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36 - 70 of 100
73 Odesa, Odessa, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 45 - 70
Я очень люблю фортепьяно и Бах Кантатас + много других композиторов. Я уверен, что для того, чтобы мы ладили, вам также должна нравиться классическая музыка. Я не большой поклонник оперы, хотя в Одессе самый красивый оперный театр, который я когда-либо видел. Я хочу поехать в Бильбао, посетить Музей искусств Гуггенхайма, а также посетить один или два музыкальных фестиваля в Швейцарии. Поэтому мне нужен партнер по путешествиям! Я не против пойти в клуб Ibiza в Аркадии летом. Я тоже люблю эту музыку и прыгаю вокруг. Мне нравятся художественные галереи и бытие и прогулки возле моря + яхты + лодки. Мне нужно научиться говорить по-русски + украинский намного, намного лучше и хочу исследовать Украину с прекрасным партнером по путешествиям И еще ... Я могу показать вам лучшее из Великобритании когда-нибудь! У меня плохое здоровье, но я был достаточно хорошим спортсменом, катался на лыжах, занимался парусным спортом, теннисом. Я не против еды и фильмов.За последние 4 года моя квартира и работа занимали большую часть моего времени в Одессе. -------------------------------------------------- I like piano massively and Bach Cantatas + many other composers.I am sure that for us to get along you must like classical music too. I am not a big fan of Opera although Odessa has the most beautiful Opera House I have ever seen. I do not mind going to Ibiza Club in Arcadia in Summer.love that music too and jumping around. I like art galleries and being and walking near the sea + yachts + boats. I need to learn to speak Russian + Ukrainian much,much better and want to explore Ukraine with lovely travel partner. And more... I can show you the best of the UK sometime ! I am not in perfect health but I used to be a reasonably good sportsman,skiing,sailing,tennis. I don't mind eating out and movies.My apartment & work have taken up much of my time here in Odessa over the last 4 years. I want to go to Bilbao to visit The Guggenheim Museum Of Art and also go to one or two Music Festivals in Switzerland. So I need a travel partner !
45 Khust, Zakarpattia, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 23 - 31
I'm 181 cm tall, close shaven dark brown hair, light brown eyes, athletic build, light brown complexion, ethical, passionate, sociable, cute, giving, confident, sensual, serious when I should be, tend to avoid shallow people (yeah...I appreciate folks with substance - difficult to find these days), stylish, tactile, can be romantic, educated, no non-sense, healthy, decent, fun loving, non-smoker, drug free, disease free, clean, very easygoing, considerate and open to all cultures, having a curious and open mind and a positive outlook of life. I'm a man of ACTION. Some people talk but do little...I DO what I speak about, get it done and I say what I mean. I appreciate light heart and/or humorous people who do not take themselves too seriously. I'm extremely well traveled and originally from Bermuda and have lived in Los Angeles (California), France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and now permanently living in London. Interest include the performing arts, modern & contemporary art, fashion design, sports, interior design & decoration, culinary arts (something of a foodie), architecture (baroque, gothic , urban and contemporary), European, American & international film, music (from 'r n b' to jazz and baroque and everything else in the middle), world traditional music, ancient world erotic art & literature, antique fairs, international current affairs and world documentaries, art & relic museums and fairs, wine and champagne collecting (I currently have a 350 bottle collection from around the world which I continue to expand and I'm trying to reach my first target of 1000 bottles - the paradox or irony of such a collection is that I VERY rarely drink either wine or champagne but the interest stems from the phenomenal education of the making of both which is absolutely incredible), I've traveled much of the world (Asia, CIS, Europe, North America & USA) and making the BEST love to my woman by giving her multiple orgasms every time she looks at me! I love international foods...French (traditional & nouvelle cuisine), Indian (depending on region - some regional food are spicier than others), Sardinian & Roman (Italian), Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, Spanish Basque Country (including northern & southern Spanish dishes), Chinese, Bangladeshi, Russian, International Seafood, Lebanese, Moroccan, Algerian, Thai and Vietnamese - I can also cook some of these foods (recipes) well when in the mood. FAMILY is the most significant and important development in my life which I hope to achieve. That is a HAPPY family and unconditional loving home. I'm