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54 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 26 - 40
IN SEARCH OF: My Soulmate. OUR PURPOSE: To become a single force of Love in the universe. OUR REWARD: A life of love, laughter, and gratitude. YOUR DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Long hair, hypnotic eyes, and a smile that opens up the heavens. Soulful and articulate with the spoken and written word. Little make-up. Sensual and good humor. Open heart and open mind. Obvious Intelligence. Shines with femininity. Enjoys children. YOUR PERSONALITY: Thoughtful. Playful. Down to earth. Daring. Laughs at self. Deliberate acts of kindness. Unapologetic honesty. Refined vision for seeing good in every situation. Patient. Forgiving. Sense of style. Passionate. YOUR BELIEFS: Loving well is life’s highest success. Cooking like love should be entered into with abandon or not at all. Lovers who share massages make better lovers. Openness, honesty, humor, and devotion to family make a great life. YOUR FEARS: A life without truly being seen, deeply touched, and wildly celebrated. Failed dreams. Playing life too safely. ABOUT ME: Intelligent. Great sense of humor. Ambitious. Supportive. Compassionate. Athletic. I am a romantic but very down to earth. Not financially rich but I always have more than I need and share what I have with those less fortunate. I have great friends, a loving and supportive family, and live a life I enjoy. I am an attentive and loving father of two children who live with me every other week. I love and enjoy children and would welcome more. Every day, I strive to keep my body, mind, and spirit in good health. MY INTERESTS: Literature. Poetry. Hiking. Camping. Tennis. Football. Soccer. Skiing. Golf. Art. Dance. Cooking. Jazz, R & B, Rock. Travel. Live Music. Biking. Live Music. WHY A UKRAINIAN WOMAN? I am an explorer at heart and the stars led me here. The universe is calling me to love a woman from the Ukraine. I’m searching for you like an explorer at sea searches for the mainland. You are my home. I’m eager to love you with my whole heart and the wisdom I’ve gained. I believe our marriage has a beautiful purpose bigger than us. We are meant to serve and bless others as only we can together. You are leaning forward with YOUR life. You are looking for a way to enrich your life with a man who is living HIS life. I'd enjoy discovering what makes you happy. I'd value what you think, and want, and hope for - as much as I do my own. I'd want you to discover and live YOUR life and shine while living it. I'll be the applause. I live in Fort Worth, Texas. Population: about one million people. Warm climate. A friendly and cultured city.
55 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 38
Sorry in advance: Workaholic, seeks friendship real love and marriage.. Would love to build a small family of our own.. I'd really prefer women in her child bearing years. I know that my ethnicity may not be your cup of coffee.. For which I understand.. daily I find that I am adjusting my tactics here, to weed out those that are not genuine in their search.. oh boy it ain't easy, haha.. I've noticed many here delete they're profiles after contact with me.. That's a red flag.. First shoe to fall.. I am not really persuaded with pretty things, men get themselves in so much trouble when we only look at the wrapper.. I too like the colourful, shiny pretty things.. There's more to it, beneath that.. I would like both, my cake and eat it as well.. I am not here for webcam sharing or games.. PLEASE don't try to sell me a fantasy.. I will not visit your photo album on another website, I have porn for that, sorry for putting it like that.. I would like verified members only to contact me, but no one will listen.. I will not buy gift cards for you, I will not send you money. I will not buy you a computer so we can video chat. I will not buy you an Iphone, Samsung or whatever, not going to happen.. We are adults take care of your personal Scheisse and I will handle mine.. I will not pay for your translation cost.. But, I will show you love from my heart.. I will not trust you immediately, trust is earned not given... I will not ask for explicit photos or videos of you. I am very perspective, I pick up on small details. I'm seeking true friendship, love, marriage and hopefully children.. Sorry please don't waste my time.. If you are not looking for the same.. Move on.. Real photos PLEASE!! A friend just read my profile, she laughed.. Said I'm too old to want kids.. But, I do. Crazy as it sounds.. no one is perfect, what I need is a woman that will compliment me and I her..
65 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 31 - 47
I am very honest, loving, and caring person. I enjoy doing just about anything..... From horseback riding, skiing, camping, cards, bowling, shooting pool, car races, long walks along the lake, or just hanging out..... I am a very passive and compassionate person. I live life to its fullest everyday and never take anything for granted. I'm a sweet and affectionate man of substance searching for a soulmate and partner in life to be loved with all my heart with my 'unconditional love' and a man who will accept and love me for who and what I am as we walk together on the paths that take us in so many beautiful directions. Do you believe in destiny? We try to find friendship and love from a multitude of available individuals seeking their own happiness in this world. We can't live without the other. I believe that each person is destined to meet someone special in their life.Id like to meet someone to be my companion...my partner, my bestfriend, my confidant, and be SOULMATE - and mutually agree that TRUE LOVE is nurtured through trust, respect, sacrifice and supportive of each other emotional needs and be together for good times and bad times of our LIFE. It is true that one can't change the PAST. However what is important is that one recognizes the events that happened and while they may not understand WHY they occurred, they do accept the fact that they did happen and therefore they are able to get on with life and whatever it brings. In real love we truly appreciate the other person for who SHE is. Real LOVE is expansive, open and trusting not restrictive, with holding and possessive. It is not based on need but on a desire to give the person we love and the encouragement to be the best SHE can be and in the process we become the BEST we can. It is based on caring, trust and mutual respect. True love brings out the BEST in us. When we genuinely love someone and feel loved, we become the best version of ourselves that is possible and so does our partner. When someone truly loves you, SHE loves you for WHO and WHAT you are and not who SHE wants YOU to become and who he thinks you can become. True love involves total acceptance of you as a person, your so called negative qualities as well as your so called positive ones. Life is short. I want to love and be loved and celebrate each day to the fullest. I want to develop and experience true love with that special someone who comes into my life at the right place and in the right time. Love is what makes life worth living and can do the magic to keep two persons till the end. I would say, LOVE is just like a FAIRYTALE, a journey and a challenge and LIFE hasn't been clear cut or easy. This gives an idea where I'm heading to in the FUTURE - doors OPEN and CLOSE.I recognized that and try to learn from LIFE'S experience. Some doors though are not fully OPEN to show what's in there but one thing that I am certain - is that it will happen in the FUTURE! Life ends when you stop dreaming, Hope ends when you stop believing, and, Love ends when you stop caring. So Dream, Hope, and, Love. Makes Life Beautiful !!! Care is the sweetest form of Love, So when anyone says "TAKE CARE" it's as good as saying... "I'll keep you in my Heart till it's very last beat" Thank YOU for Your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Take care!!!
51 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 29 - 45
53 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 32
42 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 39
57 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 39
55 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 40
62 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
34 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 36
26 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
36 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 33
54 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 46
60 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 38 - 48
38 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 38



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