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38 Zaporizhzhya, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 38 - 46
Soo.. Im very optimistic and easy going person, but often think why do I live on this Planet.. I try to use my time for reasonable things, sometimes I think that I can save the World and forget that its not possible.. I like to help people.. Actually, this is my profession - I do personal counselling and trainings, and public lectures.. I feel that to give something is much better than to get.. But after all these wonderful meaningful activities I like to sit and just eat huge ice-cream with chocolate and nuts (a lot of nuts) without any thoughts in my mind.. Im totally bad in poetry, I didnt write any poem in my life.. Or maybe one, but it was terrible.. But I enjoy listening others talents.. I like "to open" people - I see everybody strong sides and enjoy to discover it more.. Im totally genius in making cakes and pancakes.. Even I like to eat it)) I cannot play any music instruments, but I love to dance, i can dance forever.. I totally enjoy doing lectures about healthy way of life, parenting, relationships and so on, but Im not fanatic who would like to change everyones personality and habits... Its everybody choice.. Im very easy with cultures and countries, but deep inside I really appreciate style, class and charm.. Im a little bit an old fashioned girl, who prefers man with manners..If a man opens the door for me, gives me his hand and pulls back a chair in a restaurant, my heart breaks immediately and I even will try to remember his name)) I like adventures and surprises..pleasant, of course.. Hmm, yes, sometimes I think that all my surprises are pleasant, but some people say that not) I think that every day we can become really better and better, but sometimes Im too lazy to make it true) Im totally in reading very serious books (you wouldn't believe what I read, so if you want to know - just ask me)) and I dont have TV since a long time) I like sport: mostly jogging and swimming.. My record in jogging recently was 2 hours without any stop.. I know that for marathon runners its nothing, but Im beginner) Ou, yes, and forgot to say - I like flowers...a lot of flowers..I think I could live in flower shop) And of course, the main (if you are patient and could read till the end - you are lucky))), I definitely know how to make man happy, I know what is respect to man, politeness and humility... I know how to listen and understand, how to support and inspire.. and this is not just words.. Ok, I think its enough for now)
38 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 35 - 46
I've got certain accomplishments in my professional life, I did not jump to an early marriage and pregnancy but I took time to experience life and learn myself and build up myself...I think it's quite natural that I am now at the stage of the conscious decision to expand my being to the creation of mutually loving and respectful partnership and happy family with 1 or 2 or as much as God allows children... Isn't it? :) Subsecuantly from the above I would like to draw attention to the age limit of men who I would consider as interesting to continue communication. With all my respect to senior men, I'm not looking for child free life companionship. I want a young harmonic family, active, joyful. Not because men over 42-43 cannot have children. They don't really need. With rare exceptions, of course. Regarding relocation question, I'm not desperate to leave Ukraine. Kiev is a great city to live and I love the city. I'd rather put it as I'm looking for the strong and natural system of life and family values in man. And I'm willing to follow the Man whom I will respect and love with all my heart to the place which he considers the best for the family. I feel absolutely comfortable being exposed in the high society, with strict etiquette rules and requirements. So if part of my Man's business life requires participation at high class events, part of my personality will be happy to be his pride at those occasions :) It all sounds too serious but with all that I'm still a young pretty lady who likes an ice-cream, who wears soft fluffy home suit, who likes to eat fresh juicy pear without waiting of rinsing it...just because it's so delicious I can't wait any longer. And I don't care if I have problems afterwards :) I can take a pill to solve it :) And I love flowers :) Lots of flowers, spontaneous flowers, sent to office flowers, delivered to my home flowers... Just because I'm a woman :)