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32 Jefferson City, Missouri, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
Home type:
If you can only communicate in Russian, please do not worry, I am happy to use a translate program to communicate with you. What you need to understand first and foremost is you will never know what I am thinking. You may think you do, but you don't. I know that you (being that you are a woman) will always be right, and I accept that... But you will never know what I am thinking. Secondly, understand that like most men, I'm horny, but not for the same reasons. Most guys are horny because they have small dicks, terrible personalities, a shit or no job, and therefore are unable to find someone who is interested in their pathetic loser self. Me, Im none of those things. Im a complete thoroughbred. I am more Germanic than the average German living in Germany. The other 1/4's of me is Irish, English, and Native American, so yes, I am a fairly big guy with an equally sized grower. I'm an adventurer and I have a stable job that allows me to live in other countries for months at a time. I'm horny because unlike the average slimeball on this kind of site, I prefer quality of relationship over the number of sexual encounters I can rack up in my lifetime. Thirdly and most importantly is my tolerance level. I am used to putting up with some of the most ridiculous crap - be it insanely difficult or just mundane. My biggest pet peeve is people who cannot participate in constructive communication. Examples include shutting down and not talking to me about a problem, screaming fights, and most importantly; asking "Is that supposed to be that way" when I leave the camera lens cap on, then letting me walk all the way through a guided tour with the cap on, and when I realize at the end of the tour and I get frustrated you are like "well I asked you" when you were perfectly capable of pulling the cap off and saying "here babe" so I could simply thank you for saving my ass. If that would not have been common sense to you, just leave my page now. Also I am in the military. If you have separation anxiety issues I am probably not your man. I need to be with someone who is going to miss me, stay faithful, but also be mostly self sufficient when I am gone. Its kind of a big deal. I am not stolen valor, and if you think I am then you are a know it all who has no business calling people out over shit you don't know.
34 Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
Home type:
Do you like to get to know more about me :)) we can be friends or maybe more than that, we just have to start somewhere :))) right? but I do not where to start haha:))) mmm....well, sometimes I'm a little shy :) but only sometimes okay haha:)) I do not smoke, I only drink socially, I really down to earth, easy going. My friends say that I'm one of the nicest people they have met. Sometimes I think I'm too nice, but that's me:) I like to go out on a date, but I also like just cuddle on the couch and watch movies. I'm really affectionate, and would be nice to find a woman that is also affectionate. I'm not the kind men that just hooks up with women's. I'm interested in dating and hopefully starting a good relationship. I was work in Lowe's Distribution Center (North Vernon) on weekends, on day shift, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 am to 6:00 pm and ("through the week I was working overtime sometimes"). I live in North Vernon, I have my own car is a Mitsubishi Lancer, is very good on gas :)) but I Love to laugh, so if you have sense of humor, will do so great! :))) I like all the stuff, coffee, movies, go skating, go to eat, go anywhere to have fun, we can use our imagination and do something fun. :) and I like to travel, well I have to because all my family is on Mexico City so I have to go over there every year. And recently I've got a new job on Seymour, at Wal-Mart Distribution Center they start paying $17.05 so I think it's very good job. My shift on there is saturday Sunday and Monday start 5:50am and I'm done 6:20pm and sometimes we done 7:20pm. Well if you want to know more about me just ask, and I will be happy to answer any question that you may have :))



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