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47 Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
63 Johnson City, Tennessee, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 49
May 11, 2017 I hate to write a form letter but as there are too many inquires I will be unable to answer each one personally. I hope this letter will allow anyone who feels they wish to know me better to reply in kind and then we can individually communicate. Let me tell you about myself. I am trying to be honest as I do not wish to lead anyone with false information. I am a mature man, a physician who is divorced for about eight years. I was engaged to a delightful lady but it fell through (more details if desired but in short I was dumped when I went through a fiscal crisis). I have two grown children and one granddaughter who are the delight of my eye. My financial issues are ending and I will be working, profitably for the next several years. I am religious and my faith is important to me. My other interests include boating, hiking and have been active in martial arts for many years. I have several dogs and love animals. I am from the state of Tennessee and have lived here for all but three years of my life, I lived in Colorado for three years for training. I live in a medium sized town, Johnson City, of about 60,000 people with a metro area of about 250,000 people. It is not for everyone but it is where I raised my children and where I work. I plan to stay here, work here and live here; for those who need a large city I am not the right person for you. I am active and take several trips a year. I try to combine work and pleasure for business reasons and generally do a winter skiing trip and a summer beach trip; may have other business trips as needed. I just was in Park City, Utah for a meeting and was able to ski. I am planning for a birthday trip to Aruba in June. I am implying that even though I live in a small town I can travel for pleasure but smartly combine it with business to help with costs. I work hard and I enjoy my free time. I am not impressed with the ladies in my town and do not find the companionship I desire, hence the reason I joined this service. What I wish is to find likeminded ladies who may share my passions. My long-term desire is a one on one relationship. Marriage is desired but have had one divorce and will not rush to make a second mistake. A friend, from Belarus, a young lady who came over to play tennis and go to school, she told me the ladies from Ukraine are beautiful, smart and talented. I hope she is correct and one lady will wish to know me better for the express purpose of a long-term companionship. I am not foolish and am aware of the risks of international relationships so I won’t propose marriage unless I feel it is right for both of us; if I marry again it will be for life. I am not rich but live comfortably and can offer much in a relationship. Age is a number but desire mature minded ladies as compatibility is important to me; how old you are is not as important as how mature are you. I do not desire Divas and prefer evenings at home rather than nights in bars. When younger going out was fun and will eat out as much as appropriate but my party days are behind me. If partying is important to you, I am not right for you. In summary, I am a kind, hard-working physician who wishes to have a one on one relationship with a smart, industrious lady with the express desire for a long-term relationship. Would like to hear from you if you feel this is you!
68 Jackson, Tennessee, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 55
I have been described as a Renaissance Man and that pleases me. I’m a mature man who has a youthful outlook on life. I usually wake up in a good mood and stay in a good mood. I enjoy life. I basically never lose my temper but I do love to laugh. I’m not into drama nor do I like to argue. I have a positive “can do” attitude about life and I focus on the present and the future instead of living in the past. I am considerate of other people and know that my way isn’t the only way to do something. I enjoy music, movies, and going to English horse and carriage events. I like being outdoors and enjoy camping. I enjoy traveling and have traveled and/or lived in 23 countries. I enjoy different cultures and their customs. I enjoy being active but I also enjoy being home. I am a professional photographer and, yes, I am very good. I'm artistic and creative and this shows in my photographs and even how I decorate where I live. I don’t have any addictions or vices. I enjoy cooking and love to grill and I’m told I am very good with both. I enjoy working with my hands and find there’s not much that I can’t do if I’m willing to try. I am confident in myself but I’m not full of myself. I’m very affectionate and loving plus I am faithful. I’ve spent the last four years transitioning from being a father and husband to being a single man. I’ve made that transition and I’m comfortable being single, but know that I enjoy life more with someone to share life with. I want a relationship that’s loving, happy, intimate, passionate, romantic and we spend much time together. I want to find love that’s given and received with one woman.
64 Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 38
Here is a brief about some of me and history with some daily life as it is normally. I am non- denominational worshipper . I believe Jesus would have said. "I do the work my father gives me" I cannot just try to fit in or follow men and not the Holy Spirit .I can not follow man. My travels and missions to Walt Disney World Orlando,Florida is to me a world hub of nations people the Lord brought for some stranger to say what he says. I love how adventurous each trip there is. My trips to Colorado or Alaska are all the same I mix business with pleasure. I go both winter and summer months. God trusts me with a large amount of annual timeshare points to use for travel lodging every year. Enough to stay a week every month. He also has trusted me with 13 gold mine claims in mountains of Colorado,Idaho,California and Alaska. Prettiest places to share in mission trips. I was raised on a small dairy farm in central Michigan a town of Owosso. I finished my B.A. in Criminal Justice of the school of Social Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan USA. I was hired by G.M. "General Motors car company and transferred down to the Spring hill site. 1992 to present,32 years total. I am Team leader for Injection Molding North maint. Die maker trade have in the Gage and Dimensional Lab and was system manager of the microvax netwwork of CMM measurement machines and I managed the Engine Casting Tooling of Lost Foam Foundry also. I work from 2:00P.M. - 10:00 P.M. then drive home to Pulaski about a 46 mile one way drive. There I make food and eat may read and get to sleep. This amount of work would Change if there was love at home.:) I try to sleep six hours then get up do chores and get ready for the commute to work. If you have any questions list them with numbers so I be sure to answer them. I will send some photos on request. I work a lot now but I travel every month. I support missions. 



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