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44 Annapolis, Maryland, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 37
WARNING: There are TWO summaries one is TENDER ( and some might consider "cheesy") and the other TYPICAL. Please decide which to read (both are accurate) and stick with only ONE! Born and raised in Chicago...I live in the USA, so please understand that. I am OK meeting someone that does not live in the US. :) TYPICAL : I am a nerdy... goofy...athletic...rocker boy...with a big heart if you possess the key to unlock it. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. I grabbed that thing, unwrapped it, bit it off and then said "hi mamma!". OK, the first part of that is true. I think surviving this shaped me into who I am today. I bare my teeth at the face of adversity and take on new challenges with a grin. I look for the good in people and try to put myself in others shoes to better understand them. I am an avid cook and seafood is usually my food of choice. I workout daily to stay athletic, for tennis and snowboarding...not huge and monstrous with no neck...argh! I'm considerate and brutally honest. Ellipses are my addiction at times... I've realized that you meet a lot people in your life. Some come and go while others leave a permanent mark, a mental tattoo in your brain. I think my brain needs another tattoo. Do you have the ink? I'm quirky, goofy, weird at times but charming. I tend to look at the other side of things, and not follow trends. I am a loyal and compassionate friend and boyfriend. I guarantee you wont find a lot of guys like me. TENDER: Part 1 Waking up and looking into the eyes of someone you love fills your heart with joy and envelopes the body with resilience to life's worries. The kind of smile that is HARD. You feel it within your marrow and it warms you to the core, like hot fudge syrup coursing in your veins. That same morning smile follows you all day long, encouraging you throughout your day..until you see it again in person that night. Then you let go that deep breath of air, and you feel at home....this is where you belong. Part 2 I have seen her in my dreams Reality seems trite Caressed her skin with a tender touch Like the grace of an angel On the breath of the wind Tiny mountains of skin The tingle with pleasure and shudder my soul Loss of breath But gain of ecstasy to bather in her glow Is an eruption of joy With eyes that can pierce Even the blackest of nights She beckons me to her heart She is all that I am All that I see All that I need' All that I breathe...... .......Until forever doesn't believe -Me
53 Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 42
I am the proud Dad of two great kids who I cherish my time with. I have a 50% custody arrangement so I also have free time to spend with that someone special. Eventually I would like to combine the two lives once I meet the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Thus, why I am on here, for a long term relationship. Of course I am going into this knowing I need to find a friend first and then take it from there. I am an active person who plays hockey, trail bikes, kayaks, hikes and spends allot of time at my vacation home in the Rehoboth Beach area. Socially I love to try new restaurants, explore historic towns, travel and partake in brew and wine festivals. I also like to cook with and/or for someone. To me preparing a meal, while listening to good music, sipping a great wine and having a deep conversation with someone special is the ultimate evening. And that’s before dinner and desert!! ? I just need to find the person to share all this with. I have allot to offer the right women, could it be you? I hope to find a woman who values family and is willing to make it a priority in her life but at the same time maintains her identity. As I am active I need someone who has the energy to explore the world with me hand in hand but at the same time has the capacity to unwind at home lying on the couch enjoying a good movie together. And of course they have to enjoy sand between their toes as the beach is an important place to me socially and spiritually. A down to earth, intelligent, funny, beautiful woman, are you out there?
73 Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Seeking: Female 28 - 38
A little about myself……… Single parent (widow) and I raised my youngest daughter by myself since she was 6 months old. She is now 19 and in nursing school. My other 2 daughters have married great guys and a father couldn’t be more proud. As for my career, I design and sell fire alarm and security systems for all the hospitals in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. I am very successful and have a very financial rewarding career. I am currently looking for a new home but that decision I will make with my best friend, lover and future wife. Could that be you? As for hobbies, I enjoy sailing since I live near the Chesapeake Bay and not far from the Ocean. I love traveling and enjoy going to New York City which is only 3 hours away. Opera’s are a turn on for me and enjoy getting formally dressed up and meeting new people. I take my daughter to New York the Saturday before Christmas every year. A truly great experience . I am Catholic, a Eucharistic Minister and Lector at the church where I bring communion to the elderly after mass on Sunday. It only takes an hour and it’s my way of giving back for God for giving me such a blessed life. I only am missing that special someone to share my life with. I went to Italy in October to see an ordination. A friend was becoming a priest and I had the most fabulous time. I got to see the Pope and actually ran into our Archbishop while I was there. I have travelled a lot, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America however the best and most relaxing times have been the Bahamas. Would love to travel there regularly especially as a break in the middle of winter. This winter we have had the most snow on all the records. It’s a shame to be stuck in the house without my better half. I find your pictures very captivating and you are absolutely beautiful. There is an age difference between us but if that isn’t an issue with you, it isn’t with me. I would like very much to have a family and being from an Italian decent, family is the most important thing to me. My parents have been married 65 years and although becuse of my age will never see that long but I would live forever for my wife,



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