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57 Columbus, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
First: I usually READ Your profile. I'm concerned Ukraine will cause WW V with full nuclear exchange. I'm glad 1914 history: Over by Christmas (2014).  (U. S. WW III, 4 November, 1979; WW IV, March, 2013 N. Korea Sitzkrieg). LIARS: Very few scams have contacted me, then "Liars can't!" Need explain? Yeah! Go ahead, Play and Lie. All (liars) are too stupid! One said has over 9 levels of meaning. I've every reason to believe that you are REAL. I know a scam when I see one. One said, chasing a dream. Mine is too fast for me and every year I'm farther and farther behind. 15 years ago, it won and I'm ridiculously so far back, it's as if I was never there. Pointless? Futile? At my age, is 'Resistance is futile... ' I ' ...will be assimilated'? In the jail of solitude as my '...time is about up...'? you tu becom watch? v=OGsEe_Zr9ZI 'All of the Good Ones Are Taken...'? you tu becom watch? V=Ati0xSkX-t8 since all are married. Clearly, there's no point continuing this charade. In my years, I've done things right (in general), yet what my life is as unfulfilled from my goals. I'm tired of dear / deer hunting. Hunt me. There are many clues to find me. Check places. Duran Duran 'Hungry Like the Wolf'. I want 'you tu becom watch? v=1pNyRlNc6fE Hurry up; I've had it. I want to stop before I got to my next bed ... of flowers and covered by a blanket... of dirt. I probably should have 15 years ago, since 'I had absolutely no reason to move' you tu becom watch? v=cS8UOq8_L5o … FUTILE fight (Film: American Samurai) as a tiger the only option with splintered flag pole as the only weapon... you tu becom watch? v=bnzMVisprX8 and no Daimyo mercy). Why should I die when horrible criminals who do evil thrive? Irony. That's the reason 18 - 28. Fertility. Says below, Best feature? You judge and one choice is ?wallet? One thing I can say is credit cards. I just saw one that said it. I busted out laughing. Laugh, laugh. Seriously, they've been my best friends working for me and made me survive IN TACT my crises / 'egoistic crises' (tech term, no community / alone). Huge debt; giant knowledge warehouse - richness. Knowledge is power, not money (a cruel joke?). Many of you are complaining about the stupid garbage guys do. I don't.. I've not married, little romance. I value you more than I can write. Gals don't know me, until these site. Film Lonely Guy (1984 Steve Martin) has clearly been biographical you tu becom watch? v=M2ntCgmDw-w . How? For about 25 years I worked or schooled at a college or university which is full of dear(s) / deer. No gal talked to me (as peer gal students about my age or in my classes) and wanted to get together. No gals invited me to share time together. Zero. Now my life is Shot; a life that never happened. I'm an old man now just as Don Quixote in this you tu be co m/ watch? v=RfHnzYEHAow CONCERNS: Economies, see 'More About Me Hobbies and Interests. You find Precious metals and Gems in dirt. Are You a mineralogist or treat priceless as dirt (joke)? I'm shy and want you to make the move. Shocked by many idiot men say stuff about Yr body. DON'T CARE: Bodies - pretty, beauty, ugly, fat, thin, nudity (don't ask for fotos). Notice: less than 9 seconds (20s BMI = 27). I say after established trust relationship. I'm here for building a lifelong multi-dimensional relationship of and emotional intimacy. ESSENTIAL: Fancy as 'Counseling Medic' - Nurturing, Excellent emotional intimacy and relationship skills, know myself and learning, being more patient and understanding with others. New Friend (4 months) contacted me 1ST, MOMENTS after (gal, ahem, worst) trauma. Who’d you call? IT AMAZES ME THAT SO MANY DON'T WANT IT AND SCARES THEM! "Dear (deer) hunt? Bagged". See in More About Me I'm 'severely' blunt, open, honest, about myself. Then culture is simple, unsophisticated, and earthy. SAINTHOOD: Accepting, patient tolerant. "...neither I condemn you..." (John 8:11). Dedicated life to (Agape - Ancient Greek) loving and serving all people as God (Matt 25:35-40). At my age, clearly, 'Nice Guys Finish Last', if at all. (joke). I'm here for building a lifelong multi-dimensional relationship of communication and emotional intimacy. VIEWING YOU MEANS I SAID 'HI'. I SAVE ALL NOTICES. I TREAT ALL AS if friends from 1964. Reared Soldier Values ( desmonddoss cm ) I Live MARINES: We take COMMITMENTS, not 'Applications'. Do impossible, no limitations, duty, selflessness, driven (to ACHIEVE) in a cult (escaped). Chivalry, duty gallantry and honor. Quixotism. Now, I'm stereotypical Benelux Scandinavian Culture Liberal feminist. VIOLENCE, WAR, LIES: dirty, disgusting, offensive, nasty, filthy, obscene, not babies since that's the result. Hurt by monogamy lies. Don't want 'Serial Monogamy' lies = Discard = Divorce = Temporary (!) commitment (until better found). A ready made 'family' is good. Cultures may shame - anti-sexual. I say IT'S Human as pronatalist... MY