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40 San Francisco, California, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 53
Occupation: Fire / law enforcement / security
Hello there, Well I like to think I am awesome. I am planning to head on over To ether Russia or Ukraine by the end or this year or the start of next and hoping to get to know some people from there . I Love to travel and all that normal stuff people like :). (Important) Sometimes I just like to read profiles and chat with people, so sometimes I am just being friendly and not trying to hit on you. You know human interaction and all that jazz. Now I like to send voice notes more than written messages. So if you have WhatsApp I don’t mind adding you and just talking casual. (It’s a great way to avoid typos and really get to know my personality) So just ask to call me if you really want to know the real me. ---I am always reinventing this thing as I will dislike something or find an error in spelling, grammar or just not like what I wrote. Mainly due to me being in a hurry or just assuming no one reads this anyway and goes right for my photos (remind me to take new ones that make me seem like I am more exciting then I really am). I am from Monterey, (near the Sea, Big Sur, pebble beach, etc.) I would bounce around the two cities for work related things. but recently i started settling down. Well if you got down this far after seeing my terra-bad photo. Guess I could add some awesome stuff about myself. But I am hesitant to get into the whole Job interview aspect of these type of sites so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. I like gardening, how strange that sounds. Everyone has something that relaxes them. Mine is creating powered eco systems (ponds, Veggies, solar powered green houses etc.) I also have a hobby of philosophy and will study that in my down time. Since I was born near the see I do go to the beach often for anything, exercise, walks, fishing, and the works. I have an odd drive to learn new things and disciples, so from time to time I’ll take random classes in college if something sparks my interest even if I already have a degree. As boring as that all sounds I do have a social life when I can escape work. Even if I do prefer to stay home and chill. I will go to events, volunteer, fail at play golf. I used to have a wild steak a mile wide in my 20’s So once you get to know me, I have my share of stories and sometimes I’ll even drag someone along to do something random and unexpected.(have to live life). But don’t forget I am 35 now, so those near death experiences are not an everyday occurrence anymore ha. (God you haven’t live until you face to Face with an African lion with only two Feet between you) BTW Call of duty in real life isn’t so fun, I learned that in my time in the hospital crops in the navy. I love the country and animals, I have a rescue rabbit, Lab, one Very evil Cat I seem to get along well with children and don’t mind them around. I am close to my nephew and sometimes we’ll go to ‘all you can eat’ and toys r us. I love to travel, Cliché I know. But I really travel, like states and countries. So you won’t catch me say I traveled to Lake Tahoe some over the weekend or like that. So I tend go abroad every year, so sometimes I’ll be in Nagoya for a week or two then hit a vacation to bail. It all depends on work and if I feel like going. But the ones I am looking at this year are some countries I traveled to so far (but open to suggestions) -Taiwan Japan (work related) Philippine Indonesia Mexico Canada I am undecided on this year’s travel, But looking at -China -Ukraine -Germany -Spain -Greece (I want to take a date there ha ha) Maybe Jamaica this summer France-What I am doing with my Life -what I am doing with my life-- Well, this could be the reason why I am still single. While I did major in Business accounting, I have been studying dental hygienist and Philosophy on my free time. I found this a better use of my free time then drinking and partying. (More so at my age) Also since I been asked by colleges abroad to become a dental supplier for some investments we have abroad. (I did lot of stuff abroad) Since I love the country life style and am burnt out of city life I also have been reading up on designs for custom made ranch style homes on a 2-3 acre plot to live on, and just become a land lord to someone who wants to live in the city. So I am debating if I will build near Sac Town or in my Home town. In all honesty last year I realized it’s time to calm down and start building a family, so I preparing everything for the life style I want to live in the next five years. Also I can house some animals the shelters would otherwise put down, I Soft spot for animals that don’t get selected. But I won’t get to deep into that: D. I am also doing other stuff, but I’ll fill that in as I go along.
34 Houston, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
Occupation: Fire / law enforcement / security
I'm pretty laid back and am up for trying most anything. I love making people laugh and I crack jokes pretty much all the time, though I do know when its time to be serious. I wanted to try out this site as being in a small town it's fairly hard to meet new people. Traveling has become my newest hobby, going to try and see as much of the world as I can. Mostly sticking to the US/North America at the moment I've made it to Jackson MS and Seattle so far this year and I'm planning on Chicago and hopefully either Salt Lake City and/or Vegas over the summer. I'm an active person and love to get out and go do pretty much anything (going to the store can be an adventure if you do it right). That said I can just as easily have a good time hanging out at the house watching a movie and making dinner. I'm just as happy going camping or fishing or doing anything outdoors as I am hanging out at the house or just going out to have dinner with some friends. I'm a big talker in general about anything and everything and some of the best dates I've had have been mostly just driving around and talking. I'm a big reader, and I love movies. I enjoy writing, from various sorts of fiction to just simply writing down something I've been thinking about. There is just something about putting my thoughts into words on paper that I enjoy I guess. It doesn't translate super well to typing though I'm afraid :) I've gotten back into working out regularly again and I've been trying to put alot of time into that. A good weekend for me is anything from just hanging out with a few friends from work or back home grilling and sitting around a fire outside talking and hanging out to going out, bowling or whatever else we can think of. I try to find something to get out and do when I'm off work but sometimes its nice to just stick around the house.



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