extremely serious about my duty and responsibilities to a future wife, children, immediate and extended family members. And you can rest assured I mean every word that is written about this. I don't mess around regarding this! I come from a family which are hard working, of a very good nature, inspirational, conscientious, objective, respectable and HONORABLE and up to now NO trash/rubbish has or will enter it. We don't easily forget and we don't easily forgive! But when we love you, we LOVE you. I live my life according to MY rules. Not rules of others (not the general public or to society's expectations). I live my OWN life. NOT what others may prescribe to me as I have a very good functioning brain and will deliberate matters regarding lifestyle choices in my own time and space. Thank you very much. Other people's opinions only matter when I ALLOW them to matter when I believe they might be fact. What people think is of NO consequence to me unless they are daring enough to share their thoughts with me and I permit and assume they might be somewhat correct or could positively or adversely impact my life. I'm VERY HAPPY and at ease and comfortable with who I am and I suppose that's the result of really KNOWING who I am and what I can GIVE to others which ultimately propels me through this thing called life. Nothing beats this in-depth realization of yourself when you've finally reach it. NOTHING!
35 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 20 - 34
Entrepreneur 🚀. Risk taker. Solo traveler & host of insane parties 🎉. First, a warning: If you are emotionally unstable, if you're addicted to drama, or if you have really low self esteem, then please do not waste your time with me. It just wouldn't work out, and I wish you the best of luck. I am a highly appreciative, positive and grateful person. Every morning I wake up and look at all the amazing things in my life... all the beautiful people and relationships, the great places I've been lucky enough to live in, the freedom I enjoy, the carefree and positive lifestyle I have, the strength and health and resourcefulness of my body and mind, the awesomeness of the people I'm meeting wherever I go, and all that incredible opportunity ahead of me. Think about it. Both you and me, we are among the top 1% wealthiest people who have ever lived on this planet at any time, in terms of money as well as in terms of freedom, health and opportunity... So I consider everything that happens as just a bonus. Life is already more incredible than I could have ever hoped for. Anything new that comes is just some more sexy icing on the cake. I used to work as a lawyer in Germany. But I quickly found out that while I'm really friggin' good at it, it bores me to play all those fancy games that you're supposed to play when you're in court. I believe you should never settle for anything less than a 100%. Success as a lawyer is fun for me, but it fulfilled me only 98%. So I decided to quit and I took the plunge into the businessworld. I'm now an entrepreneur running my own online marketing business. I mostly enjoy some relaxed, quality one-on-one time with people. However, when I do party, I party HARD! Some of the pictures you see were taken just a week ago at a party my buddies and I threw in Dallas. Visualize a twister mat, carnival masks, and a hundred bottles of Champagne that we smuggled into the suite... it was pandemonium! Everyone had a blast. Everyone except the hotel management lol I have many great passions and pursue them without compromise. I love cooking, because it allows me to take care of my body. I am very much inspired by Buddhism and Zen, and I occasionally teach classes on how people can rediscover their true self and enjoy more presence and mindfulness in their daily lives and their relationships. And I also love to express my sense of beauty in the field of photography. When you're photographing a person, you're in that place where technical skill meets serendipity, and I guess that is what attracts me to this form of art. I have absolutely no tolerance for games or drama, and I consider it a waste of my time to engage in any of that. Sometimes you meet people who are very fearful of what others might think of them, and then they start pretending to be someone they're not, or they play roles to get your attention, or they try to change and manipulate. And while I understand why somebody would behave like that, it just doesn't meet my standards for the kinds of relationships that I'm willing to engage in. I strongly believe in taking responsibility. If anyone has a problem with who I am or how I do things, then I am perfectly fine with it. This is a problem that they are having... not me. Haha. And, by the way, I really respect women who are not afraid of reaching out and going after what they want.


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