BIOGRAPHICAL FILMS: Larry, 'Lonely Guy' (1984, Steve Martin); Charly (1971 Robertson); 'In GOD We Tru$t' (1980) - Ambrose, the innocent monk; Hacksaw Ridge (2016 - former SDA, VALUES INGRAINED.); 'Beautiful Joe' (Sharon Stone) BOOK: Flowers for Algernon. ACHIEVED PROFESSIONS: First pursuit: AEROSPACE engineer - ramjets. Now 'multidisciplinary' with Mfg certification since 1995. I TUTOR (teach?) pre-engineering, as well as economics, psychology mostly TATISTICS. economics LOVING ALL THIS. ('Complex Supernerd'). dutch 89 26 in sky and g Film 'Moneyball' is My work. The Quant - big fat nerd with glasses = me you tu becom watch? v=yGf6LNWY9AI ). Design build contraptions from Garbage - 'Professor Gilligan' (TV show, 1964). MacGyver. If you help me with my business, I and you tu becom watch? V=qdoSy4ROZpg . Soaring like Eagles. Intellectual, Multi-sided, Over-educated. - Of 7B ppl the only one in nearly, no 'mainstream cultures'. Many sub-cultures. Like fun - board and card games, wargames, family games, Sudoku, 30 LANGUAGES (five poorly plus phonology - able to 'ID') / Executive Officer Esperanto Ohio (ask / search), News addict, Museums, PBS, NPR, Libraries, Bookbinding, Soaring, Aerosports, Snow Skiing, Biking, Adventures (travelling), Conversation - chit chat to hours of erudite discussions.Creative sense of humor (viz unusual). I say 'no relig' and 'very relig' = philosophical intellectual, I attack hypocrisy. Also, I've a hidden, secret, very wild side that only few women know and don't dare reveal. It takes 100% trust to reveal. Then 'Medics' get hurt (see tube Don Quixote). I LOST MY LIFE a LONG time ago: Meinen Untergang (Downfall / Sinking as the Ed Fitz..you tu becom watch? v=hgI8bta-7aw). I FEEL VERY ALONE - too long alone: The last. Passenger Pigeon in the Cincin. Zoo in 1909. Still here but scared of people and isolating socially, expecting others can't be patient (Four years now since Jan. 2018). My brain is cooked and fried. Did I say 'honesty?' A Life Totally Alone (Mine). I awake alone. I say “Good Morning” to myself alone. I make coffee alone. I drink my coffee alone. I think about and out loud what I’ll do that day, alone. I watch the news early in the morning alone. I eat breakfast alone. I shower in an empty flat and I'm alone. I say “bye” to myself when I go to tutor a student alone. I wait at the bus stop and greet strangers, but alone. I ride the bus alone. I eat lunch alone. I shop at the grocery stores alone. I buy the goods alone. I exit the store alone. I travel home alone. I come home and I'm alone. I put away groceries alone. I do housework and cleaning alone. I disorder my flat alone. I go to concerts, libraries, festivals and museums, alone. I cover my bed with mail and books and I'm alone. I fix my meals of supper and dinner alone. I eat it alone. I call friends on the telephone and they aren't here, for I'm alone. I get sleepy alone. I prepare for bed alone. I go to sleep alone. And the next day, again, I'm alone. FAMILY MAN FILM, 2000, Nicolas Cage. Jack: Then I'm going to spend four hours skiing alone. Completely and utterly alone. I'm going to do that because that is my life, that's what's real... and there's nothing I can do to change that. ...I add... .. I've done everything imaginable not for that to occur since 2001. Don't care as 'Escape' to US or child's 'Daddy'. HOWEVER, if I'm not 'right ' for You, you'll condemn Yourself (and me) to a living hell with Loveless Sexless marriage. Thx for reading. Waves, hugs. My proverbs: Fail often so: You are living... to Your potential... to suceed (and suck)... to do the impossible... (S. L. added: )...and to know success Can't LOSE them all. (- Quixotism) HERO: An everyday person in an extraordinary situation that DOES THE RIGHT thing for the SAKE OF HUMANITY. When people act like sheep, they can easily become mutton (Ask the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Axis of WW II). Then: There's a time 2 lead 'n time 2 follow. Wisdom of How to treat 'challenges' (as 'enemies'): Enemy Advances. We retreat. Enemy halts. We harass. Enemy tires. We attack. Enemy retreats. We pursue. My duty today: Fight. (work on goals) My duty tomorrow: Win. (complete goals) My duty daily: 'Die doing'. (- slang, never surrender...never stop fighting). My duty forever: Act. (make new goals ) The Worst thing is to Do Nothing. (Don Quixote). Time is the fire we burn in ('Star Trek').
48 Columbus, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 72
54 Maple Heights, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 29 - 45
57 Columbus, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
35 Dayton, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
28 Westerville, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 35
50 Mentor, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 48
25 Grove, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 19 - 33
54 Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 45



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