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59 Aurora, Illinois, United States
Seeking: Female 34 - 48
49 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 38
Sorry that I have to preface this bio with a caution towards insincere people using this site, but if you're here because it's your job to lure me to another pay dating site, to be a mule for your packages purchased with stolen credit card numbers to ship to Africa or otherwise get money out of me, etc. save your time, I'll figure it out sooner or later and you won't get anything from me but a dead end. I'm sorry that this is the way you have to make a living. My name's Josh, how do I grab your attention in the few seconds that you're going to give me to do so with? lol Well the things that people would probably say about me first and is that I'm often smiling, I'm typically very pleasant even when my day isn't so great; but that is by no means to say that I'm artificial in fact that's another top word that people use to describe me; genuine. I'm typically the guy that people I know go to, to talk to and confide in, I'm a good listener and I often have really good insight into people or situations that you won't hear from anyone else. I'm easy to get along with, even when we disagree about stuff, yet I'm passionate about the things I believe in and very serious in looking at the important things in life. I'm more of a solitary kind of guy, I can be really outgoing in certain groups where I know people, where there's a common interest or where I find a niche to fit into, but sometimes I can be a wallflower too. I like to be social, but I also really like my space and my privacy. I'm an idea person, I'm creative, musical (oh yeah, I sing a lot - lol) and I've found that I do best when I have a woman in my life to pair up with as a partner, someone who I can contribute to and who can encourage me. Someone to believe in and who believes in me. Someone who I can support and understand in their frailty and who will do the same for me. Yeah and we should kind of be blown away by each other, I've experienced that before and there's nothing like it, you shouldn't try and make something limp along like a relationship that doesn't have that wow factor. So yeah, it's hard to find the person right for you, but when you finally do, it's worth it. Independent, smiley, pleaser, gregarious, solitude, quiet, loud, listener, thinker, feeler, long fuse, content, unsatisfied, curious, investigative, strong, vulnerable, musical, affectionate, attentive, nurturing, smart, insightful, introspective, outside the box, hardworking, lazy, focussed, distracted, understands: apologize, compromise, giving, lives: passion, longs: companionship. I am genuine, thoughtful, and humble too - lol



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