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57 Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 53 - 64
ABOUT me I am intelligent, feminine, loyal, affectionate and family oriented, well educated and well-cultured . The main questions of me are patience, caring, friendliness, honesty, consistency and activity. I look at life from the positive side, and I always see the glass half full. I also have an inherent emotionality and something prononality. I feel like a happy person, I can enjoy the moment and share my happiness with friends and my loved man. Energetic, physically active, in good physical and mental health. I can say about myself that I am little mischievous, very helpful and open minded with my man, kind, alluring, adventurous, beautiful, bright, passionate about life, respectful, happy and content. I'm intuitive, practical, and not argumentative (I always prefer harmony) and will help to keep our home peaceful and our refuge. And I dating sites for women dating in the USA dating site in the USA dating site in USA dating site in USA. My English is great as it has been my main language of communication for the past 18 years. I have been living in Cyprus since 2003, usually from Ukraine. I have European citizenship and a Ukrainian passport. I would like to say that the country of my man, or we can live in two countries, is ready to move to the country of my man. I'm still living in beautiful island, to be completely happy I'm looking for a relationship that will lead to the marriage, based on love, trust and respect. I am looking for stability in life with a reliable, loving, generic and intelligent man who is successful in life, finally secure, has no debt obligations and is active in relationships. I fully know what I want, so I don't like to waste our time on endless communication. Communication should make sense. The following sequence will help both achieve their goal and not waste time: After finding out the commonality of the goal and readiness to build a relationship, we will move on to communication in the fiber or whatsapp. If in the process of video calls we are dating Sex dating in mckinon new Mexico Sex dating in mckinon new Mexico Sex dating in mckinon new Mexico Sex dating in mckinon new Mexico Sex dating in mckinon new Mexico Sex dating in mckinon new Mexico. Since my time is limited due to work, I will be able to meet for 3-5 days. I think it's enough to have a friend who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone who is dating someone. In addition to trust, there should be physical and emotional attraction to each other. After that, we can make plans for a life together. I expect respect from you, so I do not accept the exchange of photos without clothes and virtual s*x*al games. If you are looking for a woman to create a family, honest, you can provide a woman with emotional, physical and financial protection in your country, I will be happy to communicate with you. In return, I will give a spark and a new meaning to your life, I will be a reliable partner, so you can be a good of me.
31 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 27 - 45
Life is too short to waste , life is to short to play games, to do drama, to wear different masks, to pretend who you are not, to be be angry, jealous, or sad. Many people tell me that they have a problem to open their heart again as been hurt in the past, but I say if you don’t open your heart you don’t let yourself to love and create, and at the end many people hurt us we just need to choose who we worth suffering for . I believe it’s our choice we want to destroy or create something beautiful . I spent pretty much time in my life learning and combining different knowledge, cultures, science, philosophy , languages, poetry, psychology, techniques and of course discovering my feminine energy. I believe a man needs a woman not to compete but to complete each other, to become a powerful and balanced union, to enjoy each other and life, to do many wonderful things together , to expand the borders.... Time is too precious and all of us deserve to find what they want . I am looking for a man who knows what he wants in life, who has resources , intelligence , values , consciousness , curiosity, sense of humor , but who understands together they can do so much more, who knows how important is to appreciate a woman, to admire her emotionally, financially and surprising in many ways , to invest in her wisdom and sensuality... If u think we could match and have things to share , to grow together, to write a book, to make a movie, you welcome to introduce yourself and write your intention, proposal in a message . Again, life is too short to waste for drama and playing games ...
39 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 33 - 53
I have taste to life and maybe even so-called wanderlust. I know how to make special moments, also notice little good things every day. In spite of anything try stay positive and open-minded. Prefer active lifestyle but also like quiet moments to recharge. My sense of humor safe me many times. People say I’m smart, funny, cute straightforward, curious, adventurous, sensual and sensitive. I still try to believe in miracles in life though don’t forget to stand both feet on the ground. Adore nature and can’t live without sea, sometimes feels I’m more mermaid then human, when I live near the sea was best time of life. I feel more myself living by the sea to have full access to observe and to touch water. Water and music can relax and inspire me. I’m very kinaesthetic and body practices as qigong or activities as swimming works right for me. Interested in cinema, psychology, walking or riding bike, photography, swimming, handmade, yoga and orient culture in general. Almost don’t watch TV, always prefer real life for social media, so if you like walk on nature or beach time you know what I mean. Like art, cultural, events and like hippy adore festivals and outdoor fun. I have bright imagination and that’s why I try to live full and less ordinary life. I’m good with myself but like company to share. I’m very international person, last years live between Ukraine and Malta, I like concept of citizen of the world. I'm not perfect but very real. I don’t do botox, fotoshop and fake promises. I have weak points and will tell them honestly. I have strong points and you will see them yourself. I don’t believe much in perfect man, but believe one person can be perfect for the other if they match. The main thing maybe to balance each other’s strong and weak points, for better or worse really. I’m dreamer and very romantic but life teach me very practical approach, so I test everything and don’t believe words, more in action. If to compare me with forces of nature it would be sea. If to compare with city maybe Barcelona fit most. If to compare with animal cat for sure. I can be strong but no goal in classic feminism as believe man and woman can complete and balance each other, and exactly want to feel calm, relaxed and protected near my man. Together as couple people can do more really, having synergy. Can be true friend, reliable partner, muse to my man. I’m miniature, green eyes, natural look, soft famine lines, dark blond with a touch of gold, bit curly, skin that loves sun and absorb it into dark bronze, can look as teenage as well as fatal woman depending on mood) I prefer do little magic every day, for me and my close people, so routine don’t have chance to kill us. Need partner in crime for guilty pleasures) though I try to have healthy and natural lifestyle (but white wine and cheese can’t refuse) and do regular training, I dream to have companion as like doing things together with close person and just enjoy process. I strongly believe that in traveling and personal experience in general worth to put your time and efforts. So better do things then buy them and collect impressions. I do many trips but still each time like to sit near the window in the plane to enjoy beauty outside and taste expectation what I find out next. I like to explore and try new things. I'm like hungry to see the world and absorb it's beauty, and I transform it in pure energy of joy and happiness and gladly share with close person. In traveling we live more intense and bright and let us be more free, I like feeling when life flow through me like a river. To feel spirit of each place, see variety and beauty of nature, taste not just food but real local life and see how people live that’s what make unique impressions. Life is like big journey itself and travel partner, with whom you can share the way, enjoy good and help each other to hold on in hard moments - that's what can make sense to this crazy life. I try to collect best moments as much as possible, that's why like make pictures and start to study photography. I'm still learning many things from life. Sometimes I maybe rush to live, but for sure life with me not boring. I like expression “art of living”, and we should create it like artist nice picture. My passion for traveling is so big that even my best job was tour-guide, as I like to share it with people of same kind. One of my favorite books in childhood was about Tarzan, guess my love for adventures starts on the pages of book and then continue in real life while traveling. So I'm like Jane a bit “wild” lady, looking for wild man like me )