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70 Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 57
Hi, thank you for reading my profile. If we have voiced interest in each other, then follow through and write me an email. I am not one to sit here and wait forever for emails. If you want to get to know me then have Skype or ?? ready for video calls. I will not proceed to learn about a person if there is no way to visually converse with them. If we could meet in person in a week I would not feel that way. I want to be able to converse every day to every other day. If we truly are interested in each other this should be welcomed. Yes I want a lady that will follow through with true interest in me for a long term intimate, loving relationship now (not in two to four years). Yes I do realize visas take time. Hope to find the love of my life for the rest of our lives together. Yes I am here looking for marriage not just a date or a chat. I realize that may be very forward of me. But in order for this work for a lady and myself, marriage is the only option we possess. So if that (marriage) truely scares you, then we should not connect. But we should connect if you feel the same heat and attraction as I hopefully will have for you. We should connect if you are wanting a very loving physically affectionate intimate relationship. I am searching here to find that special lady that makes me smile every time I hear her voice or see her walk into the room. This is about looks / chemistry and also the way she makes me feel inside. This is more than shared things to do. It is a passion that makes both of us want each other day after day. It is doing the little things for each other to keep the intimacy alive and each other content. Just so that you know it is also knowing how to argue nicely. It is being friends and good lovers knowing what your partner desires to keep each other happy. simply put a lady who "gets" me and I "get" her. Now what I mean is that we know things about each other - good, bad or indifferent and we still appreciate our relationship and each other. We know each other and what to expect and love each other. I would like to add that even though I AM VERY SERIOUS and DIRECTED about finding that lady for marriage, There are many sides to my personality. I have a playful, funny, silly side which should NOT be taken as NOT BEING SERIOUS. I like to be playful and silly to bring out that same side in you to. As a note, if you are so serious and only serious minded about this that you are not able to see the trees for the forest thing, you are missing out on getting to know another person for who they really are inside. I wish to see all sides of you not just the business side. I also wish to see the compassionate, silly, emotional, thoughtful and playful side too. Chemistry is when two people can be them selves and be playful and silly and time does not seem to matter. A marriage has many sides as I have mentioned. I wish to know and experience all of those sides with you. I am in shape and try to maintain so I hope that you would be the same. I look younger for my age. I do like animals (dogs and cats). As I learn more about long distance dating it seems that knowing YOUR expectations about me is very important. Being a long distance thing here I need to know as best as possible that there is physical attraction with good conversation and content heart and souls between us. I realize that is difficult to attain in emails, video chat and language barriers. I will not even consider a visit to your country until I am sure (as possible) that we are a very good match for marriage. Hope to meet you soon. Here are some of my additions about me: I want my equal. I do know there is a terrible conflict in Ukraine. With the right chemistry I am willing to help. I do wish to get to know you using the tools that we have here. Not only emails but also video chats and talking if possible. I am also not conservative even though I treat my good close friends old school good conservative. I am also spiritual Christian not god fearing if that makes a difference.
32 Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 30
Well for starters, I'm Parker! I am open minded and creative but analytical and skeptical at the same time. I tend to see things for what they really are and keep things realistic, which by no means is how I am all the time (Not to be a buzzkill). I like to be genuine and down to earth without acting or putting on a face. I'm not very familiar with this "online matching" stuff, but we'll give it a try. It’s extremely hard to balance my time with work and so-forth. I am a very hard working, dedicated person. My family is very "nuclear" and I was raised to have good ethics and values - Almost like something right out of the 1950s. I feel as though I'm a little disconnected with them due to the "Work, eat, sleep, repeat" schedule I'm currently on, but hopefully that straightens out over time. I do work hard for everything I have. I value tradition and tend to be a bit "Old School" on some of my beliefs. It seems like my whole life has revolved around work or schooling. Now that I have started building my career, I'd like to pick the list back up and do the things in life that were put on hold. I have Bachelors Degrees in Mechanical / Plastics Engineering and currently work for a medical device company in the Twin Cities (MN) as a Process Development Engineer; on top of that, I also drive semi on the side for a relative and absolutely love it (As odd as it may seem, and I do get a lot of funny looks!). Believe it or not, I paid my way through college driving truck on the side! Still to this day, I continue doing a dedicated route on the weekends! Everyone always wonders how I'm not burned out yet. I grew up in rural WI and absolutely love the Midwest! I guess you could call me a "country boy." I love talking about corny things like trucks, tractors, diesel mechanics, motorcycles, electronics, guns, etc. I've spent my whole life around these things and am very passionate about them; I have a weakness for women who also share my interests. Don't get me wrong though, I envy anyone who is colorful and open minded! Intellect in general has always fascinated me. I feel as though I can connect on a deeper, more personal level with others just from having a stimulating conversation. I'm not like people who are "self absorbed" where they don't like it when others know more about something than themselves. I love learning new things. I want to be the very best I can be. Just like "Continuous Improvement" in engineering! Some of my favorite things to do in life are golfing, skiing, listening to music, working on anything with my hands, traveling, driving semi, working on my truck and car, hunting, spending time with friends / family, and riding motorcycle. I absolutely love taking my cycle out for rides. It helps take my mind off things, but at the same time it can get the adrenaline going! I also usually go out West skiing with friends and family over winter as well. As you can probably tell, I love moving around and being out doors! Spending nights streaming movies with a bowl of popcorn also works too! I am a very down to earth person. I may come across as a little timid at first (As with everyone), but can be read like an open book once I get to know you! :) If you've made it this far, than you must be either really bored or must have read something that caught your eye! So it's all up in the air from there!



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