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50 Richmond, Virginia, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 38
I am a successful, driven, confident, traveled MAN. I live almost entirely in the moment. I open doors. I buy flowers for no reason. I kiss you on the forehead. I listen to your bad day without trying to fix it. I plan on you running behind and only say how beautiful you are. I love to cook. There is a difference between**** and confident- I'm both :) I'm NOT an ex Navy Seal/DEA/CIA.... I have however had my butt kicked by one. :) I like fine dining and travel to exotic places. (My passport is up to date) I'm affectionate. I am territorial, but not jealous. I make you feel safe. I write notes on the bathroom mirror. I buy you David Yurman. You come home to candlelight bubble baths. I am not attracted to superficial Barbie types.(Pretty ladies don't hesitate though) lol. My word is worth more than my butt. I don't need to lie about my past or my failures. That is what has made me into the man I am today. Regret is the father of wisdom. I never break a promise. I work from home so it's hard to meet the type of woman that I'm looking for. I look like the kind of guy you would take home to Mother. I'm the guy your mother warned you about;) Just kidding. I have had my wild days. Now I'm looking for someone to walk beside me and enjoy the rest of the trip. If you're familiar with it, I'm an ESTP on the Myers-Briggs type testing. My Mom best described me once by saying "Serenity of spirit, turbulence of action" As I am the cool, calm collected type as I take in loads of information but then I intensely take immediate action to obtain whatever it is that I want. I need to add- I'm sorry but I'm not attracted to skinny women. I like curves. Have dessert and seconds! Ha, ha. As Sir Mix alot so eloquently put it: 34-24-36......Only if she's 5'3"! I'm built like Jason Stratham except shorter, skinnier and less muscular. lol I have also found that I tend to steer away from Liberals. I'm not into dating. When you're dating someone you never really date them, just their "representative". I prefer to just meet somewhere casual, see if there is chemistry and if so, proceed slowly as FWP (Friends with POTENTIAL) not FWB. With all that said, I have been and love being pleasantly surprised by someone who doesn't fit my "norm" So, give it a shot, say Hi!
57 Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 39
Wow, where to begin, The only time I have been really in Love, was twenty years ago, I should have done this search then, but I was in too much pain. The woman I fell completely head over heels for was from the Phillipines I know I can never replace her, but maybe I can find someone else to love and build a family with this new woman, at least that is my plan at the moment! That elusive partner has continued to allude me though, wherever I have looked for her she has been somewhere else, I need to find her, I want to fall in love again, there has to be another chance at love and a family, doesn't there ??? Well I hope there is I believe in God, just not organized religion, least I have not found a great church that I had back in MN, I was raised as a Protestant, in the church of england, almost catholic, but not quite! I currently live in Norfolk, VA and have lived here for about three years, I hate the summers, just too darn hot for my taste. I still work in a kitchen, although I have started my own business as I know I will never be wealthy working for someone else! When we do find each other I will hope the priority will be on family and our love relationship, not just more ways to make money! I am a hopeful Romantic, I like scents, candles, colognes and purfumes, I love to give massages, I am very touch friendly once it has become acceptable in a relationship! I don't watch much TV but I do like to watch movies, and I love listening to most music! There is more, but I have to leave a little to mystery for you to discover in person or as we continue the journey of getting to know each other! Hope to hear from you soon!
56 Richmond, Virginia, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 49
Everyone is perfect at something, but we can't be perfect at everything, especially me. So, if you're looking for that, you've come to a really bad profile. ;-) But age has perks, and with it, wisdom. And hope. I am truly a hopeless romantic. A man that believes Zurbagan and Scarlet Sails can be real. Where a woman can be my everything, my oxygen, and my purpose. I work hard, play hard, and love hard, but something’s missing. Can you help me build Zurbagan? What I've come to value most is loyalty. Beauty will fade, but values won't. And while I would be dishonest to say I wouldn't want to meet a beautiful woman, what I've found is that being true to yourself is the most beautiful aspect of anyone. I confess that at some level, we're all broken. I can't fix you. You can't fix me. I don't want to fix you. But it's how we rise, and the attitudes we take that can make life a joy, or not. I choose joy and I hope it reflects in all I do, and all I'm honored to meet. But with all that seriousness out of the way, I can also be pretty funny too sometimes. I guarantee I will embarrass you in public at some point. Guaranteed. 