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39 Elk Grove, California, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 38
Occupation: Fire / law enforcement / security
51 Norristown, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 39
Occupation: Fire / law enforcement / security
In 2011 I visited Dresden and Munich and in 2012 I traveled down the Rhein visiting Köln, Düsseldorf, Heidelberg and other cities of course. A few years ago I traveled to Paris with my friend Joe. Joe assured me he spoke French. Fortunately I was present when he made our hotel reservations 7 months ahead and I realized that my minimal high school French greatly exceeded Joe's linguistic skill. That gave me half a year to learn the language. Thank-God. The French can be somewhat unforgiving. While ordering two bus tickets, I did not yet understand that the French LL is pronounced like the English Y. The bus driver began to chastise me as a typical boorish American pig and as he did so the bus patrons cheered him on. I was undaunted. I had been forewarned and had read a tiny book called Wicked French. I looked him in the eye and said:" Pardon Sir, do you have a porcupine shoved up your ?" He stopped and looked at me stunned, then he started to laugh as did the whole bus. Not only did he stop insulting me, Joe and I rode for free that day. I have studied martial arts since I was very small and as my primary focus has been Shotokan Karate, I have studied Japanese language extensively as well. I now want to travel to Japan and revisit Europe. I would like a mature fun loving partner with a sense of humor to accompany me. I had a Ukrainian American girlfriend and find that Ukrainian woman are the most appealing I have ever met. I hope to meet you and I hope you find me equally as appealing.
35 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 19 - 30
Occupation: Fire / law enforcement / security
Hi Im Chris Tennery. Born Febuary 15th 1986. Standing 5 foot 7 inches tall. I love life. But unlike most I choose to stand out. Never fit in. Im all about being positive. Theres no time for hate, anger, grudges, agusations, speculations, judgement, fear, fightin, lies, cheating, stealing or selvishness, No matter what. I can always forgive, be concederate, supportive, understanding, get to know someone. Give em a chance, a benifit of the doubt be passive and caring towards another best bet. I always keep courage an wisdom in my heart.fight the good fight. Success is in all of us. Im very very friendly. So very talkitive, very giving, very loving and very kind hearted. Youll think somethings up out of place. Like dude why so nice. What do you want. I love hangin out. Meetin new people. An going out with friends. I go everywere. And give gifts to everyone. My friends always say. Chris you could still give. When you had nothing to give. I go yep. And if your a friend. At the least. Ive bought you a t shirt or 2. But its a gift to give. A virtue to wanna give. And nobody should have to owe somethen. To receive from another. So if you know me. or sometimes dont. Your getting somethen. Cause I love to give. im everybodies friend. An theres nothing wrong about caring about people being kind, loving or giving. sometimes if we would step out of the gutter. Quit leting or society medipulate our heads. An focas on the good for just a day. We would find. Darn no way. There really is alot more good out there. An the mojority of people. Have more good in them than bad. I never knew. We just take things the way wrong way. An make everything so bad when its good. Not everybodies a crimanal. Im am not a person of fear. They say fear keeps you alive. So can faith. Your eyes will blind you. And ears will deaf you. To succeed we must focas on the positive things in our lives. Think about it. I keep my heart old fashion. My favortisums are MUAY THAI KICKBOXIN, WRITIN LYRICS,LONG DISTANCE RUNNING. AND



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