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59 Taylorsville, Utah, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
I am Robert, living in Utah USA, retired University Professor, 57, divorced, one grown kid, live alone in an apartment, seeking a suitable woman to marry. I am a very romantic and loving man. I believe in setting aside time for romance and intimacy every day, turning off all distractions like electronic devices that everyone has near. I want a long-term relationship where we strive to make a marriage last by following biblical principles of man and woman serving each other before themselves. I do not smoke, do not take additive drugs, and I rarely drink alcoholic beverages. In addition I am gentle, and have never, and never would, strike a woman, children, or animals for any reason. I will get much joy by showing the plenty of America and the scenic wonders of North America to you. I love a balance between work and play. I am not bad looking, so I am told. Where I live, Salt Lake City Utah, is the best place to live in North America considering diversity of activities and environments, work opportunities, safety, and cost of living. I believe the ingredients for a happy life are getting close to God, getting close to a loving partner, making time daily to be intimate, having a career or work that you enjoy, having fun, and serving others. I enjoy watching selected sports (esp. baseball, Washington Nationals, and pro football esp. Washington Redskins). Love watching figure skating and gymnastics, esp the Olympics. I also love vegetable gardening, cooking, movies, cultural events. Love the outdoors: hiking mainly. I have traveled all over North America by RV from 1991 to present.
64 Lehi, Utah, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 49
I am a kind loving mature man who treats his woman very special. I wish to find a woman I can love with all my heart and treat her like a queen. I have many interests but only one dream,..to find someone I can truly love and be happy with. I am a family man who puts his wife and children first. Life is about helping and loving your family at all times' My family is the most important thing to me. I have children but they are all grown up now. I love kids and I am a great husband and father. I am a one woman man. I do not cheat or play games. I am a clean man. I do not believe in dirty talk or pictures. That is wrong. I know some men do that but they are pigs. I am a healthy, educated man who does not smoke or drink. I am gentle and full of love but I am also strong minded to care for those I love. I am cheerful and friendly and enjoy lots of adventures. You might ask why do I look for someone on this website? It's simple. I see all the wonderful ladies who are smart, educated, and want to find a good man to love them and cherish them. You ladies are all AMAZING! You deserve a good man in your life. You are beautiful and dress like a woman should. You are feminine and are not afraid to show a man what a real woman is like. I am sorry to say that American women are spoiled, selfish, and do not treat their men good. They try to control and put down their man and be the boss. I believe this is why so many men are unhappy in my country. The man is treated like he is the dog and the woman thinks she is always right. They dress and act like men. You hardly see a woman in America wearing dresses. I have heard that many men in Ukraine do not treat their women good. Is this true? Then it is just opposite to America. I will go to the other end of the earth to be my dear wife and companion. Please write to me I will try to answer your letters. I send you my kind wishes, thank you for reading my profile.
58 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 28
I am passionate about life in general and am not "overboard" on any one thing. I love my family and like to do things with friends. I like skiing, scuba diving, travel, really good movies, siteseeing, motorcycling, eating at nice restaurants. I love my job where I am responsible for finding a market need in biotechnology and then developing new products to fit the need. I am not a workaholic though, not even close. I also am a college professor at the local community college where I mentor students in science and using science in business. Since I run my own business, most days feel as though they are a day off. I can often get my work done in the evening if I want to play the next day. I like to get out and move. But it is not usually a routine. Sometimes I take a yoga class but still feel as though I am a beginner. I don’t think I make too big a fool of myself. It actually feels good to stretch, although my form needs loads of improvement. Winter and Spring I ski a lot.. Summer and Fall are more hard workouts, hiking, tennis, motorcycling, and cars. When I go out, I like restaurants mostly and movies with an occasional concert or bar. Number one, I am looking for great chemistry or karma with my partner. She should be sweet, caring, loving, passionate, amorous, but mostly just love me and want to be loved by me. She should be of at least average looks, but definitely in excellent physical condition. I am highly spiritual, but not religious. I grew up in a 'born again' family and going to church several times a week. I rebelled as a teenager and in college studied Eastern religions and practiced transcendental meditation for several years. I think I was drawn to the Eastern religions because of their simplicity and their un-punishing philosophies. As a pharmaceutical company scientist, spirituality lessened and I was agnostic for a period. Now I am studying Astrology and the Eastern religions again. I believe there is spirit in all things. My current spirituality is probably most similar to Buddhist or Pagan beliefs, but I do not go out of my way to try to meet with others with the same beliefs. I do not require the help of others to help define my spirituality. I have traveled a lot and want to go to a lot of new places and experience as many cultures as I can. I have been to Europe 6 times, Asia, South Africa, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Belize, Mexico, all 48 lower States. My latest trip was to Turkey, Greece and Paris last June. Since then I have taken shorter trips to Chicago and Vegas. I really like music but don't have to have music in my ear at all times. I like many kinds of music but can only listen to country for a short time.. Sometimes I listen to classical on the radio as background music. I really like dance music with a heavy beat. I like oldies, all of them 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. I like alternative music, but only some of it sounds good to me. I think part of that is because the oldies I hear are the classic oldies. Of the new music, only a few are destined to become classics. I felt the same when rap came out. There were some good songs that were fun to listen to, but a lot I did not care for. When I just listen to the classic raps, I like it. I have been a fan of reggae since the early Bob Marley stuff. My simplest pleasure is my morning coffee. I like it strong and fresh made with the best coffee I can find. I usually use Starbucks whole beans which I grind fresh just before brewing. I pour a big mug and then I add some heavy cream to it to give it a great rich flavor. Lately I have been getting Nonni’s chocolate biscotti which I dunk into the coffee and have for breakfast. Mmmmmmm



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