😉 So as I read all the profiles, I have to laugh. Apparently there are all kinds of women doing all kinds of cool stuff I want to do. Take beaches, for example. You know, I've been to the beach. A lot. I don't see anyone walking. Long walks or otherwise. The sand is hot, and that spot under the palm tree is looking pretty good. So no, I don't go for walks on the beach. But I will chill out on a beach all day! Then go swimming, and boating, and diving. But I'm not walking. Except to the palm tree. Movies? Who doesn't love movies??!! But with kids, I haven't really seen a grown up movie in an actual theater since the birth of my first child. Just roll your eyes and have pity that such a smart man is devoid of anything more scintillating and witty than the quotes of cartoon characters. I can quote Burke, or Locke, or Shakespeare, or even Dostoyevsky, but my brain dumped most of that to make room for the collective wisdom of an animated superheroes. It’s quite sad…lol I've been skydiving, snorkeling, and I've raced both motorcycles, and formula cars. I've rappelled out of helicopters, and climbed active volcanoes in Mexico. All fun, all way cool. But honestly, this life thing happened and on a good day now, if I’m not traveling, I like to play with an old car, and pretend I know what I'm doing. If it runs when I'm done, then I'm happy. The only concession I make to my age is there will be no (more) running down a makeshift water slide off the side of a hill, because I realize (now) that ribs DO crack, and those bruises can be hard to explain the next day. ;-) So what am I looking for here? Honestly, it’s happiness. And I’m selfish here. I’ve discovered over the course of this life that my happiness is directly related to how much happiness I can bring to the woman I love. The woman who occupies my every thought, from the moment I wake up, to the minute sleep overtakes my body and she’s with me in my dreams. Where every act, directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously, is in pursuit of her next smile, her next kiss, that look, or glance that without a single word tells me she loves me, and doesn’t want to be anywhere else but in that moment. So yes, it’s selfish on my part, because I need her to breathe. She’s my oxygen and purpose. So yeah...happiness. Lastly, before this turns into a tome, please know that what I feel about that special someone goes VERY deep. You aren’t going to find another guy like me. I will write love letters, and I will even write poetry, which will be horribly bad, but they’re not really written for the woman to whom they’re addressed, who was their muse. They’re written, rather, by the need to express in words what is ultimately inexpressible - a love for her that could never, even in a thousand lifetimes, be shown in its fullness. The words will always be beautiful and tender and expressive, but ultimately insufficient. For that, there are the countless things we do, not say, nor even think, that matter the most. Those take time. And for the right woman, a lifetime.
47 Richmond, Virginia, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 30
Introduction: I am at a good place in my life; well settled, good job, own a house, and all of my education is complete. I am a compassionate, disciplined, and a positive person and live an active and healthy life (do not drink or smoke). I stay active with hot yoga, gym, power walking, cleaning and organizing in the house, and cooking healthy foods. Big on communication and love to communicate and share my feelings and my mood with my beloved. Desire: I have serious intentions and am looking for a soul mate who leads an active and healthy lifestyle for marriage and beautiful family together. I have never been married before (single) and have no kids. Harmony and Love: There is no better feeling in this world than to have a harmonious family with a woman I love, respect, and cherish. I consider myself responsible and committed to taking care of my soulmate and my family. Inspirational Quote: "If you want something you never had....You have to do something you have never done" - Unknown Meeting: I am interested in meeting in person (would love to come visit you) soon after we have done some online correspondence so we can learn more about each other. Lifestyle: I enjoy urban and active lifestyle with tasty foods, diverse culture, vibrant arts, sense of fashion, hot yoga community, and proximity to the ocean. Previously have lived in San Francisco, Houston, and Miami. Love traveling and exploring new landmarks in Europe and Eastern Europe. Interests: Cooking healthy and tasty foods, Hot Yoga, Salsa Dancing, Cleaning and Organizing in the House, Power Walking, Smooth Jazz, Cozy Coffee Shops, and Foreign Travels. Education: MBA - Finance and Health Care Administration Masters in Computer Engineering Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
53 Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
Seeking: Female 26 - 42
Hello I was raised in the midwest by my grandparents so my manners tend to be a little old fashioned at times which is always appreciated. I love to read and learn new things and see new places. I love to watch movies, but I don't really watch much TV unless it's Disney or Nick with my Daughter. I really enjoy the outdoors and I agree 100 percent with Emerson that nature is so much apart of who we are that we should spend as much time outside as we can. I speak Arabic, some Spanish and I'm working on learning French. I remember enough French from highschool to order a glass of wine and get my face slapped, but I'm trying to extend my vocabulary beyond what a 16 year old high school student would remember. My Masters degree is in Archaeology and I really enjoy Archaeology and History. With a degree in Archaeology I can't spell worth a dam and I can turn on a computer but anything past that I'm lost. I drive a Jeep, an ancient Land Rover and a Royal Enfield motorcycle, which is a Brit bike that most people have never heard of. I would rather have an antique/classic anything over something new. I don't know if it's the Archaeologist in me that loves old used things or my love of old used things that got me interested in Archaeology, but I prefer something that has a history to it. I don't talk about my daughter or post pictures of her on here but that's just because there are so many messed up people running around today so it makes me nervous to post anything about her. That being said, she is the center of my life and means everything to me; my two Beagles Milo and Ike come in second, but they're not far behind because I do love my boys. I feel like my life is full of love, but you can never have too much love and there is plenty of room for someone special.



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