God but I have a long way to go (does that make sense?) Politics-I am not real big into politics. I should keep tabs on what is going on more often. Things are so up and down, I don't know if I consider myself a democrat, republican, liberal or undecided. I think more that I am republican but it depends on who's in office. Sports-I love sports. I try to watch sports when I can but it is not very often. I make the most time for football though (prefer NFL but love college). I find myself catching up on Sportscenter for a few minutes in the morning before work just to try to stay in the loop. Women-I love foreign women. I think they are extraordinarily beautiful. I like that they seem to be more driven, responsible and educated than American women. Not to go against my own country or anything, I am sure there are a lot of good ones out there. I prefer foreign women because I think that an accent and speaking another language is super sexy! My income-Let's be honest, we all know that everyone is curious what kind of job and income everyone has on this website. I am a Project Manager/Estimator for the largest grading/paving company in the Southwest United States. I am not loaded with money but I do very well. If anyone cares, I am a bit over the 6 figure income (us dollars) and looking to buy a second house since they are so inexpensive right now. Relationship history-I have NO baggage. I have been married but I don't have a mean X-wife or anybody else in my past that would make life a living hell for anybody that might come around......honest. Do I have Children-I have one son that is 13 years old. He is the most respectful and enjoyable 13 year old you could ever meet. He lives with his mom and I only get to see him every other weekend; although, I do split time 50/50 during school breaks (summmer/spring/winter). Do I want more children-I could go either way on this one. I am pretty easy going so I think life would be just as enjoyable either way. I would be okay not having anymore or having at most 2 more. Reading-I don't read as much as I would like to. I pick up magazines or newspapers whenever I see them around. I like fiction novels (thrillers/scary) but it seems every time I start one I just read the first half and get caught up with life. Call me a little kid but I love comics. Smoking-I am a non smoker. Every once in awhile I might go out and have some drinks and a cigarette sounds good so I will have one........just being honest. Drinking-I like to have a beer (or 2) after work. I don't care for liquor, it's too hard to gauge when I've had enough so I 99% of the time won't drink it. I like dark, dark beer. My brother calls me the beer snob because I am so picky on what I will drink. I rarely, rarely, rarely get intoxicated but has happened. I do like to have a few drinks though........ Music-This is my passion. Any music I can listen to, I am happy. I am constantly adding to my ipod and texting myself when I hear songs so I don't forget to download them. Music is what I should have done for a career, then I could go through life feeling like I never had a job. Music is my favorite thing in the world. Acoustic especially. Hobbies-I need more! I love to play guitar (not very good), watch movies, socialize, talk........let's just say I could check every box in the profiles because I want to do everything. I love to travel; in the past 2 years I have been to Jamaica twice, Cancun, Puerto Vallerta, California and I plan on going to New York (by the end of this June, I have never been there). Nobody gives enough vacation time at jobs anymore. It should be like school where I get a whole summer off. I am happy just being myself and trying new things and seeing new places. I have 2 timeshares and constantly get a lot of round trip tickets (within the US) from my credit card. You will find I just want to enjoy every second I am alive. Moods-I have my moments but I am not bi-polar. My moods are consistent and you will find you will always know what is on my mind and what I am feeling. You will find I am in a good mood 99% of the time. I am known for not having secrets on where I am coming from (don't worry, I'm tactful). If arguments/disagreements occur, you will never get the silent treatment because I will try to reason and talk until it is behind me/us. Dancing-I would love to go out and dance all the time but I suck. I want to take lessons in dancing. Even if they called it 'Wedding Reception Dancing' that would be fine. I just want to look like I have some moves. It's not like I have cement blocks on my feet, I just want to learn some technique but I need a partner........... Food-Not to picky, if I didn't check every box on my profile, it's because I have probably never tried it. Pets-I have 2 Chihuahua's. Don't mess with my chihuahua's. I was very skeptical on getting them (sisters) but I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made (pretty sad, huh?). And I just barely learned how to spell it. I have attached their puppy pictures to my profile.
60 Peoria, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
70 Gilbert, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 45



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