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36 - 70 of 100
46 Sumy, Sumy, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 42 - 55
I should write a book about my self, but prefer to open my heart to the one who is deserve it. My profile is real and i am not here for game... I am hard working woman and my friends say that i have golden hands.I take responsibility for all woman works at home, but at the same time let every one knows his work as well ...I lives in the system where time to enjoy and where time to work hard.There is time to cry and time to laugh.I love pets at home,dog and cat.I love to spend weekend time with family and just some friends.I allow to be in my life just close friends, not every one deserve my attention.Safety of the family is most important for me, than any relation outside.I have stable minds and follow important principals that let me to be who i am.I am self independent and have life experience,but some times wondering how life can tern you ups and down without any prediction.As a woman i know how to cook very well and take care about house needs.In my free time i sew cloth.My man will have free designer at home. Right now me and my daughter live in Poland. We run a way from the war and it change many things in my life.I am trying to organize my life here but if i meet some one from diferent country and we both agreed that we need each other then i will be ready to relocate...Right now i am working in Zara company as a controller of the quality of the dress.My previous job has been in tourism company and i travel a lot in midle East country's. Also i has been owner of perfume shop before war started in Ukraine.I do not mind any work if it is bring good profit. I graduate in National University of Kiev and has got diploma of economist. I love comfort and beautiful things.My house i decorated in Arabic style and i did everything to feel that i live in 5 star hotel. One of my life teacher teach one good things, be careful to whom you open heart, not every one deserve it.I see first people eyes, it is mirror of their soul.Some people run a way from me because they cant lie.I have very good skills how to get truth from people mouth.One time i got offer to work as a psychologists in a jail with a foreign prisoners ,this work help me understand well what make man to tern in to diferent person,since then i start read people mind from their eyes. Eyes will never lie. I have diferent side of my life where i can be kind and carrying woman... I give out many thing as a charity, because God give me more than that.I use to pray every day and i belive to God.My spiritual education i has got from Africa, 7 years i spend there just to learn spirituality and ofcaursce i been married to African man who help me in that. Other 7 years i use to live in UAE, Dubai.I study Islam as well.You may have question why do i need that? I will give you answer: This is my life, and i may live only ones in my body, i have to learn and see many things in life before my time come to the end.I love life and i pass trough many life exams.Dificulties make me to be strong and i can survey any where in the world. I live in Poland now and i pray to God for blessing of this country.Poland become my second home and i so much appreciate Pole people for the help.God has send many good people in my way... My horoscope sign is a virgo, so you can read about my sign in internet , just to have general understanding of my character. All i want now is a peace in this planeth and peace in my country,i want create a new family with love and happiness but i am ready to be fighter outside of the home just to help my man to grow up. Our first meeting will be in UAE, Dubai. I love this country.We will spend nice and unforgettable time there.Why this country? It was my second home.I have spend there 7good years, but after that almost 11 years i live in Ukraine. My mother is a life, she stay right now in Norway, father pass a way 7 years ago. I have one sister, she stay with family in Norway too. My first daughter is 28, she live in Germany with her husband. My smallest daughter is 15.5 she live with me. Man who is ready to meet me ,must know that i am mother first of all.My first responsibility is my daughter. So you must ready to be a father , if not, then we cant be in relationship together. I have a wish , our first meeting to make in Dubai.Its a beautiful city ,with unforgettable memories.We cant meet first in my country ore your country.Let beautiful things happen in Dubai and all of us will enjoy time we are going to spend there. Those ones who doesn't know how to dream and make dreams true, just sweep my page and look for other woman.I am not holding you.I live ones in this planeth Earth and i want to be happy according to my level, not level of the people who doesn't know what they want from life... I can be very good friend and even help you to fire your enemy in to ashes, but if you betray my trust, dont forget - i know how fire you in to ashes... My dream is to have fashion design company and i need men who will have the same dreams.
36 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 30 - 44