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72 Odesa, Odessa, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 40 - 70
Я очень люблю фортепьяно и Бах Кантатас + много других композиторов. Я уверен, что для того, чтобы мы ладили, вам также должна нравиться классическая музыка. Я не большой поклонник оперы, хотя в Одессе самый красивый оперный театр, который я когда-либо видел. Я не против пойти в клуб Ibiza в Аркадии летом. Я тоже люблю эту музыку и прыгаю вокруг. Мне нравятся художественные галереи и бытие и прогулки возле моря + яхты + лодки. Мне нужно научиться говорить по-русски + украинский намного, намного лучше и хочу исследовать Украину с прекрасным партнером по путешествиям И еще ... Я могу показать вам лучшее из Великобритании когда-нибудь! У меня плохое здоровье, но я был достаточно хорошим спортсменом, катался на лыжах, занимался парусным спортом, теннисом. Я не против еды и фильмов.За последние 4 года моя квартира и работа занимали большую часть моего времени в Одессе. -------------------------------------------------- I like piano massively and Bach Cantatas + many other composers.I am sure that for us to get along you must like classical music too. I am not a big fan of Opera although Odessa has the most beautiful Opera House I have ever seen. I do not mind going to Ibiza Club in Arcadia in Summer.love that music too and jumping around. I like art galleries and being and walking near the sea + yachts + boats. I need to learn to speak Russian + Ukrainian much,much better and want to explore Ukraine with lovely travel partner. And more... I can show you the best of the UK sometime ! I am not in perfect health but I used to be a reasonably good sportsman,skiing,sailing,tennis. I don't mind eating out and movies.My apartment & work have taken up much of my time here in Odessa over the last 4 years.
34 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 19 - 33
About Myself Hello, my name is Rob (33yo/182cm/77Kg) Some of my positive personality characteristics are, purpose-driven, I live life with passion and purpose, and I have big goals to help many people in my company! My strengths are; strong leader of the family, caring, loving and attentive, kind, generous, positive and optimistic, loyal, faithful and quick to forgive. Some of my negative personality traits are, perfectionist, critical of myself and others, and over-ambitious. My Goals Happy wife = happy life!) This is my motto for a happy life!) My future wife and soulmate will be my best friend. My second life goal is to create a happy family together with my Princess. What I value most in a relationship is friendship, trust, loyalty, honesty and support. I believe that behind every great man is a great women! A great man will DO everything for his family and he draws much of his strength from his supportive and loving wife. I am a strong man that believes in traditional values in a marriage, I work hard to provide safety, security and protection for my family and my Princess will be calm and relaxed because I will take care of her and my family in every way, she will have the choice to work or to stay home with our children, and I will support her achieving her personal life goals because I understand that is important for her happiness. My Ideal Life In my dream of my perfect morning, which I have had for many many years, our daughter comes running into our room and jumps up and down onto our bed saying... "Mommy, Daddy, it's morning time, time to wake up)))))". When I love my women, I will do everything to make her feel loved, cherished, safe, secure and protected. I feel most happy when my women is happy. She will see and feel my love from my actions, not only my words. About children. I love all children, they truly are the flowers of life! I do not have any children, but I really want to have children in the future. I know I will be the worlds best father, I make sure our children the best of everything, I will give our children all my love. Relationship I Want I believe friendship and trust is the basis of strong marriages. Love, loyalty and faithfulness are also very important. To build a strong marriage and happy family life both people must be committed to compromising and building these attributes in their marriage and in their family. My Future Wife My future wife will be intelligent and traditional values girl, she can be from the village, or she can be an accomplished professional such as a medical doctor. I will support her in what makes her most happy in life. She wants a strong man that she can depend on to provide everything to make the family safe and secure and have a happy life, and she is happy fulfilling her family responsibilities of taking care of the house and family and providing help and support to her man. Ideally, her primary personality characteristics are affectionate, caring/loving, loyal, patient, thoughtful, and calm. My partner will be soft, not aggressive, patient, not quick to get angry, humble, not boastful, understanding and forgiving, and not calm, not aggressive or demanding. Do you know about the 5 LOVE LANGUAGES? The best book on it is called "The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts" by author Gary Chapman. Research shows that it’s much more important to have the same primary love language than event to speak the same language (English/Russian). The 5 love languages are: Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service and Devotion. Can I ask you, which of these is your number one love language? My 1 love language is physical touch. Please write me and tell me what is your first love language. How Important Is God To You? Our parents taught my 2 brothers and I to follow God/Jesus instruction guide/teachings for our life (Bible). We went to church every Sunday and we were taught that if we obey God, he will reward us by blessing our life and future with happiness and abundance. In my life, I have found that it is those times when I am obedient to God and follow God's teachings, that he blesses my life and brings me the greatest joy and happiness. God said the mans responsibility is to be a strong man and lead his family and I know that for me to be the best strong man for my wife and family, she must share my strong Christian values and be committed to living life as a Christian family. This I believe is God's recipe to live our best, happiest life and to raise good, honest children that will also have a happy life and great future. If you share these my core values and beliefs, as my future wife I know we can build a very happy and prosperous family together. My Partners Physical Characteristics While physical attraction is important, when choosing a partner for life, I believe the wise man looks more to her beauty inside, the condition of her heart and soul, I believe that is how we find our soul mate. While physical beauty fades over time, if we choose the right partner who has a kind and bright soul light, her inside beauty will become brighter and more beautiful as time passes. Hobbies Romanic walks in nature/beach with my love, swimming, bike ridding in nature, scuba diving, sailing, snuggling on the sofa and watching a movie with my love, reading, dancing. Bad Habits I Will Not Accept! I absolutely will not accept lying. My partner does not smoke! Social drinking is okay, but excessive drinking is not acceptable. She should be wise with money. She should love me only for ME, regardless of how much money or how big/small of a house we have.
