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36 - 70 of 100
29 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 27 - 45
Life is too short to waste , life is to short to play games, to do drama, to wear different masks, to pretend who you are not, to be be angry, jealous, or sad. Many people tell me that they have a problem to open their heart again as been hurt in the past, but I say if you don’t open your heart you don’t let yourself to love and create, and at the end many people hurt us we just need to choose who we worth suffering for . I believe it’s our choice we want to destroy or create something beautiful . I spent pretty much time in my life learning and combining different knowledge, cultures, science, philosophy , languages, poetry, psychology, techniques and of course discovering my feminine energy. I believe a man needs a woman not to compete but to complete each other, to become a powerful and balanced union, to enjoy each other and life, to do many wonderful things together , to expand the borders.... Time is too precious and all of us deserve to find what they want . I am looking for a man who knows what he wants in life, who has resources , intelligence , values , consciousness , curiosity, sense of humor , but who understands together they can do so much more, who knows how important is to appreciate a woman, to admire her emotionally, financially and surprising in many ways , to invest in her wisdom and sensuality... If u think we could match and have things to share , to grow together, to write a book, to make a movie, you welcome to introduce yourself and write your intention, proposal in a message . Again, life is too short to waste for drama and playing games ...
35 Odesa, Odessa, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 31 - 51
IMPORTANT! Not all women on dating websites are scammers and money hunters. So pay attention to the messages you send to ladies. Some of them are really great women searching for the future husband and do not deserve to retrieve rude or impolite words. They "men" who behave so, are simply monsters and share of their mothers! No monster to my profile!!! Keep away! Only a great man with serious intentions may leave a polite informative message, please. Will come a day for everyone to find what he is looking for. Also for me will come that day. I consider myself as a wise, confident, intelligent and good heart person. My intention is to find the one person for life, who will be the strong man to protect me and the soft loving soul to keep me feel alive. Others say that im very completed person, I would never consider it as a minus, but only need to be accepted as I am, and to accept can only the one who stands. My attention can be given only to the person who is ready for the woman in his life. Ready mentally, emotionally, hisically, financially, socially. I will never accept any preassure and force towers me, I would never give my attention to "useless" person for my life just for being polite, I will never pay for a man same as never will if I am with a man, I will never eat or lie, I am very fair person. Am I romantic? - not today. But deffinitelly will be once met my man. Am I selfish or egoistic? - maybe yes, in some way. But as I said im very fair person. Also as being a woman its my natural need to care for someone and love. I want to get married and give birth to a child, in a strong loving family. My adorable Man, where are you? Find me soon and dont let all other men so useless people to read my words and write me their words
44 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 39 - 52
24 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
I'm a very creative woman, who all the time tries to find an inspiration in this wonderful world! I can’t imagine my life without art, music and theater. Art improves my style, taste, appearance and inner world. Also I am keen on studying history (in particular the history of Ancient Greece and Rome), cultures of different civilizations, languages of these ancient worlds. 2 years ago I had an opportunity to study Latin and Ancient Greek at University. I found myself to be so deeply inspired by these ancient,complicated and simultaneously beautiful languages! It should be said, that nowadays I am fluent at 6 languages :English,Français,Deutsch,Español,Ukrainian and Russian. I am fond of learning Philosophy,that’s why I chose it to be my major. This science broads the horizons of my worldview and helps me in my constant self-development. I like reading with all my heart! In my opinion, a modern mankind would have never become such a mankind without reading books. Mostly I enjoy reading philosophical and scientific literature. I wrote a lot about my passion to read because my life is tightly connected with it. I used to be a poet. I had written a lot of verses and poems. Mostly I write on philosophical topics: about the meaning of life, about the place of human beings in the Universe, about death and life. I have a lot of hobbies, but my favorite is studying science! Actually without the knowledge from the scientific world my life would be so shallow! I admire astronomy, cosmology, biology, anthropology, neuroscience and psychology. The greatest happiness for me is to attempt to understand the Life, World, Universe in which we are all living! But my life isn’t limited ,so to speak,by only studying,as there are plenty of other interesting activities I find enjoyable to do! I adore to play big tennis, do yoga, do sports, walk in the woods early mornings,in other words, be active every day of my life! Also I enjoy playing the piano,singing and doing ballroom dancing. Music has been an essential part of my life since I was 5 y.o. I used to sing Opera, but currently I prefer to sing in a jazz/pop genres. Sometimes for my pleasure I participate in different photoshoots with an eye to create something interesting and unusual, as I consider an opportunity being in front of the camera as a great chance to improvise and express myself. Almost daily I try to visit some interesting exhibitions,museums,concerts and organ Hall in order to develop my aesthetic and musical tastes. And I forgot to mention that traveling is one of my dearest passions! I can’t imagine living without a constant exploration of new places,as our planet is such a beautiful place to do that!


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