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62 Everett, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 53
What I’m looking for is my best friend someone who I can build a live with, this person should not only want to be with me but enjoy being with me. This person must be an optimistic person. What do I want from a woman/wife/lover/partner? I would like her to be upbeat (positive, cheerful, optimistic, happy) she should always look at the upside of life, what I mean is that she should try to look at the silver lining in everything. Life is too short to spend time being depressed. I understand we all get down and we have bad days or even bad weeks, but you need to try and do your best to fix the problem or get pass it. I want to be totally in love, I want to wake-up in the morning and enjoy watching you sleep. I want to love the way she smells. I want to hate to have to go to work because I will be away from her. I want to take those walks in the warm rain or along the beach or watching that beautiful sunset. I want to take her camping and make love to her by the camp fire with just the stars watching. I would like to go for a walk right after a light snow fall, or watch your eyes during a fireworks display. I long to see the look in your eyes when I bring you home flowers for no reason just to see that look. I would like to think we could make amazing a connection or something I like to call it chemistry. One of the most important things for me is that we are good friends and if we are we could build a solid foundation to live life. I’m your normal middle class guy. I will make a great loyal, loving, romantic and dedicated husband to the right woman. I need a woman who enjoys being with a man. She should need that type of contact. She should not always wait for the man to start things. She should be an open person. I would like her to let me know what she is thinking and why. She should be able to speak her mind; I would like us to have a two way relationship. She should have her own likes and dislikes but she should want to be with her man. I want my wife to have her own dreams in life and not just what her man wants. She should also understand that our relationship is 50/50 and she needs to be able to give me her opinion, as a man I can tell you WE don’t know everything and because making a decision it’s always nice to get two view points.
65 Redmond, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 52
After 35 years married to the same woman and divorced for 18 months, I now find myself in a place where I’m ready to have some new adventures, ideally shared with someone special. I believe that each partner in a love relationship needs to have a strong sense of self, to know who they are and what they believe. When each person has a clear sense of their own values and core beliefs, it creates an atmosphere in which true intimacy can blossom. That then allows for flexibility and compromise in all other areas. It's been my experience that interests and activities are all negotiable, but values and deeply held beliefs are not. Two people don't necessarily have to have exactly the same values in order to be compatible, so long as they can respect one another’s. The things that truly matter to me are family (of course), personal integrity, intimacy -- physical, emotional and spiritual -- with my special woman, friendship and stewardship, which to me as a man means taking care of the people and things around me and sometimes extends to my neighbors, my community, my country and my planet. Most people who know me would say I'm kind and decent (with occasional bouts of playful indecency!), intellectually curious, affectionate and hardworking. I'm a giver most of the time, and the ways I like to give are in the form of quality time, physical affection and words of affirmation (if you're familiar with the five love languages). I'm a gentleman, a good listener, generous to a fault, easy going and a great travel companion. I genuinely like women. I can be serious, at times. In fact, I have been known to hold conversations so deep that it took hours to get back to the surface. ;-) I can also be funny, but I can’t tell a joke to save my life. I like to banter and be silly when the mood strikes. I'm comfortable in my skin and can just listen or enjoy the silence. My happy place is the ocean. I love swimming, scuba diving and bodysurfing in tropical oceans, as well as sailing or tooling around in a trawler or power cat. I have 10 years’ experience as a captain now, and I'd like to buy another boat someday and do some cruising. I run my own successful real estate investment company, so I have the time and flexibility to indulge my love of travel and enjoy life to the fullest. I love all animals, but especially dogs. And they generally like me because I get down on the floor and play with them. I’m looking forward to having grandchildren one day, maybe not so far off. I enjoy working with my hands and can do just about anything around the house: plumbing, electrical, carpentry, concrete work. I've remodeled or refurbished several houses and like to do hard, physical work to keep myself in shape. I also spend the early hours of every day managing the financial aspects of my business and am the creator of the "60% Solution Budget" (try Googling it if you're interested). I love movies and good books, read two newspapers and a variety of magazines, devour 19th century novels on my Kindle and check in on Google News several times each day. There are few things I enjoy more than reading in front of a wood fire on a quiet Sunday. I have two children, both grown, but my son is still in school and will likely be home for summer and winter break times. They have both matured into people I admire, and I love to spend time with them whenever I can. My other passion is motorcycle riding. I'm a cruiser, not a maniac, but I still get a rush from the horsepower and the whiff of danger that's inherent in two-wheeled travel. There's a sense of freedom that's hard to find on four wheels. When it comes to meeting new people, I like to meet for coffee or go for a long walk, if the weather allows. After the first couple of dates, I'd be up for just about anything: cooking at home or dining out, live music and dancing, weekend trips or exotic travel, back-country camping or chartering a yacht.



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