49 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
Old text below. Will update soon - or we can just talk... I'll go to Ukraine in March 2013, and stay for some months. So, at that time I'll have sufficient time to meet in person, face to face, in flesh and blood. - This site is nice, and there are many good and serious persons here, but it's also frustrating, because I'm not here for writing long letters (though I may be tempted). Maybe I should consider myself lucky, that I'll have the opportunity to meet in the real world.Will expand my profile soon when not busy. Feel free to ask questions in the meantime! WORK IN PROGRESS: So got my profile verified and uploaded some photos. - Will also make a Russian translation soon. I'm seriously looking for a friend, lover and partner. I'm not here for a penpal, and not for writing tons of letters. Luckily, I will travel to Ukraine for some time - mainly to take Russian classes - at the beginning of next year, so I will have much time to meet face to face and get to know the right person. So finding a relevant "candidate" is what I'm trying to do. And of course we'll try to get to know each other as good as possible online, even though it's not "the real thing". I'm healthy and generally content with my life. But want to settle down with a special person. I like few, but very close persons in my life. I'm an intelligent man with many interests. My university degree was in politology, but for the last few years I work as a computer consultant, which is quite good, and also gives me quite some freedom (with a little planning)
37 Odesa, Odessa, Ukraine
Seeking: Female
я приезжаю в ODESSA в середине января в течение одного месяца, и я хочу встретиться с красивой, образованной девочкой, которая хочет серьезные отношения. я ищу любовь, не только сексуальные отношения. девочки, которые только интересуются сексуальными отношениями, пожалуйста не пишут мне... я ищу свою мечту. я хочу любить, и я хочу это, она любит меня. я хочу романтизм и любовь с уважением.. мне 29 лет. у меня есть степень магистра. я учился в лучших университетах Турции. я - умный, красивый и симпатический человек с чувством юмора. я знаю руский испанский английский язык, и мой родной язык является турецким. Я хочу научиться двигаться вперед, не оглядываясь назад; ценить то, что есть, в его самобытности; просто жить настоящим, поверив в то, что иногда чудеса случаются; запретить себе думать о ловушках, последствиях; перестать бояться завтра и, главное, не сравнивать. Любовь делает нас не только счастливыми. Она еще и закаляет, укрепляет нашу веру в самих себя. В то, что мы по-прежнему способны отдавать и принимать, несмотря на пережитые расставания. В то, что стоит идти дальше в любом случае, при любом количестве потерь. Ведь жизнь нам периодически дарит столько хороших, теплых дней, на фоне которых пережитые заморозки кажутся ерундой. — Сколько тебе лет? Наверное,не скажешь?) — Ну ладно, скажу. 20 хватит?) — Хватит! Для этого и 18 хватит. Мужики хвастаются друг перед другом: - Я вчера ночью со своей три раза! И утром она мне сказала, что я - самый лучший! - А я пять раз! А утром она мне сказала, что лучше меня не бывает! - А я один раз... - А утром что сказала? - Не останавливайся... — Ты мне изменила! — Я думала, что ты меня бросил. — ДА БЛЯТЬ Я НА МИНУТКУ В ТУАЛЕТ ВЫШЕЛ!!!!! - У меня случай в деревне был. - Короче. - Дочке три года…
39 L'viv, L'viv, Ukraine
Seeking: Female 22 - 30
I grew up in Northern California in a small city surrounded by great nature. When I was very young I would pick blackberries at our country home to sell to people driving to the ocean. In college I discovered foreign women and my life would never be the same again. I've lived in Ukraine, China, Nicaragua and I've travelled slowly through many other countries. I develop web software on my notebook and this has given me unlimited employment anywhere in the world. At one point I wanted to become a theoretical physicist but then I discovered that I would only be able to work for a large corporation or government. My goal is to create my own path in life and I can say with certainty that there are very few people who live life the way that I do. Many countless people have told me that they would like to live life like I have but there is always some earthly limitation for them. For so many people they have told me some thing about money, papers or their dog, cat, couches, tables, DVD collection, etc. I gave away all of my possessions and I headed out with only one bag and I got onto a sailboat going South (for $0). I was the fastest 200m and 400m runner at my large high school and often I won against other schools. My senior year I was also the strongest wrestler on my team and I also practiced Aikido two masters under Steven Seagal. I am not in such a competitive physical shape now but I do try to keep physically fit without damaging my body. With all possibilities open to me in the world what becomes most important is to find a woman who is a great match.



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