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38 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 20 - 34
Entrepreneur 🚀. Risk taker. Solo traveler & host of insane parties 🎉. First, a warning: If you are emotionally unstable, if you're addicted to drama, or if you have really low self esteem, then please do not waste your time with me. It just wouldn't work out, and I wish you the best of luck. I am a highly appreciative, positive and grateful person. Every morning I wake up and look at all the amazing things in my life... all the beautiful people and relationships, the great places I've been lucky enough to live in, the freedom I enjoy, the carefree and positive lifestyle I have, the strength and health and resourcefulness of my body and mind, the awesomeness of the people I'm meeting wherever I go, and all that incredible opportunity ahead of me. Think about it. Both you and me, we are among the top 1% wealthiest people who have ever lived on this planet at any time, in terms of money as well as in terms of freedom, health and opportunity... So I consider everything that happens as just a bonus. Life is already more incredible than I could have ever hoped for. Anything new that comes is just some more sexy icing on the cake. I used to work as a lawyer in Germany. But I quickly found out that while I'm really friggin' good at it, it bores me to play all those fancy games that you're supposed to play when you're in court. I believe you should never settle for anything less than a 100%. Success as a lawyer is fun for me, but it fulfilled me only 98%. So I decided to quit and I took the plunge into the businessworld. I'm now an entrepreneur running my own online marketing business. I mostly enjoy some relaxed, quality one-on-one time with people. However, when I do party, I party HARD! Some of the pictures you see were taken just a week ago at a party my buddies and I threw in Dallas. Visualize a twister mat, carnival masks, and a hundred bottles of Champagne that we smuggled into the suite... it was pandemonium! Everyone had a blast. Everyone except the hotel management lol I have many great passions and pursue them without compromise. I love cooking, because it allows me to take care of my body. I am very much inspired by Buddhism and Zen, and I occasionally teach classes on how people can rediscover their true self and enjoy more presence and mindfulness in their daily lives and their relationships. And I also love to express my sense of beauty in the field of photography. When you're photographing a person, you're in that place where technical skill meets serendipity, and I guess that is what attracts me to this form of art. I have absolutely no tolerance for games or drama, and I consider it a waste of my time to engage in any of that. Sometimes you meet people who are very fearful of what others might think of them, and then they start pretending to be someone they're not, or they play roles to get your attention, or they try to change and manipulate. And while I understand why somebody would behave like that, it just doesn't meet my standards for the kinds of relationships that I'm willing to engage in. I strongly believe in taking responsibility. If anyone has a problem with who I am or how I do things, then I am perfectly fine with it. This is a problem that they are having... not me. Haha. And, by the way, I really respect women who are not afraid of reaching out and going after what they want.
66 Odesa, Odessa, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 45 - 55
NOTE: I'm currently not available due to military activity. NOTE: My divorce papers are filed; everything is done. I wait only for the mandatory holding period to expire. I can provide photo of filed divorce papers if desired. I am patient, kind, sensitive and giving. I don't get angry. I know how to treat a Ukrainian lady, after being lucky enough to be taught by one right here in Odesa. I'm a problem solver. I like to understand then fix any problem with my relationship. I will always tell you; “let’s fix this, I can’t lose you.” I never just walk away. I will accept your past, support your present, and encourage your future. I consider my primary role in a love relationship is to make my queen happy. Remove all stress from her as far as possibly. Actually I hate dating sites. Why can’t we go back to arranged marriage? Afraid of not getting what you ordered with on-line shopping? Try on-line dating! I'm a romantic. To me love is everything. Yes, there are bills to pay, family to care for, wars to fight. But for me, love between me and my partner is more important than anything else. Because it provides the fuel for everything else. So I protect that love at all cost. I also love making my woman secure, and feeling secure too. Both physically and financially. I'm a licensed security guard, I'm well trained in martial arts, and I have military experience. I like to be married. So much so, I've done it for 43 years. Yeah ok it was with three different wives. Seriously, it's my preference. And I admit, when other guys are saying "I'm not sure I'm ready," I tend to be the guy saying, "I knew the moment I met you." I'm real good at making decisions and taking action. I'm pretty good with words because of my education. But it's actions that I pay the most attention to; mine and yours. I'm not a big talker. I prefer to just do it. I like adventure (thus the three marriages 🤣); I have a Harley motorcycle, I train in mixed martial arts, I grew up on horses. I like to snow ski, and camp in the wilderness. Now days I also like quiet walks on the beach, and fun walks in the Derybasovskaya and Opera House areas. I worked behind a desk with a suit and tie half my life, now I'm living again. I grew up in New Mexico; lived a decade in Germany and two decades in California. Now Odesa is my home. I came to Ukraine and fought for Ukraine within two weeks after the envision. I eventually joined the Ukraine military. I believe it is the duty of every free man, to help those who want to be free. I'm working on becoming a Ukrainian citizen, taking a language course and starting to put sentences together. I anticipate having Ukraine citizenship by about March of 2024. I own a home in Santa Barbara, California, with a view of the ocean and beautiful gardens. Five minutes to beach; 40 minutes to mountains; 90 minutes to LA. I hope to live there part of the year with my new love. If you become my lady and decide you don’t want to work anymore, that's ok. In fact, it would work well with my new life in retirement. I’m not a rich man but my means would be sufficient to provide us both quite a nice life, a very nice home in both Odesa and Santa Barbara, and plenty of travel to other countries. Some woman like a man who can make them laugh. I’m no comedian, but here’s a pretty funny joke, that's says NOTHING about me personally: Man to Woman on First Date: So how do you feel about sex? Woman: I like it infrequently. Man: I see. Is that one word or two?
65 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 49 - 58