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36 - 70 of 100
60 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
I am an American living in Ukraine working as a consultant. I served as a military officer for 25 years and now run my own consulting business. My business is very successful and I live a comfortable and interesting life. I am well educated, with a bachelor's degree in International Studies and three masters degrees (international relations, military science, and airpower studies). I have published a book on international military cooperation and numerous articles on military history, international relations, and other subjects in both academic journals and popular magazines. I love to travel and have visited about 60 countries. I have lived in the US (of course), Canada, Japan, Germany (twice), Georgia, and Russia (well, actually, the Soviet Union), and now Ukraine, where I have been living for the past four years. I like jazz and classical music, and have a pretty good singing voice, particularly with Frank Sinatra songs. I like to entertain (I throw excellent parties) and I like to go out to interesting restaurants and bars (lately, my cocktail of choice is bourbon). I occasionally smoke a cigar, more so in the summer than in the winter. I also like quiet time at home, reading or watching television. My friends will say that I am smart and funny and very interesting, with lots of good stories to tell, and they always ask me to sing at parties. My friends will also tell you that I am younger (sometimes much younger) than my age. If the mood is right, I can dance all night....just not very well. My family will say that I am kind and generous. I am very close to my parents and to my three sisters. I'm the kind of guy who calls my mother every week just to check up on her, and I still ask my father for advice on difficult problems. If any of my sisters need help in any way, I will drop what I am doing so I can solve their problems. I will always put them first--except, of course, they will be second to the woman I will love. I was married once before but we were not a good match from the start. I was in another long-term relationship--just over three years--which has ended--I wanted more, and she wanted something else. But I have learned from both experiences and I know now which mistakes not to make. So if you are looking for something different, take a look at me.
45 Odesa, Odessa, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 20 - 39
I am of Hungarian blood, I grew up in London, and then moved to Australia. I have three passports. English, Australian and Hungarian. When I was 18 I became a career soldier in the Australian army. After this I became a Muay Thai boxer and MMA fighter and fought in several different countries and was a champion. I then went in to business and successfully opened three large fitness centres, which involved health and fitness and boxing and Muay Thai boxing. 12 ago years I divorced my wife. 8 years ago, I sold my gyms and moved to Colombia as there was excellent investment properties. I bought and renovated properties that to this day, I rent out to American tourists. I grew up with electronic music and had always a huge passion for progressive house and Techno, in January this year my friend and I became professional producers and have already had some big releases. I am flexible in where I live, but if we are together I would want you to be with me so we can work that out, especially if we have children. I am a very positive person, I have travelled 72 countries of the world, this has been the best education for me. I have learned all about food, different cultures and especially people. I do not like to sit on the couch and watch Television, I like to be productive with my life. I respect women and I am gentle, with them. I treat people equally. And have respect, kindness and empathy. I can socially adapt to any environment and socially fit in with all cultures. I am very intelligent, I am fun, I am happy, I am peaceful but i have the heart of a lion and the brains of a judge, i do not let people take advantage of my kindness as a sign of weakness!
37 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 20 - 34
Entrepreneur 🚀. Risk taker. Solo traveler & host of insane parties 🎉. First, a warning: If you are emotionally unstable, if you're addicted to drama, or if you have really low self esteem, then please do not waste your time with me. It just wouldn't work out, and I wish you the best of luck. I am a highly appreciative, positive and grateful person. Every morning I wake up and look at all the amazing things in my life... all the beautiful people and relationships, the great places I've been lucky enough to live in, the freedom I enjoy, the carefree and positive lifestyle I have, the strength and health and resourcefulness of my body and mind, the awesomeness of the people I'm meeting wherever I go, and all that incredible opportunity ahead of me. Think about it. Both you and me, we are among the top 1% wealthiest people who have ever lived on this planet at any time, in terms of money as well as in terms of freedom, health and opportunity... So I consider everything that happens as just a bonus. Life is already more incredible than I could have ever hoped for. Anything new that comes is just some more sexy icing on the cake. I used to work as a lawyer in Germany. But I quickly found out that while I'm really friggin' good at it, it bores me to play all those fancy games that you're supposed to play when you're in court. I believe you should never settle for anything less than a 100%. Success as a lawyer is fun for me, but it fulfilled me only 98%. So I decided to quit and I took the plunge into the businessworld. I'm now an entrepreneur running my own online marketing business. I mostly enjoy some relaxed, quality one-on-one time with people. However, when I do party, I party HARD! Some of the pictures you see were taken just a week ago at a party my buddies and I threw in Dallas. Visualize a twister mat, carnival masks, and a hundred bottles of Champagne that we smuggled into the suite... it was pandemonium! Everyone had a blast. Everyone except the hotel management lol I have many great passions and pursue them without compromise. I love cooking, because it allows me to take care of my body. I am very much inspired by Buddhism and Zen, and I occasionally teach classes on how people can rediscover their true self and enjoy more presence and mindfulness in their daily lives and their relationships. And I also love to express my sense of beauty in the field of photography. When you're photographing a person, you're in that place where technical skill meets serendipity, and I guess that is what attracts me to this form of art. I have absolutely no tolerance for games or drama, and I consider it a waste of my time to engage in any of that. Sometimes you meet people who are very fearful of what others might think of them, and then they start pretending to be someone they're not, or they play roles to get your attention, or they try to change and manipulate. And while I understand why somebody would behave like that, it just doesn't meet my standards for the kinds of relationships that I'm willing to engage in. I strongly believe in taking responsibility. If anyone has a problem with who I am or how I do things, then I am perfectly fine with it. This is a problem that they are having... not me. Haha. And, by the way, I really respect women who are not afraid of reaching out and going after what they want.


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