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45 Tempe, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 19
Do not walk behind me, it may not guide you! Do not walk in front of me, it may not follow you! Walk by my side, together we'll find the way! A mature man who knows what he is looking for and what's not looking! I am unmarried and without children. I speak English, French and Spanish. I have traveled all over the world and lived in many countries for work fate destiny and also because i liked it! I am a person very logical, work in international business i am independent. Some things from me and my character! I like the simple life, luxury and wealth seem to me to pretend bobadas, life is very simple for me, if I am happy I don't need more! I have a new or best IPhone, car, motorcycle, etc. etc. doesn't make me a better person, nor more happy! I am just as happy taking a beer with the mechanics of the corner talking about oil engines and sitting in the wax, dressed in a suit and tie with executives in a hotel 5 stars taking Martini and speaking business. Both groups have their good and bad things i enjoy the two. I do not see television…. Never! But i love the cinema! I am not at home, I always want to be doing something... what-less being at home doing nothing. The routine is for people who don't have dreams! .. I love extreme sports and nature 3 My hobbies are sports rock climbing, scuba diving, and motorcycles. I went to Arizona to Peru in Moto as well was how i met Medellin! I am very open in mentality and i can't stand people who are closed or ignorant. Religion…. In a word, NO! It is just not for me and it never will be. I know that one day when humans we all have a higher level of education will cease to exist by itself! I hope to live long enough to see that free world of mental slavery caused by religion! I love to cook, and cooked well!, it is the only time that i like to be at home doing a feast for the friends cooking for everyone! :) The deny my partner a hug, sex or the word because they don't want to do something or do not want to change for me is called blackmail. The blackmail is a form of violence! I accept my partner as it is, if it is not how I like it shouldn't be with that person. I will not ask you to change and no, i will change unless by my own motivation. The jealousy is a feeling of mistrust, didn't react well before them, are an accusation of dishonesty and how any normal person, I don't like being accused of being dishonest. I always try to others as i would like to be treated. If I am not mistaken it to ask forgiveness and I will! No one is better than anyone, if there are bad people but are not born as well learn to be. How do you think?
58 Casa Grande, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 50
English / Español ------ I am interested in science and technology and currently work as a technician in the controls and instrumentation field supporting manufacturing systems involving hardware, software and communication systems in a large company. I am functional in Spanish but I am not fluent. I always do my best to be considerate and respectful to everyone in all circumstances. I always try to treat others how I would like to be treated. I am Christian by faith but I am not associated with any major religious denominations or organizations. I believe I must be true to myself first before I can be true to another. Lies destroy relationships. I am always honest and try my best to communicate sincerely. I am looking for this in a woman. I believe it is at the center of a successful relationship. I don’t believe that a husband and wife will agree on everything but it is important to understand the other and consider their feelings in everything that affects the family. I own a house and live alone with my dog (Chihuahua) named Blanquito. My home is in Casa Grande Arizona in the United States. It is a desert here but even when it is hot it is not too uncomfortable because the humidity is low. I like kids and I enjoy being with them but don’t have any of my own. If I marry a woman with children, I would have to be able to treat the children as my own. Parents must always make decisions and act in the best interest of the children in the family. I enjoy cooking very much and I especially like to cook for others. I enjoy riding a bicycle and playing tennis. I occasionally watch sports but not too often. 2 Estoy interesado en la ciencia y la tecnología y actualmente trabajo como técnico en el campo de control e instrumentación y respaldan los sistemas de fabricación que incluyen hardware, software y sistemas de comunicación en una gran empresa. Soy funcional en español, pero no hablo con fluidez. Yo siempre hago mi mejor esfuerzo para ser considerado y respetuoso con todo el mundo en todas las circunstancias. Yo siempre trato de tratar a los demás como me gustaría ser tratado. Soy cristiano por la fe, pero yo no estoy asociado con cualquier principal denominación u organizaciones religiosas. Creo que debo ser fiel a mí mismo primero antes de que pueda ser verdad a otra. Las mentiras destruyen relaciones. Estoy siempre honesto y hago mi mejor esfuerzo para comunicarse con sinceridad. Busco a esto en una mujer. Creo que la honestidad es el centro de una relación exitosa. No creo que un marido y mujer estarán de acuerdo en todo, pero es importante entender al otro y considerar sus sentimientos en todo lo que afecta a la familia. Soy dueño de una casa y vivo solo con mi perro (chihuahua) llamado Blanquito. Mi casa está en Casa Grande, Arizona en los EEUU. Es un desierto aquí, pero cuando hace calor no es demasiado incómodo porque la humedad es baja. Me gustan los niños y me gusta estar con ellos, pero no tengo el mío. Si me caso con una mujer con hijos, debo tratar a sus hijos como el mío. Los padres siempre deben tomar decisiones y actuar en el mejor interés de los niños en la familia. Me gusta cocinar mucho y especialmente me gusta cocinar para los demás. Me gusta montar en bicicleta y jugar al tenis. De vez en cuando veo los deportes, pero no con demasiada frecuencia.
45 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 36



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