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54 Portland, Oregon, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
I am a successful businessman in Portland Oregon which is in the northwestern part of the United States. I employ more than 45 people in my business, and have two stores in different parts of the state in which I live. Our stores sell industrial cleaning equipment and products to other businesses, institutions, and government agencies. I am fortunate to have quality managers working for me so I don’t have to be tied to the business operations on a daily basis. I travel to Europe regularly for business, and mainly visit the cites of Berlin, Paris, and London. Many times I take extra time apart from my business trips to spend time in the areas I travel to. The part of the country where I live is beautiful with many trees, hills, and even mountains in every direction! I consider myself fortunate to live in the United States and to be financially secure with my life, as it allows me to spend my time as I please. I own a 4000 square foot home that is built on the side of a hill that overlooks the valley below. I am the youngest in a family of 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Unfortunately my parents have passed away due to poor health, but my brothers and sisters and I all live in the same area and we get together regularly. I am fortunate to have grown up in a family with loving parents and with brothers and sisters that I have a great love for. I also enjoy taking vacations to tropical places several times per year, so I can enjoy the warm sun and go scuba diving. Scuba diving is one of my favorite sports and I have much to share with you about this. My favorite place to visit is in the Caribbean, and Cozumel Mexico is my favorite place for diving. I have a good sense of humor and I think having the ability to laugh with those around us is important. I think laughter is good for the soul and can help us not take the unimportant things in life not too seriously.
56 Salem, Oregon, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 55
Hello Miss _______ , my name is steven. This is a real profile / ad , NOT just some silly selfish kink fantasy minded play ad made by some social - sexual mental misfit. NO Trump voters please ! i am a real,masculine, sweet, confident, classy , well read, polite, clean living man with a very unique personality. i am naturally and have always been VERY "submissive" , devotional, pampering , obedient, attentive and beta- male , subordinate in my love-partnering relationships . Every Woman in my love life has always been a wonderful Dominant , Alpha Female ,progressive minded, strong willed, leadership oriented, assertive, possessive, goal oriented dynamic loving Women . NOT : I am not a shy coward, not hard up. not living in a fantasy world in my head, not looking for fwb. not a brooding moody boy, not 2faced, and not a needy - clinging, emotional energy draining sponge. NEVER : never hit a woman or child. never arrested. never had a restraining order. never get drunk or stoned. never ever lie, lastly never say never when seeking love and adventure lol. I AM : Hard working, very outgoing, fun, affectionate, boy'ish, polite, well read, irreverent, very quick witted , very physically active , very open minded, very non judgmental, very tuff and very kind. Flip the script, i am seeking a bit of tradition and modern open minded gender / marriage roll reversal to fully express both of Our personalities,. What i mean is i love to be a male house wife, i love to cook, clean, do chores, shop and take care of all of life's "dirt laundry" all the while working outside of the home and be a protector supporter, provider. Mixed Up Man : I am a mix of white collar , suave, intelligent, conversational, deep, empathic, intuitive , genteel, house boy / male Geisha ...and.... tuff, rugged, hands on battle tested brave, blue collar modern Samurai, exhibiting the best of both worlds with all the ruff edges polished smooth and loving domesticated and sweet . My personality is gregarious, outgoing curious, funny, irreverent, deep, sweet , insightful and positive.
