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36 - 70 of 100
33 Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 24 - 45
It clever, as hundred wise men, and trustful, as the child. It waits, while will become warmer, and in heart there will come spring. It improbably loves native, friends and relatives. Those who beside. That beside. Not simply number, and somewhere in the field of heart. They force it to dream. While it is alive, there will be an eternal summer. And the main thing, that you not in a condition to think of what, when it beside... It loves when from it ask advice, but it is strained with problems of others. It always speaks, that will do that wants, but always does that others want. At it it is a lot of friends, but it always feels emptiness. It speaks, that all is ready to throw, and to begin all all over again, but knows, that cannot make it never. It is self-confident, but it only seems. It snow - not the darling, not gentle. It breathes frivolously and not believing. In ideas - a smoke from cigarettes instead of clearness. In rhymes - sonority free from carelessness. It stores bitter poison in sweet. To it - "greetings" in pride. At night never sleeps. Strange. Planing, probably beautiful. Eternal. There are no breaths. Chokes. It writes, that happy... Pretends. It loves a wind, smiles, meetings, wine, chocolate, to smile to casual passers-by. Leaves the house later, under the evening so easier to hide eyes... It will smile, dream, think out - and it becomes obligatory for someone the Biggest Pleasure on Light... It at the nights does not sleep, falls asleep more close to five. Thinks of different dreams and that it is necessary to wake up to seven. Certainly, hardly rises, starts to search for brains, and tea for a breakfast without sugar burns it from within. It again is late, gathers on the move, puts on in the lift, and wet hair dries in the street a cold morning wind. Likely, is able to read another's ideas. Goes barefoot on a cold floor... It психопатка and the hysteric woman, often winds herself. In the evenings it is warmed with a lemon with tea and dialogue in a network, and sparks of cold water on the person help it to not go finally to a bottom. It does not watch at all days/weeks/calendar date, cannot remember laws of the Ohm. Writes down the crazy casual ideas a pencil anywhere, and then rhymes them, being once again convinced by that is silly and worthless. At it behind a window always that a torrential rain a cold wind, and it in every way tries to make so that its weather have not noticed. It to herself puts problems with infinite number of unknown persons, and is often dared, knowing, that laughter - a medicine for all on light... It smells карамелью and a fog, the conceptual cinema in ridiculous slippers looks. It is able to say lies fairly and not able to cry, but adores tears of the sky, without mind from brown eyes and kind fairy tales. It hates deceits and smells as a rain and cinnamon. Hours sits on a balcony, including approximately floors. Such beautiful. Inaccessible. Smiles, and in a shower sad. On a life lonely. No, not thrown. Simply uncertain. Such неуставаемая and not in time... With the cockroaches in a head... Not falling asleep in the evening not waking up in the morning... Vitally provided by chocolate and sweets... Loveful both trustful... Fleeting and sustained... Independent and off-schedule... Осенне - spring in the afternoon and зимо-years at night... Almost weightless and gentle... Blindly believing in рaй... Eternally enamoured...
29 Kyiv, Kiev, Ukraine
Seeking: Male 37 - 72
Greetings here and I am so delighted by your interest! Whatever your reason to go to my online account, whether it is a monotony of a day, free from business responsibilities, or a hint of loneliness presented by an extended summer time evening in the town or simple an unexpected "what the heck, we live only one time!", - you are welcome! Let me introduce myself a bit. As a woman, I love looking beautiful and entertainment – I like to go out! I am an ultimate hype-person, I have the unique ability to make people feel better about themselves and time is never boring with me. My personality is out-of-the-box- big, warm, and shiny. I can be your best friend. I am intellectually curious, I always have many questions, and my sense of humour will keep you on your tippy-toes. I love to have long conversations and listening to my pals. Art, fashion, and food – the first things that come to one’s mind when thinking of Kiev. Although the first ones are the centre of my interests, I also would be delighted to share a nice dinner with you and I can recommend a few places. But if you are not particularly keen on food, or if you want to explore the city, leave it to me. How about to be entertained to the maximum at some of my favourite jazz bars (like 32JazzClubthe, Grand Piano Cafe at Bakkara Hotel or we can hit ballet at the National Opera of Ukraine. T. G. Shevchenko, which I am a huge fan of?) Or, perhaps, you want to visit some art galleries, where we can also have drinks or dinner. If you want an ultimate exclusive experience, let’s wear casual, and go on a long walk from one side of Kiev to another, without Google maps, hitting secret spots, tourists do not know about (with the gourmet stops for snails and champagne of course!). Do you know this feeling when you forgot why you came? This is the magic of The Kiev City! We are going to have so much fun! And like any woman, I love to go shopping and receiving gifts. What you can response me about your personality? Sincerely yours, Ciao amore! Waiting for good news only from you:)


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