54 Portland, Oregon, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 41
I HAVE ACTUALLY FOUND MY SOUL-MATE!... I am putting my profile on hold for now... To soon. be removed if... all goes according to plan... I have been incredibly honest in the following words... and... therefore I think it will seriously narrow-down the amount of ladies who will seriously want to continue on here with me... PLEASE READ MY PROFILE VERY CAREFULLY... Yes, it will take some time (sorry)... and thank you all very much... Basically... I am a semi-muscular (working on get more muscular for my future girl), light-blonde, blue-eyed attractive male, 5-10, 190 lbs., while I am 48, I've been told that I look much more like 38 or even a little younger(?)... and I am looking for my soulmate and... I live in a very beautiful city, Portland, that actually experienced a very brief winter in late fall (we've had spring weather pretty much all winter long)... I live in a city where the ratio of available, attractive women to men is not in my favor... I like talking to women around my age and older and overweight women... I'm just not interested in them at all physically... And... that's what's available here in Portland... a lot of older and overweight, even obese women... I consider myself to be spiritual, yet not actually religious so... I would feel like an insincere phony if I tried to meet a nice young lady at a church... I'm a non-professional, yet hard-working, skilled office worker with a very stable job who enjoys writing and will be performing more live comedy (on the side) this year... I can make people LAUGH!... What else?:.. I drive an old car, live in a very comfortable, one-bedroom apartment and... I enjoy lifting weights and listening to classic-rock music from the '70s and '80s ('Led Zeppelin' is my fave!) And taking walking in parks and along the river... And... I currently LIVE WITH TWO BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!... HA-HA!... They're 'pussy-cats' and they often fight with one another for my undivided attention (wink, wink)... And... I have had BAD experiences in the past with on-line corresponding with a girl from Russia (2007), being cheated out of a large sum of money and lied to... and... I've had many other bad experiences on-line... mostly in this country... still... I'm cautiously open to this process... the ideal girl for me is MUCH MORE interested in a very... LOYAL, LOVING, PHYSICALLY AFFECTIONATE MAN... than a rich one... and based on my past experiences I really need a young-lady to take a large leap of faith and... FUND A VISIT... to me whether she is already in this country on a visa or not (I have been told that 'K1/K2 fiancee visas' are much easier to get than marriage visas... So.... based on bad experiences... I will not send money!... Upon arriving.... I can reimburse you some money, purchase you a bus pass and... I will then provide free housing and take care of all her NEEDS and if she is happy with me then I will definitely agree to MARRY and SPEND MY LIFE with her... and... if she's not then... this is a big city and she could still have social options here before having to leave... And... I don't want my 'baby' to be stressed-out so.... no rush to get a job... since... it will take time to become legal... and... I only ask that... at a later date... she works part-time... like under 30 hours per week (again, so as not to be stressed)... and... if you want to contribute a little money towards the bills that would be fine but you could keep all your earnings for the first half year of working and easily save hundreds of dollars per month... then by the second half of the year I would ask that you contribute a small portion towards rent (thanks!)... On my current salary alone... I can house and feed you... and provide all necessities... beyond that I can afford to take you out to an affordable dinner every week and a movie once or twice per month... And just to show how honest I am I will even admit that... while I'm very happy to be with a lady who's very independent and even dominant when she's out... I really want her to magically transform into daddy's submissive little girl when she's home alone with me... I'm very turned-on by SUBMISSIVE LADIES... who like to play the little-girl role and who really enjoy presenting themselves for regular spankings... What can I say?... Giving little bare-bottom spankings really turns me on and excites me!... and I love having my ass-slapped in return ('whack!')... Ass-slapping is often considered a sign of deep-affection here in the States... wink, wink... Yet, also giving soft, juicy wet-tongue kisses in certain 'special places' also excites me too... And... basically... I have an... EXTREME AMOUNT OF LOVE AND AFFECTION TO GIVE SOME SPECIAL YOUNG LADY, GIVING LOTS AND LOTS OF INTIMATE (ORAL) PLEASURE TO! (wink, wink)... and... MOST OF ALL... I really look forward to... HOLDING MY FUTURE LITTLE 'BABY-GIRL' PASSIONATELY CLOSE ALL NIGHT LONG EVERY NIGHT! (kiss, kiss!)... So... if you could be happy living in a comfortable one-bedroom apartment with two beautiful felines and a very youthful, middle-aged working-class man who loves you far beyond what you can realistically imagine... then... I look forward to hearing from you very soon, my 'precious little baby-girl'!... and... SHARING MY IMMENSE LOVE WITH YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!...('smiles')... Note- pics are from a few years ago... From a fictional TV Court (Comedy) show... and... other pic is is from Venice Beach...



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